Transformation of self-healing on an emotional deeper level

Transformation of self-healing on an emotional deeper level

Against all odds, Yama Voorhorst transformed her disorder into a gift, just when the treatments seemed to no longer work. Her story is an inspiration for those who struggle with mental health problems or who encounter obstacles in the process of self-healing. How did Yama’s transformation begin and what can we learn from her? Besides more rest, good nutrition, and meditation, what can you do to make your own transformation to a higher level?

Healing Process

The most important thing for a real transformation was my changed mindset, caused by the changes on much deeper levels: emotionally, in my mind and soul.

The point where I reclaimed that I was ultimately the one making the decisions about my own body was a very crucial step in my healing processAfter all, no one felt better than me about what was really going on in my body. I was allowed to really trust my own gut feeling and intuition again.

Transformation of self-healing on an emotional deeper level

If there’s one thing I want to share with you, it might be this: no matter how sick and vulnerable you are, make sure you always make your own decisions. Find out different treatments and approaches and go with the one you really feel good about and trust. Here you can, whatever everyone says, completely on your own feeling off. If it doesn’t feel right, keep looking – the practitioner is there for you, not the other way around.

Make sure that you remain the manager of your own body at all times and do not hand over the responsibility to experts. Listen to the experts, use the expertise you don’t have, respect them for it and then make your own decision based on your gut feeling.

Victim mindset

I realized that I had been stuck in a victim mindset for a long time. For many years of my life, I had been told that I had a disorder that I had to learn to live with. I was just ‘born’ with (the predisposition for) a disease. There is a whole range of biological, psychological, and environmental factors that ultimately determine whether such a ‘possibility in your genes’ actually manifests itself in your life, and apparently, I had been very unlucky.

Transformation of self-healing on an emotional deeper level

Not wanting to ‘give in’ to my illness, I had always tried to get over everything. Because of this I had become accustomed to the feelings of pain and resistance in my body. For years I have been walking around with a severe headache almost continuously, which I did not want to listen to. I tried to suppress him with pills and kept going, afraid I wouldn’t get anywhere else. It made me angry that I couldn’t live up to my abilities.

In my view, accepting that I was ill was equivalent to passively resigning myself to it. But I couldn’t be said not to do my best!

Sitting at home behind closed curtains and my physical symptoms telling me for the umpteenth time that I was seriously out of balance, I realized that it was crucial that I finally take those messages from my body seriously. Not by continuing to ‘treat’ them and taking pills against them, but by listening to my body and my heart. It was time for a rigorous change in mindset.

Tuning into my own inner needs

When I finally really made my own plan, it was still short-term thinking and I didn’t realize how much impact it would have. The unconscious intelligence behind our behavior is more powerful than we think: by changing mentally, I changed the circumstances around me. In retrospect, tuning in to my own inner needs, making contact with my gut feeling, and the deep primal feeling in my womb (the place where we as women are connected to the collective, universal feminine wisdom) have been the most important steps in my transformation process.

Transformation of self-healing on an emotional deeper level

By actually listening to myself and gradually changing the way I thought about myself and my health, my mind started working with my body again. Something that has proved crucial to my healing.


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