Transforming Heaviness: The Three Stages of a Lighter Life

Transforming Heaviness: The Three Stages of a Lighter Life

What is lighter living? And most importantly, how do you do that? The way I look at it, lighter living is a simplification of lighter living. In short, you live in a way that brings you closer and closer to your enlightenment, with the result that you -and with it your life- become ever lighter. And I’m not (just) talking about physical pounds.


Lighter life means that you start living more consciously, transforming more and more ‘ballast’, and that you get more and more clear about what you wanted to achieve with your birth here on earth. We all have a higher purpose, a mission or soul mission that we were born with. That goal is very difficult to experience from the conditioned version of yourself. And therein lies the key to a lighter life: in your conditioning.

Every person is conditioned. That process started at the very beginning of your consciousness, many lifetimes ago. You are conditioned by events, by traumas, by beliefs you have gained along the way, or adopted from other people. That conditioning is also called karma. It has no clearly identifiable beginning and the end is far from in sight, no one knows how many lives will follow after this life.


Your conditioning has many layers. There is social conditioning, physical conditioning, personality conditioning, emotional conditioning, mental conditioning, and spiritual conditioning. It’s about letting go of those conditions more and more.

That starts with realizing that you are not your body, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, memories, karma, or even your soul, but something bigger than that. In reality, you are one with all that is, and the part of you that is one is called your Spirit, or I AM. Someone who fully realizes that he or she lives in oneness, rather than being a separate individual, is also called enlightened or realized. Self-realization is therefore about unification.

“The Paradox of the Path: There Is No Path and Yet We Must Walk It.”

The complicated thing is that every person is already enlightened. There is no other way: after all, you are already one with all that is. The separation from the whole is an illusion that your (unconsciously) self maintains. For this reason, there are countless step-by-step plans from ancient times that lead to self-realization. I call Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta (non-dualism), Gnosis, Sufism, and Kabbalah. They all start from the principle that you are already enlightened and they describe this great paradox. I developed the following quote about it for a number of years: The Paradox of the Path.

“The Paradox of the Path: There Is No Path and Yet We Must Walk It.”

So it is about realizing that you are an enlightened spiritual being, having a human experience made up of conditioning. If you peel off those layers of existence, you -and with it your life- will become lighter. After all, your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. When you change inside, your life changes with you.

How do you do that? Physically through yoga and nutrition, emotionally through trauma healing and self-love, mentally through belief transformation and positive thoughts, and spiritually through clearing karma from past lives and soul imprints. I’m going to be a little breezy here and there’s a lot more to say about it, but I’m just trying to get you the idea. The peeling off of those layers makes you more and more let go of who you are not and therefore realize more and more who you really are.

Lighter life has three phases

1. Awareness

In this phase, it is about becoming aware of your identification with your conditioning. For example, through meditation practice, yoga, exercise, Metta (universal love) and compassion practice, visiting realized teachers, reading books, and watching videos and movies about awareness and spirituality.

You can also adjust your diet in this phase, eat more vegetables and fruit, leave out meat (low vibration), drink a lot of water, and reduce sugar, coffee, and composite carbohydrates. What is also nice: is sauna visits, massages, colonics, and fasting cures. All to release toxins and body conditioning and leave your body feeling light and vital. Reiki treatments, aura cleansing, and chakra balancing are also recommended.

Transforming Heaviness: The Three Stages of a Lighter Life

In addition, inspiration is also very important. Classical music, 432-hertz music, art, and expression such as dance are of great help. Ultimately, this phase is about making the vibration of the consciousness that you are as wide as possible. This will create a bed for phase 2.

2. Transformation

In this phase, everything that applies in phase 1 applies. You’re just going deeper now. In this life, in your youth, for example, you have suffered traumas and blockages. Added to this are the traumas and blockages from other lives. In addition, you are a multidimensional being and you are subject to (sometimes very dark) influences from “outside”. Think of entities, aura lifters, implants, and energy parasites.

Also in this and other lifetimes, you have adopted many beliefs from others, developed personalities that are not authentic and parts of you are stuck in other ages, your inner children. Also, your soul consciousness, your cellular memory, and your ancestral memory are full of imprints of painful events in other realities, dimensions, and incarnations. We refer to all of the foregoing by “pieces”.

Transforming Heaviness: The Three Stages of a Lighter Life

This phase is all about transforming your pieces. In such a way you actually learn the karmic lessons they carry. If you don’t, pieces can come back. Even the most painful and dark part of your subconscious is there for a reason and is there for love. No matter how hard that can be sometimes.

Transformation of pieces can be done with various methods. I have explored over 33 of them in the past 11 years, often undergoing them extensively over years and becoming a therapist, healer, or practitioner in them. My favorite methods are regression & reincarnation therapy, The Altazar Rossiter method, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and, how could it be otherwise, the Bridgeman method. All methods that can sustainably transform deeply rooted pieces. Ultimately, this phase is about clearing and transforming emotionally, mentally and spiritually what you are not. Who you really are can now manifest through you much more easily.

3. Soul Manifestation

In this phase, everything that applies in phases 1 and 2 applies because the awareness and transformation processes continue. By laying the bed in phases 1 and 2 you can now proceed to soul manifestation.

In phase 1 you have already noticed that there is more and more synchronicity in your life. You think of someone and suddenly they call. You want something and it is suddenly there. Suddenly, incredible opportunities come your way.

By clearing up in phase 2, that synchronicity only increases. Why? Because you transform and release conditioning. Those inauthentic parts of you, which have arisen over the course of your lives, attract a reality to match. By letting go of them, you are also letting go of parts of your reality. As inside, so outside.

Transforming Heaviness: The Three Stages of a Lighter Life

I regularly experience that after transformation people no longer resonate with their partner, a friend, or a pet. You will find that you have entered many of your relationships from your conditioning and not from your authentic self; your Spirit. The more conditioning you let go of, the closer you get to your Spirit. The good news is that transformed people often “suddenly” encounter new people who feel like long-lost brothers, sisters, friends, and soul mates. I often say: You can’t know what you want if you don’t know who you are.

You can’t know what you want if you don’t know who you are.

By that, I mean that as long as you are heavily conditioned and you identify with that, your dreams, passions, and desires also come from those conditions. When you transform your conditions, suddenly space is created for your real dreams, passions, and desires to manifest: your soul passions and soul desires.

Transformation Process

The closer you get to your Spirit, the clearer the blueprint you had at the beginning of this life becomes. You become more and more the child you used to be.

I will never forget that years ago I asked one of my oldest friends if he thought I had changed after my transformation process. He replied: “Robert, do you realize that you have become the way you were as a child?”

You literally become yourself again. Your most authentic self. From your authenticity, you can now feel what really suits you. What did you really come to do on this planet in this incarnation? And then the process of manifesting your soul mission begins.

Transforming Heaviness: The Three Stages of a Lighter Life

These three phases are not linear. They are intertwined and they will continue to do so. After 11 years I still practice all three phases almost every day. Then again very intensive, then a bit more relaxed. By going through these phases again and again, you notice that your life is becoming lighter and that you are becoming more and more authentic. You will follow your heart and do what you came for. The Universe will work with you and you will meet beautiful people, get magical opportunities and live happier and more complete lives.

It doesn’t stop after these phases. In fact, that’s just when it starts. Ultimately, it’s about becoming one with who you really are. These phases are steps in the right direction, but you will also let them go later in the process. Because there will come a time when you can let go of everything. A moment when there is no striving, desire, or mission anymore. When you find that moment, you realize yourself as an enlightened being. I have not found it yet, although I have had glimpses into it through various lighting experiences.


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