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Top 10 Illuminati Symbols

Illuminati Symbols

Are you familiar with the meaning of the illuminati symbols? Don’t worry, you won’t be suspected of anything! Whether you know them or not, these symbols really appeal to the imagination. Precisely for this reason, the 10 most startling illumination symbols are discussed in this list.

Illuminati (also Illuminists or Illuminati) is the designation for various historical ‘secret’ societies. The oldest known of these is the Spanish society Alumbrados (literally: the enlightened). In the 16th and 17th centuries this group was concerned with inner life and mysticism. In addition, in France there was a group that was influenced by Arab mysticism, the work of Erasmus, modern devotion and quietism, and which adhered to anti-hierarchical ideas. From 1527, these groups came under heavy fire from the activities of the Inquisition. Many were persecuted, just like the Templars and the Cathars. The most famous Illuminati are members of the “Order of the Perfect Bars” created by Adam Weishaupt. This group included Herder and Goethe. The origin for the name Illuminati is unclear. In Latin, Illuminati literally means ‘the enlightened’. ( wikipedia)

10. The Owl

the owl

An owl is a symbol of wisdom. For example, it is assumed that the owl represents the goddess Minerva. In addition, owls can see in the dark. Nothing escapes these animals! You can imagine that illuminists are stimulated by this combination of properties. More concretely, they use the owl to indicate their power; illuminists like to portray themselves as wise rulers of the world. How can you tell this, you ask? The owl is depicted on the 1 dollar bill, among other things.

Furthermore, certain parts of Washington DC are said to have been built in the shape of an owl. In connection with this, annual meetings are organized with the aim of honoring the owl. It seems that world leaders are also participating in this ritual! For example, President Obama was present in July 2008. Furthermore, the owl plays a special role in the culture of the Cherokee Indians. In case of disaster and illness, the chieftain liked to appeal to the wisdom of the Eastern barn owl.


9. The Nazi Salute

hitler salute
photo: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-1987-0410-503/ CC-BY-SA

Was Adolf Hitler an Illuminati supporter? The Nazi salute is also considered an illumination symbol. There is a theory in which Hitler is seen as a puppet in a game where the goal was to amass (even more) money. For example, a number of bankers and large companies – including Ford and General Motors – would benefit financially from the outbreak of the Second World War. It was only a matter of time before the United States entered the war. After the war, people had literally set foot on the European continent. As every theory has supporters, there are also opponents. In other words, critics. In this regard, it is good to know that the Nazi salute was not used by the illuminists of the first hour. Hitler himself also shattered this theory; organization of Freemasons .

8. The (Inverted) Pentagram


Historians indicate that the pentagram – a five-pointed star – was already used by the Greeks and the ancient Sumerians. Later, the Christians associated the symbol with the five wounds of Jesus Christ. Subsequently, the symbol was embraced by the occultists and a certain group of witches. An inverted pentagram is called the ‘Seal of Baphomet’. This symbolizes the Church of Satan. conspiracy theorists know for sure: Washington DC’s street plan is such an inverted pentagram! The bottom points to the White House. Thus Satan – or any dark force for that matter – would be linked to the American president. Not only the United States, but the whole world can be controlled by black magic. Take a look at the street plan; can you discover the lines, as the inverted pentagram suggests?

7. The Pyramid

dollar bill

Illuminists also like to use the pyramid. To follow this line of thought, a dollar bill (again) offers a solution. In 1935 the first bill with an image of a pyramid appeared. This immediately sparked a flurry of speculation. The 13 layers of the pyramid are said to symbolize the 13 bloodlines of the dreaded illuminists. It was not until 1996 that the US government responded with an official statement; the pyramid on the dollar bill represents strength and perseverance.

Incidentally, this fairly general explanation fits in well with the conspiracy theorists. The solid construction of a pyramid reflects the solid organization of the illuminists. Within the so-called top-down organizational structure, those in power rule from the top. The middle part symbolizes the different layers of society.

