Top 10 Most Bizarre Weapons Ever

Most Bizarre Weapons Ever

As long as there have been people, there have been weapons. Today, of course, technology is so advanced that no strange techniques are needed to win a war, but it was different in the past. Want to know the 10 most bizarre weapons ever invented? You read it here.

10. Duck Stir

duck rudder

Not all weapons are used for war. A good shotgun was of great importance to many hunters. The duck rudder was used in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This weapon can be recognized by its extremely long shape and was used to hunt ducks and other waterfowl. With one shot, half a kilo of hail could be fired, killing 50 ducks in one fell swoop.

9. The man catcher

husband cather
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The Middle Ages was the time of the strangest torture methods and the most cruel weapons of all time . The man catcher was not designed to kill someone, but to capture someone. At the end of a long pole is a circle with painful points that could be used to restrain someone. This “safety net” was mainly used for important prisoners who were of political importance in a war.

8. Whirlwind Cannon

whirlwind cannon

Sometimes inventors come up with the most absurd ideas. The whirlwind cannon of Dr. Zippermeyer is one of them. During World War II, he tried to use his cannon to create a whirlwind so strong that it could blow an airplane out of the sky. A number of tests took place, but it soon became apparent that firing a whirlwind precisely at a moving aircraft was a bit too ambitious.

7. Archimedes’ Claw

claw of archimdes

Archimedes was a great thinker and decided to use his intelligence to protect the small town of Syracuse in Sicily against attacks from the sea. When an enemy boat was about to sail towards the city walls, a large hook grabbed the ship and lifted it slightly. Dropping the ship immediately afterwards would capsize and throw all the crew into the water. This weapon was used by Syracuse when the Romans came to attack them.

6. The Hummingbird

hummingbird pistol

You may know the hummingbird as that very small bird that can fly very fast . In 1910, the smallest rifle ever made was developed by Austrian Franz Pfannl. The tiny weapon weighs just over 200 grams and has a firepower of nothing. The hummingbird already had trouble shooting through a plank of wood.

5. The Blaster


Many ways have been tried to keep thieves and hijackers away from cars, but none are as extreme as this one. A South African decided to install two flamethrowers at the bottom of the doors. When an unwanted person came too close, they were greeted with large flames. Logically, this invention has not become standard equipment in every car.

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4. Bats


During World War II, the American military experimented with bats. The plan was to make living mini-bombs out of it. If you put 40 bats – soaked with flammable liquid – together in a cage, which ignited and dropped over enemy territory, they would start many small fires. They should quickly turn into big fires. Building on this, the idea of ​​atomic bomb bats arose; bats equipped with napalm. The idea of ​​the bat as a fire or atomic bomb has never been put into practice. Bats are not so easy to train. Most just flew away!
By the way, attempts have been made more often to use animals in war, see here top 10 that we made about it .

3.The LED Incapacitator

Not all bizarre weapons are from the past, as this invention dates back to 2007. The weapon resembles a flashlight and has strong LED lights that can blink in special patterns. The lamp was developed to make a person feel sick and weak, with some people vomiting after looking into the lamp. It was intended that American agents would start using this lamp in 2010, but that never happened.

2. Who me? – stink weapon

who me

In the second world war the strangest methods were used to break the morale of the adversary. This secret weapon was in fact an extremely strong stink bomb that literally left the German soldiers stinking in the wind for an hour. Unfortunately, the stink bomb was rather difficult to use, so the person who dropped it was more likely to get caught in the stench than the enemy.

1. Gay Bomb

gay bomb

This weapon only existed in theory and was never actually realized. In 1994, the Americans tried to develop a bomb that would spread female pheromones on the soldiers of the enemy. The idea was that all the soldiers would get so excited by these feminine scents that they would go to bed together without thinking. That is why this chemical weapon came to be called “The Gay Bomb”. Researchers found that most men don’t react so violently to the pheromones, so this plan would never work.


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