Transformation process: are you open to new possibilities?

Transformation process: are you open to new possibilities?

You are much more than you think and you can do much more. We are in a special transition. In this article, you can read tips on how to discover and develop new possibilities in yourself. You are continuously in a process of change. Every person can develop possibilities such as self-healing, intuitive knowing, and clear seeing. Once you really start with that, you will naturally get the hang of it and you will continue to develop. The sky’s the limit. But how do you get into such a flow of development?

Be open

We have forgotten the childlike in ourselves, the openness to the miracle of life and to development. Our ego protects us from past hurts and keeps us in our comfort zone. The ego also wants to protect us from disappointments by adjusting expectations downwards or by rejecting them completely: act normal, that is not possible.

It is therefore important first of all to be inquisitive and open to new possibilities. To break free from the idea that you already know everything and have already tried everything or that something is not working for you. What did you ever say: I’ll never do that again!’? Which chapter did you deliberately close? Consider whether that should continue to apply. The desire to discover new things and to continue to grow spiritually is in our souls and in our genes. And that’s where our capabilities are hidden.

See who you really are

How you look at yourself also determines how you stand in life. You are not who you think you are, you are much more powerful. But as humans, we are usually afraid of our strength and prefer to stay in the chaos of our cocoon. Until there is no other way.

Transformation process: are you open to new possibilities?

You are not only your mind, you also have a soul and a deeper intuitive knowing. You are not an ugly caterpillar or cocoon, you are a sensitive creature evolving to the next stage. In my book ‘Who am I really?’ I describe five phases that you can go through from unconscious to conscious.

Dare to feel

We suppress feelings of fear and anger, among other things, because they are not allowed to be there. But then we also suppress the feeling of self-love and passion. You need self-love to be able to develop, it is the basis. Then there is contact with your body and passion and energy can flow through your body. With this, you learn to recognize synchronicity (apparent coincidences that help you further) and you achieve flow in your life!

Learn to listen

How do you know what your new possibilities are? Are you wondering what wants to happen in your life You feel at the right moment from your desire what is the right thing to do. It is not possible to foresee everything in advance. You can, however, dare to trust your intuition and take the first step outside your comfort zone. Then the next step becomes clear again.


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