Top 10 Chastity Belt Facts

Chastity Belt

Chastity belts are very well known, mainly because they appear in countless books and movies. But what exactly do we know about these belts and how were they used? You’ll find all the answers in these top 10 facts about chastity belts.

10. Were they obliged by jealous husbands?

jealous husbands

According to many theories, it was mainly men who ensured that the women wore a chastity belt in their lives. They could be fathers and brothers, but generally it was husbands who took this drastic measure.

Especially in the Middle Ages, women were thought to be more frivolous than men, making it difficult for them to turn the attention of another man. Husbands who left home therefore chose to put a chastity belt on their wives. This way they knew for sure that their wife could not cheat.

9. Or used to counter rapists?

against rapists

It is not entirely clear how chastity belts were used in everyday life. Another theory states that this piece of clothing was mainly used to stop rapists. In that case, women were not required to wear the chastity belt. They chose to protect themselves when traveling alone or in an unsafe neighborhood. The belt made it impossible to be raped, turning it into a kind of safety device.

8. Or maybe they didn’t exist at all?

did chastity belts exist?

Because chastity belts are an extremely old phenomenon, we can never say for sure whether they existed. Some scientists think that these belts were designed primarily as a kind of joke . The first drawing of a chastity belt dates from 1405.

The drawing was provided with several silly jokes and was featured in a book full of satirical stories. So the belt was certainly known, but not as a serious means of keeping women chaste.

7. They were mostly used proverbially

chastity belt did exist

Chastity belts are extremely popular in our culture. They often appear in films and appeal to the imagination. It may never have been different. There is the theory that these belts were not actually used, but were just a saying.

When a man left home, his wife “put on the chastity belt”. This was a way of saying that women would behave morally and decently even when their husbands were not around. That explains why there are many drawings of these belts. The drawings were used metaphorically in books and stories.

6. Chastity belts in museums are not real

museum chastity belt

Many people think that chastity belts certainly existed. This is because these belts can be seen in all kinds of different museums. however, this is not about authentic items from the Middle Ages.

Most of the belts in museums were counterfeited in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, when the myth of the chastity belt was very much alive. The belts were also made at that time for people with certain sexual fantasies. When you see a chastity belt in a museum, you are actually looking at a sex toy from a few centuries ago.


5. They make people feel superior

chastity belt

There is a theory that the idea of ​​the chastity belt only really became popular during the Renaissance. People of this era were looking for all kinds of ways to distinguish themselves from the barbarian medieval era.

The chastity belt was a symbol for people who could not control themselves. They had so little willpower that they literally had to lock themselves in to keep themselves from acting immorally. People in the renaissance didn’t need these kinds of drastic measures and so could feel superior to those barbarians of the Middle Ages.

4. It’s a persistent rumor


You know by now that the chastity belt probably didn’t exist, but why do so many people still believe in this myth? There are several reasons for this. First, there are countless drawings of chastity belts to be found.

In addition, the idea appeals to the imagination. Many people find it a fascinating idea to lock yourself up in the name of love. Plus, it’s just a fun story. People are only too happy to believe in weird rumors that might be true. There are even people who believe that unicorns really exist!

3. They do exist now

chastity belt now

Clearly the idea of ​​chastity belts has impressed. Nowadays you can buy them in sex shops. The belts are mainly used by people who like SM, where they want to dominate their partner.

With the help of a chastity belt you determine exactly when the other person has sex. These belts are not only made for women, by the way. There are now also models designed especially for men. This way everyone can try out the feeling of a chastity belt.

2. A woman once locked herself in a chastity belt

2016 chastity belt

In 2016, the Italian fire brigade received a call from a woman . She asked if the fire brigade could help her break a lock. She had looked everywhere for the key, but it was nowhere to be found. Unsuspectingly, the men went to her house, where they discovered that it was not a door lock.

The woman had put on a chastity belt and was unable to free herself. The fire brigade freed her with bolt cutters and asked her why she was wearing the seat belt. She had agreed with herself not to have sexual relations, so she immediately took drastic measures.

1. There is a band named after the belt

Music lovers may be familiar with the band Chastity Belt. These musicians named themselves after the world famous chastity belt. Their songs have nothing to do with chastity, but the name does appeal to many fans.

The name is also fitting for the band. They like to incorporate a good dose of humor into their music. A name like Chastity Belt fits perfectly with that, because it is clear that chastity belts appeal to the imagination of many people.

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