Triggers: do you go along with your emotions or do you choose for yourself?

Triggers: do you go along with your emotions or do you choose for yourself?
We all have to deal with ‘triggers’, especially in these uncertain times. Something happens and before you know it, you react emotionally. The question is: do you go along with the drama or do you let it go, out of love for yourself? Life isn’t always easy, but you can choose how you deal with it.

You will receive the lessons that will make you bigger, stronger and better.


This is a time when many people experience triggers. All it takes is one thing to happen and someone is already standing on their ass. It may sound crazy, but this is what must be done collectively. We all deal with triggers and the question is: how do you deal with them?

You can go along with emotion or you can leave it with the other person. That’s exactly what it’s about: leave it to the other person. If you take another person’s emotions with you, you end up having yourself with them. It is important to recognize that we are all responsible for our own emotions. Every time you are aware of this, you take another step towards awareness. And with awareness comes the process of healing. We all have to go through this because somewhere there are still old beliefs that can be released.

Triggers: do you go along with your emotions or do you choose for yourself?

Stand in your power

It is important that you stay in your own power. Keep believing what you stand for and what you believe in. Since we have all already transitioned to the higher frequencies of the earth, the 5D world, it is important to see where you can use the last remnants of healing. Without judgment, conviction, or expectation. It’s just a process you’re in right now. If you have a judgment about it, you lock yourself again. You make a conviction with it, which you can then tackle again. It’s like being on a rerun of an old show.

This too shall pass… Realize that everything happens exactly as it should. We can go with the energy of the moment. No more resistance, but go with the flow. It won’t always be easy, but haven’t we already had enough to deal with that we initially thought we couldn’t handle? The universe doesn’t just give you lessons. You chose your soul path long before you were born. You will eventually get the lessons that make you bigger, stronger, and better.

Everything will come into balance if you give and allow yourself the time. It is about always choosing yourself in love and realizing that self-love is the key to the whole ascension process.

Choose for yourself

Be kind to yourself (and others): in your actions, but also in your thoughts. Be an example for yourself and for others. You can only bring about a change in this world if you want to find the balance. Have faith in what life brings you and surrender to it. Life may not always be a bed of roses, but you can choose how you handle everything. Have faith in yourself and the process and know that better times are coming. We will always get our lessons in life, but you will learn to deal with them better and better.

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You are good, it is good, everything is good as it is and is going exactly as it should be. The sun comes out from behind the cloud again, because we were never meant to suffer for a lifetime. Keep working on yourself and become your own best friend again. Make healthy choices for yourself, out of love for yourself, and do those things that make you happy. Do not go along with the drama of people or situations that trigger you at the moment, because this too will pass.

You can choose yourself: do I go with it, do I stay in it? Or do I let it go out of love for myself? Create your own reality in love and you will automatically see the change.

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