Top 10 Most Bizarre World Records


Apart from that, really spectacular records are more likely to be listed than records on fairly mundane matters. Below we list 10 of the most bizarre world records for you, with the urgent advice not to follow them. Most of the records in this list are far too dangerous for that!

1. Most diamonds, processed in a toilet seat

The toilet bowl is also jokingly referred to as “the throne” in some households. In that context, this unique toilet seat would certainly not be out of place. If you could afford it, that is… The glasses are made by Hong Kong jeweler Aaron Shum and contain the unprecedented number of 40,815 diamonds, which means that this toilet product can be a literally beautiful addition to the smallest room of your home .

2. The oldest professional male stripper in the world

American Bernie Baker was once a real estate agent, until he had to give up his profession due to prostate cancer and ended up in hospital. Miraculously, he survived this debilitating illness and that was also the moment for the now 60-year-old Bernie to give the last years of his professional life a drastically different turn. He decided to become a stripper and started working out hard, so that his sagging senior body became tight and attractive again. The result could be there. During his stripper career, he won more than 40 trade competitions. Unfortunately, the American was not able to enjoy his newfound fame for very long, because in 2007 he died at the age of 66.

3. Holding most straws with your mouth

What’s better than a single straw milkshake? A milkshake with two straws, of course. Because then you suck a double dose of this delicacy into your mouth in one go. Karate Nataraj from India decided to take it a step further in that context. On August 25, 2018, he stuffed the respectable 650 straws into his mouth. For the sake of clarity, we inform you that with this record it was not allowed to hold the straws in place with the help of his hands. So the best man just used the power of his undoubtedly super elastic lips to keep the big pack in place.

4. Stick the most toothpicks in a beard

Because the hairs of mustaches and beards are usually sturdier than the hairs on top of our heads, they can usually feel more prickly when they come into contact with your skin. For Joel Strasser from the United States, that wasn’t exciting enough. So he decided to stuff his beard with toothpicks. During a record attempt in 2018, he managed to stick no fewer than 3,500 of those pointed wooden sticks into his beard in such a way that they all just stayed in place. To be able to set that record, the American was involved in this job for 3 hours and 13 minutes.

5. Pop 3 balloons using your back in the fastest time

Pop a balloon with your back, without using a wall or floor as an aid. Is that even possible? The German Julia Gunthel appears to have that skill. She has a very strong trump card for that, because her body is extremely flexible. This allows her to practically fold herself in half backwards. By pushing her upper body even further towards the back of her legs in that folding position, the balloon placed in between can then burst. In 2007, Julia repeated this trick 3 times in just 12 seconds, setting a record.

6. Running a basketball on a toothbrush for the longest possible time

Before you can spin a basketball on your finger for a long time, you will have to practice a lot. Canadian Sandeep Singh Kaila decided not to stop there and started experimenting with even more difficult methods. Finally, he came to the toothbrush as the ideal balancing aid and began to perfect his skills further. The result: a world record to his name in January 2019. Then he managed to spin a basketball on a toothbrush for 1 minute and 8.15 seconds.

7. Wearing the heaviest bee cloak

Bees themselves are of course very useful in nature. They ensure that flowers are pollinated and produce delicious honey. Yet many are also quite afraid of these buzzing critters. If not Liangming Ruan. In 2014, this Chinese temporarily ‘hostage’ a queen bee and hid it somewhere on his body, after which no less than 63.7 kilos of worker bees took place on his partly bare body, creating a complete bee cloak. To make the record even more spectacular, the Chinese decided to endure this situation for no less than 53 minutes and 34 seconds. The most unique thing about this stunt is that he didn’t get a single bee sting with it.

8. Cut through most mouth-held apples in one minute with a chainsaw

So many different record attempts have been made over the years that nowadays you have to come up with something super sensational to really stand out. Performance artist Johnny Strange from London therefore devised a spectacular, but also life-threatening record attempt. Using a chainsaw, he wanted to cut as many apples in half as possible. Sound simple? Not when you consider that Johnny is holding every apple in his own mouth while slicing. During an event in South Yorkshire in October 2013, the Briton set this razor-sharp record by averaging 8 apples in a minute in this bloody way.

9. Going the longest distance with a table held up with teeth


If George Christen from Luxembourg has put his teeth into something, it will eventually happen. Not just figuratively, but literally too. The Luxembourger has very strong teeth and showed a sample of his ability on 9 February 2008 in the Spanish capital Madrid. A lady weighing 49.9 kilos then sat down on a table, after which George bit herself firmly into the edge of the table top. Without touching the table with his hands, he lifted the table with the lady on it several feet into the air. And if that wasn’t spectacular enough, he also covered a distance of 11 meters and 80 centimeters that way.

10. Largest Collection of Rubber Rubber Ducks

You may have had one yourself in the past. Such a cozy yellow duck that you could play with while taking a bath. Whether that was also the reason for the American Charlotte Lee to collect all kinds of small and large rubber rubber ducks is unclear. What is known is that her passion for collecting started in 1996, when she acquired the first duck. Since then she has built up her collection at lightning speed, as a result of which she had already released the record number of 5,631 different copies on April 10, 2011.

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