Top 30 Largest Construction Companies In The Netherlands


Dutch construction companies are regarded as some of the best in the world, and the largest construction companies in the Netherlands are excellent employers. With our knowledge economy, highly trained architects and excellent craftsmen, Dutch construction companies are able to develop impressive and functional buildings and structures.

The largest construction company in the Netherlands is the Royal BAM Group . With a turnover of no less than 7.2 billion and more than 20,000 employees, this is the number one on this list. You may know the BAM Group from the construction of the Amsterdam Arena and the North-South line in Amsterdam.

The construction sector in the Netherlands accounts for no less than 9% of the gross domestic product and employs tens of thousands of employees. Below you can read who the largest companies in the construction sector are in the top 30 largest construction companies in the Netherlands.

1. Royal BAM Group

A station of the North-South line.

With more than 20,000 employees and a turnover of 7.2 billion, the Royal BAM Group closes this top 30 at number 1. BAM is the abbreviation for Bataafsche Aanneming Maatschappij van Bouw- en Betonwerken. You can even find the BAM Group in Madurodam.

The BAM Group has worked together with Ballast Nedam on the Amsterdam Arena, but they have also built the FC Groningen stadium. Another recent major project of this construction company is the North-South line in Amsterdam.

2. VolkerWessels

A new construction project by VolkerWessels

The second place in our top 30 is for VolkerWessels, with more than 16,000 employees and a turnover of 5.7 billion euros. Like many other construction companies, VolkerWessels also focuses on different parts of the construction industry. They are active in construction, infrastructure, telecom and energy.

VolkerWessels is not one large company, but is subdivided into smaller companies that each operate independently, under the flag of VolkerWessels. The company is still largely owned by the Wessels family.

3. Royal Boskalis

Ships at work from Boskalis.

Another dredging company, Koninklijke Boskalis, is in third place. Boskalis’ head office is located in Papendrecht. The company focuses on the construction and maintenance of ports, waterways and coasts together with its 10,700 employees and 900 ships.

In the Netherlands, Boskalis is active in the Markermeer project, among other things. The Dutch construction company also carries out many projects in countries such as New Zealand, South Africa and China.

4. Strukton

Strukton, founded in 1921, is doing very well internationally. Among other things, they are responsible for 3 of the 6 new metro lines in Saudi Arabia. Strukton originated from the Dutch railways, which is reflected in the activities and projects.

Strukton Rail is the part of this construction company that we are all familiar with. Strukton Rail is responsible for the rail systems and rails used by NS and Arriva, among others. Strukton also has a large workshop for trains.

5. TBI Holdings

The Maastunnel in Rotterdam

TBI, which stands for Technology, Construction and Infrastructure Group, ranks 5th in our top 30 with 6000 employees. The company TBI Holdings does not carry out any work itself, but facilitates 18 small companies that fall under the parent company. These smaller companies work together, allowing TBI to independently build projects such as the Maastunnel in Rotterdam.

TBI invests a lot in its employees by, among other things, supporting cultural heritage and the education of the employees’ children with a foundation. Sustainability also plays an important role in this large construction company.

6. Van Oord

The Palm Island in Dubai

Van Oord, with a turnover of 1.5 billion euros, focuses on dredging, hydraulic engineering and offshore projects. Van Oord is therefore much more active in other countries and is renowned for its expertise. With more than 5000 employees and 20 offices worldwide, this construction company is one of the largest dredging companies in the world.

Van Oord has realized the famous Palm Island in Dubai. In addition, they have set up various offshore wind farms. Van Oord has been in existence for 150 years since 2015, and the company has received the ‘royal’ designation.

7. Heijmans

The ING House in Amsterdam

The listed Heijmans is in seventh place in our top 30 largest construction companies in the Netherlands. The construction company from Rosmalen was founded by Jan Heijmans in 1923, and has contributed a lot to the reconstruction of the Netherlands after the Second World War.

Heijmans has, among other things, realized the ING House in Amsterdam. In 2015, the company chose to complete all foreign projects and to focus solely on the Dutch market.

8. Dura Vermeer

Dura Vermeer’s first known project was the construction of the Lijnbaan in Rotterdam. With 2750 employees, this construction company is a big boy in the Netherlands. Dura Vermeer is a combination of the company Dura, which focuses on housing, and Vermeer, which focuses on infrastructure such as roads and tram networks.

