Top 10 Most Famous Disney Birds

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You might be familiar with names of characters like Iago, Zazu, Jutter, Flit, and Heihei. Did you know that in all Disney productions there are more than 100 characters for birds? That’s an impressive number, and we’ve put together the 10 most famous Disney birds for you.

The most famous Disney bird is without a doubt Donald Duck. This was also one of the first Disney productions, and the first movie came out in 1934. A real classic, this bird that has made us laugh, howl and howl for almost a century.

Do you want to know which Disney birds are even more famous? Then read on.

1. Donald Duck

Who doesn’t know him, the quick angry duck with bow tie, cap and sailor shirt. We are, of course, talking about none other than Donald Duck, one of the first bird characters in Disney’s animated films.

The first film of this tempered duck came out in 1934. Donald Duck is always in trouble, but he manages to solve everything with his courage and determination. Although he is always unlucky and easily angered, he always manages to get himself out of trouble.

The fact that this bird has been with us for almost a century is rather special. Therefore a deserved place at number 1.

2. Iago

The famous red bird Iago plays an important role in the Disney movie Aladdin. Lago is the sidekick of villain Jafar.

It is a funny bird, which is also not to be missed in the storyline where he first side with Jafar, and later on helps Aladdin and Jasmine.

Although he also seems mean and cunning at first, it turns out that he is actually gentle and wants the best for everyone.

3. Zazu

At number 3 we find the counselor of King Mufasa and later of Simba: the hornbill Zazu. This bird plays a role in The Lion King and has a rather tense character.

Its bill is reddish-orange and as Marshal of King Mufasa, he takes his existence very seriously.

Zazu can be seen in all 3 of The Lion King’s films, as well as in the film Hakuna Matata.

4. Kevin

The tropical flightless bird with the colorful appearance is one of the main characters in the beautiful movie Up.

The bird is named Kevin, and it is accidentally discovered by Russell when he and the old man end up on a rock of paradise. Russell takes him on a journey, but the villain of the film is looking for exactly this bird species.

It turns out that Kevin loves chocolate. And although he goes by the male name Kevin, he eventually turns out to be a female bird when he (she) has little ones.

5. Owl

At number 5 we find the Owl from the stories of Winnie the Pooh, who lives in a tree house.

This classic Disney bird is a character with good character, who is considered a good friend by the inhabitants of the forest, Winnie the Pooh, and Christopher Robin.

However, he also has a nasty side. Owl cannot resist always and everywhere to give his opinion and advice, with irritation of his fellow residents as a result.

6. Jutter

Jutter is the cheerful seagull from The Little Mermaid and The Little Mermaid 2. Besides being downright hilarious, he also plays an important role.

He ultimately ensures that the wedding between villain Ursula and Prince Erik does not take place, so that Erik discovers Ariel’s true nature and can marry her.

Jutter is also the one who tells Ariel what all the stuff from people she finds in the sea is for. Even if he’s not always right, like with the fork that he says is a comb.

7. Flash

Pocahontas’ loyal friend and pet, Flit, is an adorable hummingbird. Together with raccoon Meeko and Pocahontas they go on many adventures. Both pets accompany Pocahontas in almost every scene, and are very curious.

In addition, Flit is protective of Pocahontas, shielding her during a near encounter between her and John Smith.

The role for Flit is decent, partly because he takes her mother’s necklace after it is pulled from her net. He also tries to keep Pocahontas and Meeko out of danger and trouble, which is not always successful.

8. Heihei

The hilarious Heihei is a character from Disney’s Moana. Heihei is a very stupid rooster.

He is callous and bumbling, and is also considered the village idiot of the island of Motunui.

When Moana embarks on a journey and leaves the island, she learns too late that Heihei is inadvertently joining her on an adventure. So now Moana has to watch out for this bird as well as herself.

9. Marahute

Marahute is the impressive golden eagle with a wingspan of up to 12 meters. She can be seen in the film De Rescuers in Kangarooland.

Although the bird is huge, her disposition is gentle. Her size doesn’t help, though, and she accidentally knocks Cody off the cliff after he frees her.

Marahute is inspired by a cross between a wedge-tailed eagle and a white-bellied sea eagle, both found in Australia.

10. Ace Chicken Little

The cute bird Ace Chicken Little, from the movie Chicken Little, is the main character of this Disney animated film.

Chicken Little is a nice bird and cares a lot about the people around him. With his green glasses, shorts, striped T-shirt, white feathers and red mohawk, he is a cute and striking appearance.

This little bird is smart, industrious and does his utmost to convince everyone that he is right. In Chicken Little you see if he succeeds.

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