6. The obelisk

photo: Eric Pouhier / Wikicommons

An obelisk is sometimes described as a memorial needle. It is an upwardly thinning column or column with a pyramid-shaped, obtuse point. Usually that point is made of granite. Incidentally, the obelisk was designed by the ancient Egyptians. They built this construction – sometimes in pairs – for their temples. In this regard, the obelisk is also associated with the sun god Ra; one sees in it the rays of the sun. One of the most famous obelisks is the ‘Obelisk of Luxor’ on the Place de la Concorde in Paris. Obelisks have also been built in New York’s London and Vatican City. Based on these locations, a theory arose in which this construction is regarded as a symbol of power.

5. Number 666


According to Biblical scriptures, the number 666 refers to the ‘sign of the beast’, or the coming of the Anti-Christ. The Illuminists would like to place the Anti-Christ in a high position of power in order to rule. The number 666 is used to carry out this plan. From barcodes and logos to hand signals; according to the conspiracy theorists you will encounter the ‘number of the beast’ everywhere. For example, the numbers of barcodes are often divided into two groups and separated from each other by vertical lines, which go further down in three places.

This would be a reference to the number 666. When it comes to logos, people like to use Walt Disney’s. If you extend the curls in the text, you could see the number 6 three times. The real fanatics claim that signals are also included in the logos of, for example, Adobe Acrobat Reader and Google Chrome. According to them, almost all large companies are part of the all-encompassing illumination project.

4. The goat greeting

goat greeting

Via the ‘number of the beast’ the bridge to ‘the goat greeting’ is quickly made. This is a hand signal that is made by raising your index and pinky fingers and folding the other fingers inwards. This gesture is also compared to devil’s horns. If you pay attention to it, everyone will do it! Virtually all American presidents, the Pope and many well-known artists have been captured cheerfully on camera greeting the goats.

According to the conspiracy theorists, everyone who makes this hand gesture is part of the Illuminati group. This group is increasing in size and importance! It can therefore not be long before the illuminists will establish their New World Order. By the way, prominent illuminists also drop out. Then you can think of Michael Jackson and Tupac Shakur. Their sudden death is explained as a sacrificial ritual

3. The Eternal Flame

eternal flame

A flame gives light, light is a symbol of illumination and the illuminists claim to bring enlightenment. So the circle is complete again! The conspiracy theorists know exactly why the illuminists use this symbol. The eternal flame symbolizes destroying the established order and fueling the New World Order. Perhaps the most famous flame is that of the ‘Statue of Liberty’. The pagan goddess Semiramis was the model for ‘Lady Liberty’. Argued from this line of thought, the ‘Statue of Liberty’ symbolizes the transition from this world to the New World Order. The Olympic flame – introduced by the Nazis in 1936 – is also part of a theory. The conspiracy theorists do not believe in coincidence!

2. The skull


Maybe says skull and bones’ – more concretely ‘the order of skull and bones’ – you more than the free translation. It is a secret society of students at Yale University. This brotherhood was founded in 1832 by William H. Russell and Alphonso Taft. Later, both gentlemen earned their spurs within the military order of the United States. According to insiders, the society meets in a temple on the university grounds. Furthermore, the members of ‘the order of skull and bones’ can retreat to a real private island! Secret operations would be prepared at these locations.

They are inspired by the quote: “Who was the fool, who the wise man, beggar or king? Whether poor or rich, all is the same in death”. This text hangs above the entrance to their space at Yale. Many influential figures from business and politics are counted as part of ‘the order of skull and bones’. Since 1992, women have also been admitted to this special company.

1. The all-seeing eye

dollar bill

The all-seeing eye is considered the best-known illumination symbol. Central to this symbol is an eye surrounded by rays. Sometimes the rays are replaced by a triangle. This symbol also comes from Egypt; here it represented the sun god Horus. In 2014, the all-seeing eye hangs in all temples within Freemasonry. You will find it on the wall opposite the entrance, in other words facing east. Incidentally, opinions on the importance of the all-seeing eye are divided within Freemasonry; for example, there is a movement that sees the eye primarily as a decorative element. Although the illuminists of the first hour never used the all-seeing eye as a symbol, the conspiracy theorists know for sure that this eye is of great value within this movement.

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