In recent years, Dura Vermeer has been busy building new homes and renovating office buildings and other buildings. Financially, this Dutch construction company is doing well, and every year there is growth.

9. Van Wijnen Group

Van Wijnen focuses on project development, housing, renovation and area development. All projects are realized from the office in Baarn. Van Wijnen Groep has countless beautiful projects to its name and is equipped with separate regional offices.

Where Van Wijnen excels are experimental and innovative construction projects. For example, the first 3D-printed concrete house is being built together with various universities, and they are active in the development of so-called sustainable and circular neighbourhoods.

10. Ballast Nedam

We start our top 30 with Ballast Nedam from Nieuwegein. With 1900 employees, this construction company is mainly active in the Netherlands. They are best known for the construction of the Afsluitdijk in 1932.

In addition, Ballast Nedam has carried out projects such as the construction of the Oosterscheldekering, the Egmond aan Zee Wind Farm and the Amsterdam Arena. In 2015, Renaissance Construction made a successful takeover bid for this construction company.

11. Ten Brinke Group

Image: Ten Brinke Group

In the year 1902 Theodorus ten Brinke started his own company, which after more than 115 years has grown into a multinational with branches in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Greece. In total, there are more than 1,000 employees on Ten Brinke’s payroll and the company generates an annual turnover of 950 million euros.

Leading projects in which Ten Brinke was recently involved are the transformation of the monumental chocolate factory in Alkmaar, the Steigenberger Intercity Hotel in Hoofddorp and the redevelopment of the Meijhorst Shopping Center in Nijmegen.

12. At the Stegge United Companies

Image: At the Stegge Roosendaal

Aan de Stegge United Companies is usually referred to as ASVB for convenience. It is an umbrella organization consisting of 22 innovative construction companies, 4 of which are Belgian and 1 German. Although all companies in the network operate individually, they can call on each other if extra manpower or specific expertise is required for certain projects.

ASVB has a majority interest in almost all companies in the network. This partly ensures that individual building contractors do not have to worry about financing new projects, because ASVB takes on that risk.

13. Janssen de Jong Group

Image: Janssen de Jong Group

Every working day, about 1,000 Janssen de Jong employees are busy realizing all kinds of construction projects. The activities of this construction group are divided into 3 clusters. The Project Development & Construction cluster contains 7 operating companies that are involved in the development, new construction, renovation, sustainability and maintenance of homes and business premises throughout the Netherlands.

The Business Housing cluster also includes 7 operating companies, each of which operates under its own name and offers solutions for various corporate housing issues. Finally, there is the Caribbean cluster, which focuses entirely on the Antillean islands.

14. Form Holding

Image: Shape Holding

Under the banner of Vorm Holding is Vorm Bouw, which realizes homes from the first design up to and including completion for private individuals, investors and housing associations. But it doesn’t stop there, because Vorm’s approach goes a lot further than most other construction companies.

For example, interested home buyers can apply for a mortgage and take out insurance via Form Finance. In addition, Vorm is working hard with its 6D Wonen concept, in which pre-produced designs can easily be adapted to a customer’s specific wishes, without having a severe impact on the budget.

15. Van Gelder Group

Image: Van Gelder Group

Initially, Van Gelder was mainly a specialist in the field of cable, pipe and assembly work. This changed in the 1970s, when people also started to focus on ground, road and hydraulic engineering. A golden opportunity, because it was a resounding success. As a result, more and more Van Gelder branches appeared throughout the Netherlands over the years.

Initially, only Aannemingsmaatschappij Van Gelder and Van Gelder Kabel-, Leiding- en Montagewerken fell under the umbrella of the Van Gelder Group. Over the past 2 decades, Van Gelder Rail, Van Gelder Telecom and Van Gelder Verkeerstechniek have been added, which means that the company can rightly call itself a multidisciplinary contractor.

16. ASK Romein International

Image: ASK Romein International

ASK Romein focuses its construction activities purely on the business and utility market. In addition, the company is an expert in the field of steel construction and the realization of bridges and offshore projects.

For example, the company was involved in the realization of the Tidal Power Station at the Oosterscheldekering, the Westermeerwind Wind Farm in the IJsselmeer near the Noordoostpolder and the Jan Linzel Viaduct in The Hague. And that was just a small and very random selection of the many hundreds of projects that this construction company successfully completed over the years.

