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Transform your self-image – become the best version of yourself


A limited self image

When I was six years old, I decided one Sunday morning to sell the grapes from our garden. I went to the houses in the neighborhood with my brother. We sold almost nothing and I concluded: I can’t do it.

When I registered with the Chamber of Commerce as a career coach 31 years later, I did not see myself as an entrepreneur. I worked from home and consciously called myself independent. After ten years of paid employment, I mainly wanted freedom.

A turnaround

It was only years later that I was able to look at this differently and see that entrepreneurship had been in me from an early age. It also runs in my family on both sides, it turned out. I realized that I had kept myself small for a long time because I thought I couldn’t do it. After ten years of being independent, I stopped. It was time for something different.

I started doing and trying new things. I developed a vision of finding work in this time and organized major events. By following my drive and approaching people, I overcame my old conclusion and healed my self-image. This released a powerful energy.

Your deeper lifestream

I have noticed, everything revolves around energy. I am forced to only do things that give me energy, otherwise I will burn out. I have learned how to move with that which has energy and to let go of other things. This is how I get into the flow,  and into my deeper life stream.

I gradually realize my potential of talents and do what I am here for . Since 2015 as an entrepreneur. Now I rent my own workspace, where there is enough space to be creative together. Because that helps to tap into the source of energy within yourself. This is how I guide people who want to do what they are here for.

New opportunities and possibilities

I want to help others with what I have learned. ​Because, however unique my path may be, there are universal aspects to it. It is about expanding your self-image, overcoming obstacles and seeing and utilizing new opportunities and possibilities.

Prerequisites for becoming who you are:

  • let go of fears and obstacles, free yourself from your comfort zone
  • feel what gives you energy and what costs energy, make choices
  • develop your untapped talents, go do new things

Transformation Process

Transform your self-image – become the best version of yourselfBecoming who you are and doing what you are there for is not as easy done as said. It’s a process that takes time. At the moment we are supported in this by the cosmos. I see people all around me in a process of transformation .

Sometimes it gets intense. People get sick, or the relationship goes into crisis, or things really don’t go well at work. There is a message in all of this, it is the time to realize your potential. How do you see yourself and your opportunities? I know from experience, broaden your self-image and you expand your possibilities.

Listen to your feelings

Our body demands attention, our circumstances demand a response. My tip is, listen first and then take action. Be true to your gut feeling, because that’s who you are. What’s your head doing? Is it trying to keep everything as it is, or is it willing to think along? This cover is perhaps the biggest.

We are invited, sometimes urged, to stand still, turn inward and listen to the signals. And to then take steps towards our new future, towards a correct self-image and the best version of ourselves. We get the chance. It’s up to us to grab it.

Finally an encouragement. Know that you are not alone and that the cosmos supports you. So if you don’t see how to proceed, ask for help.


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