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Train your intuition with the tarot


The tarot has proved to be the ideal instrument for me to mirror and confirm my intuition. It is very important to feel which deck suits you.

In a very distant past I bought a bundle of Madame Lenormand with a – unimaginative – rather complicated instruction book that instantly destroyed my beginning interest. It ended up somewhere in the back of a chest of drawers, where it stayed for years…

by Neske Beks

Until I bought my Crowley tarot deck seven years ago , quite shortly after my first tarot teacher had me and her other students immediately – without any basic knowledge – lay and interpret the tarot during my first tarot lesson.

More than that, the Cups indicate emotions, the Swords mental issues, the Rods soul processes and the Discs material, tangible things, the A4 sheet we got from her did not mention.

She challenged us to act intuitively and to oracle. I was shocked when I read the cards for my classmate who also became my first client. Despite her affirmative words and response, I could hardly believe that my lecture made sense…Tarot

The search for the right deck

The right choice of deck is perhaps the most important: a tarot deck should inspire you and mirror what you feel consciously or unconsciously. It is a mirror of your subconscious, a guideline in everyday life and a handle in the maze of stimuli and emotions that sometimes overcome HSPs.

I myself still lay with Crowley : it is my favorite deck but even after years of laying tarot for myself and others, the deck remains a real study in terms of symbolism.

The classic deck – The Rider Waite tarot – is not my favorite. Graphically, this deck is definitely the easiest to interpret, but the graphics are too Euro-centric and anecdotal for me. Yet this deck gave me the right depth when I felt I was not progressing further in my study of the more abstract and complicated Crowley deck.

My drawer of tarot decks now has dozens of bundles of which the Osho Zen Tarot is my favorite these days, because this deck is the easiest to interpret.

Perhaps because it is soft and contemplative in its messages. The images of Ma Deva Padma are also easy for beginners to understand and the deck comes with a simple manual that makes it easy for even the novice to lay the tarot and gain more insight into the Here and Now.
So if you are considering purchasing a deck, here are a few tips:

Getting to know the tarot

  • ♥Find an online deck that appeals to you and draw a card online every day for a week
  • ♥ write down daily in a notebook what you feel about the drawn card and first interpret the card yourself, before you read the meaning attributed to the website
  • ♥Do the images appeal to you? do the images make you curious? do you feel all kinds of stories arise within yourself?

If you answer these three questions positively, you may just have found your true deck.
Buying a new deck, I experience as a very important step, which I take ample time and attention for every time.

Buy your first deck of your own if your heart is eager to buy a deck in tangible form (card-laying with real cardboard tarot cards tells a different story than online card-laying). Personally, I like to buy my decks from a store where some of the decks can be felt as test samples, so that I can feel if the energy of the cards resonates positively with mine.

For the first few weeks, lay out one or two cards every day that you study thoroughly for a few minutes and then write down what you see, feel and think you can interpret without any further card knowledge.This experienced and unbiased writing lays a foundation and foundation of intuitive knowledge that will give you a lot of advantage and self-confidence in later lectures.

‘Eagere’ types like me have a hard time not dealing with more cards a day and ignoring the manual. Still, it is really better for your intuitive knowledge of your cards to take the first steps consciously without entering into theoretical knowledge.

As with everything in life, the first, pure impressions are only for the first time. They are magical, untainted and not layered with theoretical knowledge. There is a direct connection to your source and your ability to oracle.

Yes, seven years after my first tarot lesson, I fully support the way I was introduced to the cards I learned in my first lesson.

Learning to interpret your deck intuitively at first is the best way to get to the source of the tarot and your own wisdom. Study of symbolism is only suitable at a later stage.


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