In order to be able to handle all these mega jobs, ASK Romein currently has more than 600 employees, who represent a wide range of expertise.

17. Trebbe Group

Image: Trebbe Group

What started in 1911 as a modest company, specializing in small renovations and maintenance work, grew in the following decades into a construction company of size.

The fourth generation is now at the helm of this family business. Since 2018, the Trebbe Group has been divided into 2 operating companies: Trebbe Wonen and Trebbe Bouw.

The latter branch focuses purely on utilities and special projects, while Trebbe Wonen focuses specifically on building homes with the BasicWonen and HoogWonen concepts.

Today, the Trebbe Group employs approximately 485 people and achieved a turnover of 397 million euros in 2019.

18. Van Wanrooij Construction and Development

Image: Van Wanrooij Construction and Development

Van Wanrooij focuses almost exclusively on the provinces of Brabant, Gelderland and Utrecht for executing projects. The family business with headquarters in Geffen was founded in 1969 and today employs approximately 350 people.

Van Wanrooij is mainly engaged in the construction of houses and in that context has its own carpentry factory and a ‘Warenhuys’ from which all necessities for kitchens and bathrooms can be supplied.

This makes it relatively easy to realize an all-round project approach, in which the end customer benefits from short lines, fast realization and manageable costs.

19. MJ de Nijs and Sons Holding

Image: MJ de Nijs and Sons Holding

This construction company from Warmenhuizen is mainly active in and around Amsterdam. Partly because of this, the company has become a true specialist over the years in working in places where the room to move is quite tight. The largest part of the annual turnover comes from building houses. In addition, De Nijs en Zonen is involved in non-residential construction, renovation and restoration.

In Amsterdam, the company was involved in projects such as the Eye Film Institute, the Pontsteiger and Tramremise De Hallen. The number of employees at this construction company fluctuates around 300 people and, in addition to hundreds of construction workers, also includes internal project developers.

20. De Vries and Verburg

Image: De Vries and Verburg

The construction company De Vries en Verburg, located in Stolwijk in South Holland, specializes in development, construction, service and maintenance. In all these business units, the theme of sustainability plays an essential role in all cases, so that as many future-oriented solutions as possible are applied in the projects.

In short, corporate social responsibility pur sang. De Vries en Verburg’s sustainable approach is reflected in the Shell C30 head office in The Hague and the Moxy Hotel in Utrecht, among others.

21. Clock Holding

Image: Clock Holding

Two construction companies are active under the flag of KlokHolding: KlokGroep and Novaform. The foundation of the company lies with the start of a family business some 100 years ago. The scale that KlokHolding has been able to achieve over the years ensures that it is able to handle all kinds of large (housing) issues, including the associated financial risk.

The KlokGroep within the organization can call on 6 specialisms, so that the entire process from initiative to management can be handled internally. Novaform, in turn, specializes in complex inner-city developments, which often require a unique approach due to the shortage of available space in those places.

22. Plegt-Vos Construction Group

Image: Plegt-Vos Bouwgroep

In the more than 115 years that Plegt-Vos has been active in construction, it has grown into a company that is active throughout the Netherlands. In addition to the head office in Hengelo, there are also branches in Utrecht, Assen and Langeveen. The Plegt-Vos Bouwgroep is mainly specialized in developing, realizing and maintaining real estate. A future-oriented approach always plays a central role in all these activities.

In recent years, Plegt-Vos realized earthquake-resistant student housing on Oostersingel in Groningen and the monumental Ooglijdershuis in Utrecht was transformed into 55 modern homes.

23. Nijhuis Construction

Image: Nijhuis Construction

The head office of Nijhuis Bouw is located in Rijssen in Overijssel. In addition, the company has branches in Apeldoorn, Assen, Zwolle and Enschede. In recent years, the medium-sized construction company has mainly specialized in new construction and renovations according to the Trento method.

This is a construction concept that is based on pre-conceived modular construction solutions, which are already ready-to-use in a dynamic knowledge base. This makes it possible to offer customers budget certainty, because all cost items are known in detail before the construction or renovation project actually starts.

