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Do you want to enroll in an MBO 3 care training? This is possible with, among other things, a VMBO Kb/G/T-learning path diploma. In MBO 3 there are two types of study programmes: Vocational Training Learning Path (BOL) where you spend a lot of time in school, and Beroepsbeleidde Leerweg (BLL) where you start immediately and spend little time at school. Some programs combine both learning paths. There are also internships.

Whatever training MBO level 3 Care you choose, care is always interesting and extremely important. With these courses you can really make a difference for fellow human beings and ensure that people stay healthy. Do you have trouble choosing? We have listed the best MBO level 3 care courses for you here.

The best MBO level 3 care training is Nurturing Individual Healthcare (IG). This care training is definitely at the top of the list because it gives you a lot of independence in your work and you deal with your patients on a very personal level.

Curious about all the ins and outs of Nursing IG and the other 9 best care courses at MBO 3 level? Then read on soon

1. Nurturing IG

As a Caregiver Individual Healthcare, many doors will open for you. Examples of concrete professions that you could practice after this training are maternity nurses, employees in a nursing home, or employees in care for the disabled. There are many possibilities.

Sometimes you also help with personal care and you may have to do some household chores. However, it can also be very medical, where you insert catheters and administer medications.

In short: Nursing IG is an incredibly versatile and therefore fun MBO level 3 care training.

2. Guide Specific Target Groups

If you dream of helping people with an illness, problem or limitation during everyday life, the MBO level 3 Supervisor Specific Target Groups training can train you for this.

You will be trained to allow people to participate independently in society and you will guide them in this. You usually support people in their living and household situation, with their physical care, or during the daytime with all their activities.

The people you help are usually chronically ill, have behavioral problems or suffer from psychological problems. A profession for people who like challenges!

3. MBO Optics

You may not immediately realize it, but all eyewear stores in the Netherlands are full of experts who have completed an MBO Optics training. Do you like this too?

MBO Optics trains you to an optician MBO 3 level, so you can work in an eyewear store and help all kinds of customers. This job is incredibly versatile because it combines health, fashion and service.

You learn to operate the special measuring equipment, sharpen glasses and place them in a frame. Or how about the measurement for contact lenses, and explaining to the customer how they can best be used? You also need to know how to repair broken glasses or how to improve their adjustment.

4. MBO Orthopedic Shoe Technology

Shoes, it’s probably not the first footwear or piece of clothing that comes to mind when you hear the word care. Yet there is a branch of health care that focuses on health and, yes, shoes: Orthopedic Shoe Technology.

This MBO level 3 training ensures that you will soon be able to help people who need special shoes. Someone who can do this is also called a last maker. The training has theory but is also very applied. You learn how to make a shoe and how the machines work, so you spend a lot of time with your hands. In addition, you need to master the art of plaster model making.

You may also have to help people who need prostheses, if they have lost a body part due to an accident, for example. In short: for Orthopedic Shoe Technology you have to have a lot of drive and literally and figuratively ‘be strong in your shoes’.

5. MBO Orthopedic Technology

Another nice MBO care training that has to do with making prostheses is MBO Orthopedic Technology. This training focuses on measuring and making artificial body parts, corsets or braces.

The training gives you the opportunity to specialize in a specific target group such as the elderly, athletes or children.

Orthopedic Technique is very versatile and in addition to the technical side, you also have to know how to deal with people.

6. MBO Dental Technology

Have you ever thought about who supplies the dentist’s equipment? That’s right, a dental lab. If you find this interesting, then MBO Dental Technology is a nice course for you.

Your work includes making bridges, dentures or crowns and the assignments come from the orthodontist, dental surgeon or dentist. During the training you learn to work very precisely and to follow instructions in detail and you learn which materials are used.

In addition, a lot of internships are done during the Dental Technology course, so that you know how things work in the workplace.

7. Childcare Pedagogical Employee

Another nice MBO level 3 care training is Pedagogical Employee Childcare. Do you like children up to the age of 12 and would you like to do more for them? Then this training may suit you.

During the training you will be trained to properly care for and feed babies, toddlers, preschoolers and children up to 12 years old. You will also learn to put together daily programs and activities and to implement them.

After graduating, most graduates find a job in out-of-school care, playgroup or daycare.

8. Specialized Nursing Psychogeriatrics

Although number 8 in this list is actually a follow-up course on Nursing Individual Healthcare, the training is still included because it continues at MBO level 3 and is very nice and interesting for Nursing IGs who want to focus on psychogeriatric care.

During the Specialized Nursing Psychogeriatrics (GVP) training, recognizable practical situations are used. After obtaining your diploma, you will be able to work with psychogeriatric clients.

9. Sports and Exercise Leader

You may not immediately think of sports when healthcare courses come up, but sports and exercise do have to do with health. Sports and Movement Leader is therefore a very nice MBO level 3 care training.

You will learn how to plan and carry out sports lessons, how to give instructions on a group and individual level. The training prepares you for how best to deal with people and how to manage sports facilities.

Most graduates find jobs at swimming pools, care homes, prisons, fitness centers or sports clubs.

10. MBO Pedicure

If you think that the pedicure, or nail technician, only makes feet look beautiful, then you are wrong. The pedicure is a specialist in feet and everything that comes with it.

During the MBO level 3 care training Pedicure they learn everything about feet and what complaints feet can have. Do you find this interesting? Then this course may be right for you.

You learn everything about hygiene, customer contact and discomfort at the foot such as warts, fungi or corns. Most people with an MBO Pedicure diploma start working in a beauty salon or start their own business.

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