Top 10 Most Famous Disney Characters

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Often the minor characters are just as fun and important as the main character, but of course only one can be the best!

The most famous Disney character is of course Mickey Mouse. He has become the face of Disney.

But also numbers 2 to 10 are big names from the Disney family. Bet you know them all?

1. Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse is an American cartoon character based on a mouse. In 1928, the then 27-year-old Walt saw a mouse walking and came up with the idea for a new cartoon character.

In Mickey’s very first comic, his name was Mortimer. Walt Disney himself did the voice of the mouse and asked his wife to do the voice of Minnie.

It was she who convinced her husband that Mortimer was not a good name for the mouse.

That’s why he was renamed Mickey after all.

Of course, the mouse’s appearance has changed here and there over time, but he still wears red pants with suspenders and his head is made of 3 circles.

Mickey has become the icon of Walt Disney and can often be found in other Disney films as an “easter-egg” (hidden joke).

Also in the Disney parks , the image of Mickey Mouse is often secretly present somewhere.

Micky is more famous than Santa Claus, has won an Oscar, released a music album and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

2. Donald Duck

The very first film in which Donald Duck played a role was the cartoon released on June 9, 1934, called ‘ The Wise Little Hen ‘.

In principle, the clumsy unlucky person played a supporting role, but he captured the imagination so much that he got a bigger role in the next film.

He became friends with Mickey Mouse and together with Mickey, Goofy and Pluto he had his first adventures.

The stubborn duck soon turned out to be good for an even bigger role and he got his own duck family around him, consisting of Aunt Katrien, Uncle Scrooge, nephews Kwik Kwek and Kwak, Guus Geluk, and his twin sister Dumbella.

Donald always wears a sailor suit, without pants.

3. Pluto

The fictional dog Pluto was created by Walt Disney, and first appeared in 1930.

His name was Rover then. Pluto was discovered in 1930 so the rover was renamed Pluto.

In the beginning Rover was the dog of Minnie, Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend, but in a subsequent film he was suddenly called Pluto and he lived with Mickey.

From 1937 he got his own cartoon series, in which he often got into a fight with other dogs or the Disney duo Chip and Dale.

4. Goofy

The Disney character Goofy was created in 1932 and he is Mickey Mouse’s best friend. The look of Goofy is inspired by the Australian dingo.

Goofy is a sluggish, clumsy and messy lanky. Yet he is Mickey’s right-hand man when he has a detective role.

Goofy’s real name was George, but that never really caught on.

In the 1950s to 1965, quite a few films were made about Goofy in which he struggled with problems from normal life such as not being able to pay bills, broken cars, dieting and quitting smoking.

It wasn’t until the 1990s that Goofy returned with his own TV series.

5. Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse was there as early as 1928, in the very first Mickey Mouse cartoon Plane Crazy . Two years later, she got her first role as a cartoon character in the story Lost on a Desert Island .

In the movies it often happens that Minnie goes on a trip with Mickey.

This never goes well and Minnie has been kidnapped a few times.

Fortunately, Mickey always manages to save her with his friends Goofy, Donald and Pluto.

In the comics, Minnie is best friends with Klarabella Cow and Daisy Duck, and they have many adventures with her friends.

6. Elsa


The character Elsa van Arendelle is from the new generation of Walt Disney. She first appeared in Disney’s 53rd animated film, Frozen , which came out in 2013.

Elsa is obviously a princess. She has a very special gift and can create and manipulate ice and snow.

Inadvertently, during her coronation, she brings eternal winter over her land. She is deeply ashamed and isolates herself in hopes of protecting others from her uncontrollable powers.

The character is loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson ‘s fairy tale The Snow Queen .

This queen was the bad guy and it took Disney a lot of effort to make her likeable.

This worked out well. Children and especially girls born around the year 2005 or younger (and their parents) all know exactly who Elsa is.

7. Jack Sparrow

We would almost forget that Disney not only makes animated films, but is also responsible for releasing feature films.

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of the biggest hits of recent years.

The first Pirates of the Carribean came out in 2003. A total of 5 Pirates of the Caribbean movies have been made and there are rumors that another one is on the way.

Leading actor Johnny Depp knows how to put down an unforgettable Captain Jack Sparrow.

It is therefore to be hoped that he will also play in the 6th film because he is probably irreplaceable.

8. Captain Hook

Captain Hook is one of the protagonists in the 1911 classic story “ Peter and Wendy ”.

He is the sworn enemy of the main character in the film, the boy who does not want to grow up.

Captain Hook is the captain of a ship with not-so-smart pirates. Captain Hook got his name from the fact that his right hand has been replaced by a hook.

During a fight with Peter Pan, the hand was bitten off by a crocodile.

He had also swallowed an alarm clock so you can always hear the crocodile coming, lurking for another tasty bite from the captain.

9. Nemo

Has he ever been found? Just kidding, of course. Finding Nemo is the name of an animated film that appeared on the silver screen in 2003.

It is also the name of the protagonist, a clown fish. The film has won no fewer than 30 awards, including an Oscar for best animated film.

During a school trip, Nemo swims coolly away from the group, but then gets lost.

When he hides from a shark behind the helm of a buoy, he is scooped out of the sea and placed in an aquarium.

After many adventures, Nemo finally manages to find his father again.

10. Winnie the Pooh

In 1977, Disney released the 22nd full-length cartoon called The Big Story of Winnie the Pooh . The film is based on the books by English author AA Milne.

This film consists of three different stories, which are talked together by the narrator. The individual stories were released as standalone short films in 1966, 1968 and 1974.

This film is often seen by the Disney freaks as the last Disney package film, which were very popular especially during and just after the Second World War and were actually standard for Disney.


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