24. Gebr. Van de Ven Management Company

Image: Gebr. Van de Ven Management Company

The management company of the Van de Ven brothers has its origins in Veghel in Brabant, where Lambert van de Ven started a construction company in 1927 with his brother Graard. The third generation of this family business is now at the helm and the activities have expanded enormously. Under the banner of the management company, there are 3 construction companies.

In addition to Bouwbedrijf van de Ven, these are Nieuwenhuizen Daandels and Coppes Bouwbedrijf. This trio ensures that customers can be catered for with a wide range of diverse construction expertise.

25. Friso Construction Group

Image: Friso Bouwgroep

The Frisian Company, or Friso for short, was founded shortly after the Second World War, when 3 Frisian construction companies joined forces to rebuild their province, which had been destroyed by the war. Today, the company not only has branches in Friesland, but also in Groningen, Gelderland and Flevoland. As a result, the Friso Bouwgroep has become a medium-sized construction company.

Over the years, the company has increasingly focused on non-residential construction and new and renovation projects for companies. In Groningen, this led, among other things, to the restoration of the Watertoren West and the repair and maintenance of De Korenbeurs. The Friso Bouwgroep has approximately 500 employees on its payroll.

26. Schagengroep

Image: Schagengroep

The Schagen Group is a medium-sized family business that carries out construction and infrastructure work. The company was founded in 1951, when Cor Schagen decided to start his own road construction company. After his sons took over the company in 1985, they began to focus on a broader market. This was made possible in part by the acquisition of Bouwbedrijf Salverda.

The Schagen Group has now grown into a company with more than 400 employees and can fall back on 8 different operating companies. The company was involved in, among other things, the foundation repair of the monumental Artis library in Amsterdam, the renovation of the NOS Radio Spot in Hilversum and major maintenance on the Wadden Island of Schiermonnikoog.

27. Hemubo Almere

Image: Hemubo Almere

This construction company mainly specializes in the realization of large construction projects, such as gallery and porch flats. It was also involved in the large-scale maintenance of the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam. Hemubo consists of 10 different working parties, each with their own specialism.

In that case, think of construction engineering, painting, asbestos remediation and installation technology. Due to this broad range of tasks, the company can literally carry out projects independently from A to Z. The construction company itself has approximately 300 employees and also works together with a number of permanent chain partners.

28. Heembouw Holding

Image: Heembouw Holding

De Heembouw Holding is a so-called design builder, which means that you can step in with a global idea, after which all your construction concerns – from the initial design to final delivery and maintenance – can be taken over from you. The company specializes in creating construction projects where people want to spend their time.

In its approach, Heembouw Holding tries to outperform competitors by offering high added value and being distinctive. The result of this approach: the successful completion of countless homes, offices and business premises in, among others, the Westend planning area in Roelofarendsveen and Let’s Go West in Schiedam.

29. Hurks Group

Image: Hurks Group

The Hurks Group has been around since 1916. The first tentative steps in the construction world were taken in Eindhoven at the time. The company has now become an integral part of Dutch construction. Hurks’ main working area runs practically parallel to the A2 between Amsterdam and Maastricht.

Along this important highway, the construction company has now completed countless construction and maintenance projects, ranging from homes to commercial buildings. In their own words, the strength of the Hurk Group’s success lies mainly in the open and intensive way of working together with large and small clients.

30. Coen Hagedoorn Construction Group

Image: Coen Hagedoorn Bouwgroep

De Coen Hagedoorn Bouwgroep is a family business that was founded in 1974. The company has a positive reputation, among other things, for its short internal lines, which means that it is possible to switch quickly. This is partly due to the fact that the construction group has more than 20 small-scale local branches, which know exactly what is going on in the region.

The branches are managed from the head office in Huizen in North Holland. De Coen Hagedoorn Bouwgroep is an all-round construction company that can handle the complete process from design and engineering to implementation and maintenance for its customers.

Overview of the largest construction companies in the Netherlands

Number Name Founded in Revenue
1 Royal BAM Group 1869 7.2 billion
2 VolkerWessels 1854 5.7 billion
3 Royal Boskalis 1910 2.3 billion
4 Strukton 1908 1.9 billion
5 TBI Holdings 1982 1.7 billion
6 Van Oord 1868 1.5 billion
7 Heijmans 1923 1.4 billion
8 Dura Vermeer 1998 1.2 billion
9 Van Wijnen Group 1907 820 million
10 Ballast Nedam 1877 740 million


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