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Top 10 Mythical Creatures From History (Fantastic Beasts)

Top 10 Mythical Creatures From History (Fantastic Beasts)

The animals in this list don’t really exist. They are animals invented by the makers of myths, mythical creatures. Myths are centuries old, they are fantasy stories with a message about the past. Mythical animals sometimes have a human body part, but they possess superhuman qualities. For example, they can fly or breathe fire.

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10. Phoenix


The Phoenix is ​​a mythical bird, usually it resembles an eagle or another bird of prey, but it also has beautiful bright colors. The animal is common in Greek, Egyptian and Indian myths. In addition, the ‘Phoenix or the Phoenix’ is a firebird. The animal symbolizes eternal life, immortality. According to legend, the moment the Phoenix knows that its life is coming to an end, it flies to the sun or to the sun god Ra. There the Phoenix burns and from the ashes a new Phoenix arises. In most myths, only one Phoenix lives on Earth.

9. Centaur


The Centaur is half man (the head and torso) and half horse (the body). The human part gives the animal civilized manners, but the horse part makes the centaur a wild beast. Centaurs in myths are usually very strong and violent. They like to wage war, drink a lot and are also concerned with other primal needs. This brings the animal into conflict with the more civilized male side. The centaur Chiron is an exception to this. This Centaur is good natured and wise. He was a teacher of Greek heroes.

8. Mermaid


A very famous mythical animal is the mermaid. This is mainly due to the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen, ‘The Little Mermaid’, in which mermaid Ariel plays the leading role. A mermaid is half human (head and torso) and half fish (body). The female animals live according to myths in the sea. They are very beautiful, which makes it easy for them to entice sailors to change their course. Mermaids are also seen as women with medicinal properties. Another name for a mermaid is a sea goddess. In Greek and Cyprian myths, Aphrodite is a well-known sea goddess. She would have been born from sea foam. Her birthplace is near Pphos.


7. Leviathan


The Biblical monster Leviathan is a giant sea creature with glowing eyes. It has a huge flaky body. The animal is compared to a huge fish, a snake, a crocodile and/or marine mammal. The leviathan has a horrific habit of breaking ships and devouring sea-going humans. The monster is mentioned several times in the Old Testament of the Bible. However, it is unclear whether the leviathan was created by God or Satan. Some religious texts claim the following: God originally created the animal in a male and female version. He later destroyed the female version to prevent a multitude of evil monsters from emerging in the seas.

6. Dragon


A dragon is a large mythological animal with a reptilian body. Some dragons have multiple heads. Dragons can usually fly and spew fire (or a deadly poison) from their nostrils. A dragon is usually evil. In some myths, the animal is the opposite: it brings good luck and is very wise. China is known for its dragons. There the animal symbolizes heroism and courage. Today, especially young boys are inspired by this brave animal. The animal is often used in children’s books and children’s television programs, such as ‘Mike de Ridder’, in which the main character has two dragons as best friends. Dragons also play an important role in one of the most popular TV series of the moment, Game of Thrones.


5. Pegasus


The Pegasus is popular in Greek mythology. This is a horse with wings, usually white in color with golden or white wings. The animal is seen as the son of Poseidon, God of the sea, and the monster of Medusa. According to Greek mythology, Pegasus is the bearer of the lightning bolts from Zeus (on Mount Olympus). There is a constellation named after the animal. This is especially visible in the fall. Then it is a square, also called autumn square. Pegasus is popular among poets and artists: many poems, sculptures and paintings are made of Pegasus. The animal can also be seen in the Disney movie ‘Hercules’. In it, Hercules rides Pegasus.

4. Siren (nimf)


A siren is a demigoddess from Greek mythology. It has the head of a woman and the body of a bird. The mythical animals are good seducers. They do this through their singing. The Sirens are the daughters of sea god Phorcys and river god Archeloüs. The Romans thought that the animals lived on small rocky islands between Capri and Sorrento. Ovid described the animals as nymphs. They are said to have been turned into female-headed birds by Dementer. Nymphs live in nature, have divine powers. In myths they are heard in the rushing of a stream or they are involved in the creation of a new plant species.

3. Hydra


A hydra is a predatory snake beast with poisonous blood and breath, which the animal can use to kill people. There are many different descriptions of the hydra in Greek literature and poetry. The most famous of these is that of the hydra killed by the hero Hercules. This hydra bears the name ‘hydra of Lerna’. According to legend, it is impossible to defeat a hydra. If one of its heads were cut off, two new heads would take its place. Still, Hercules managed to devise a strategy to defeat the Hydra. After he chopped off one of the heads, he quickly burned the wound so that no new heads could be made in this place. He did this over and over until the animal finally died.

2. Sphinx


The sphinx is originally from Egyptian mythology. It is half human (the head of a man) and half lion (the body). There are many statues of this mythical animal in Egypt. These sphinxes are located at (former) city entrances and at pyramids. They have traditionally had the purpose of providing protection. The largest and oldest Egyptian sphinx is that of Giza. Greek mythology also has a sphinx. Unlike the Egyptian sphinx, this one has a female head. Also, the Greek sphinx has wings. The Sphinx is considered one of the most intelligent mythical animals, known for its love of riddles. Legend has it that anyone who, upon passing a Sphinx, is unable to solve the Sphinx’s riddle, will be devoured by the Sphinx.

1. Unicorn


The mythical unicorn has existed in myths worldwide for centuries. Each culture has its own version of the unicorn, but usually they are white colored horses with a long spiral horn on the head. When the sun shines on the horn, it makes the light dance above the animal’s body. The sweet animal represents untamed freedom, goodness and purity. Also, unicorns are associated with rainbows. According to legends, unicorns can only be found by girls who go into the forest alone. When young girls hear this, they are sure to go into the woods in search of their beloved animal.

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