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Top 10 Famous Ghosts Who Terrified People

Famous Ghosts Who Terrified People

Do ghosts exist or not? From a scientific point of view, the existence of ghosts cannot (yet) be proven. We have to make do with vague photos (some undoubtedly faked) and with handed down stories from which truth and fiction are difficult to distinguish. Decide for yourself whether you believe the following stories about famous ghosts or not…

10. Hampton Court’s Poltergeist

hampton court ghost

For centuries, rumors have circulated about a wandering poltergeist in Hampton Court, a former royal residence near London. The building is now a museum. In 2003, after the museum closed, surveillance cameras captured footage of a hazy figure in old-fashioned attire slamming a door with great force. At the same time, the guards of the building heard a lot of noise in the museum, although no more visitors were present. Has the Hampton Court poltergeist been caught off guard by surveillance cameras?

9. The Witch of the Bell . Family

bell spirit

The story of the ‘Bell witch’ is set in Tennessee (United States) in the early 1800s. Father John Bell one day shot an unknown animal walking on his property. The shot animal disappeared without a trace. This was the start of all sorts of inexplicable events.

The family heard strange noises at night, objects fell to the ground for no reason, the farm’s animals behaved strangely and daughter Betsy Bell was attacked by an “invisible force.” Many visitors heard and saw the same mysterious phenomena. The unexplained demonstrations were attributed to Kate Batts, a former neighbor who had been executed as a witch . John Bell died in 1820. He is said to have been poisoned by the witch of the Bell family.

8. Bloody Mary

Numerous stories circulate about the well-known ghost Bloody Mary. One of the stories is about Mary Worth, a beautiful girl whose face was disfigured by an accident. When she looked in the mirror one day, she was so shocked by her reflection that she completely disappeared in the mirror. To this day, it is said that you can summon her ghost if you stand in front of a mirror and say “Bloody Mary” 3 times. Don’t forget to turn off the light in your bathroom and light a few candles…

7. The Ghosts of the Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel is located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains, in the state of Colorado (United States). According to hotel guests, there are a lot of ghosts wandering around the hotel. Sometimes one hears someone playing the piano while no one is in the room. This is said to be the ghost of Flora Stanley, wife of the founder of the hotel. The ghost of Lord Dunraven, the late landowner of the land on which the hotel was built, regularly looks out the window of room 407. Children can occasionally be heard playing in the corridors when there are no children at all in the hotel. The ghost stories surrounding the Stanley Hotel inspired Stephen King to write his book ‘The Shining’ .

6. The Ghosts of Amityville

On November 13, 1974, a family drama played out in Amityville near New York. Ronald DeFeo Jr. killed his parents, siblings there. The house was sold to the Lutz family. The Lutz family lived in their new home for only 28 days, before fleeing in fear of the ghosts that roamed the house. Slamming doors, strange smells and unexplained footprints were just some of the mysterious phenomena that made the Lutz family flee. In 1977 the house was sold again, but the new owners have not encountered any ghosts so far… The story has already resulted in many horror films!

5. The Lady of Raynham Hall

At Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England, the ghost of Lady Dorothy Townshend, wife of Charles Townshend, was seen several times. Lady Dorothy was Lord Wharton’s mistress. When her husband got wind of her extramarital affair, he locked her up in a wing of the castle. Since her death, her ghost, known as the ‘Brown Lady of Raynham Hall’, is said to have roamed the castle. A famous photo from 1936 shows a hazy figure on the steps of Raynham Hall, said to be the ‘Brown Lady’.

4. Hitchhiking Ghosts

The first story about a hitchhiking spirit dates from the time when people still traveled by horse-drawn carriages. A young girl asked for a lift to her childhood home. The coachman drove to the house, noticed the hitchhiking girl had disappeared and rang the bell. There the parents told that the girl described was their daughter, who had died many years before…. Hitchhiking spirits would sometimes hitchhike to the graveyard where their former bodies are buried.

3. The Flying Dutchman

Flying Dutchman Spirit Ship

According to tradition, Captain Willem van der Decken sailed straight into a storm with his ship on Good Friday. This caused the captain to put a curse on himself and his ship. Since then, the cursed captain would sail the world’s seas with his ghost ship ‘The Flying Dutchman’ and occasionally be seen by crews of other ships. However, it is not known how much rum those crews have drunk before…

2. The Ghost of Anne Boleyn

King Henry VIII of England was married 6 times and had several of his wives beheaded without mercy. Anne Boleyn was his second wife. After accusations of adultery and conspiracy against the king, she was beheaded on May 19, 1536. Her ghost has been roaming the world ever since. In particular, in the Tower of London , where she was executed, her ghost was seen regularly. Usually with her head, but sometimes with her head under one of her arms….

1. The Ghost of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln spirit
William H Mumler/Public Domain

Even the super-secure White House in Washington turns out not to be free of ghosts. The ghost of Abraham Lincoln, the assassinated 16th President of the United States, still lingers. He occasionally terrifies visitors to the White House. Queen Wilhelmina is said to have fainted when she opened the door of her residence and saw Abraham Lincoln sitting there. Winston Churchill and Eleanor Roosevelt also encountered the ghost of Lincoln. What Abraham Lincoln is literally and figuratively up to in the White House is unknown…

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