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Trump as personification of the Shadow

shock therapy

If you try to see social developments from a higher angle and see the big picture, you may see the unexpected election of Trump as president of the most powerful country in the world. Perhaps it is an inevitable step in the awakening process of humanity. If Trump represents our shadow side, both of each individual and of Western society as a whole, then his role on the global stage is no accident and serves a higher purpose; as a kind of shock therapy, towards a more enlightened society.

On Earth, everything is subject to the principle of duality: everything has its downside and sometimes we have to experience extreme one side and then lean back to the other side to end up in the middle.

Back to the 60s

From Trump’s choice of the people he gathers around him in positions of power, we can see that the statements made during his campaign were not empty slogans and that it will certainly not be easy in practice. Racists, gay haters and climate deniers; billionaires and crafty businessmen; narcissists and sexists are going to rule and may bring America back into the 50s to 70s atmosphere.

The time of the cold war , the arms race and threat of the atomic bomb, the pitting of populations against each other, hatred and violence against the black population, the war in Vietnam: it was a dark period in American history, where not for nothing a violent reaction followed. The rise of the alternative spiritual community started there.The west coast of California was a breeding ground for new, revolutionary ideas and attracted people who resisted the narrow-minded climate of the time.

All kinds of alternative therapies and lifestyles were developed. Spiritual movements, influenced by Eastern philosophy and religion, Indian gurus, artists and scientists who questioned the dogmas of their field had a lot of influence. It was an outburst of creativity and innovation, in response to a time when people were afraid and felt trapped and oppressed by those in power who tried to suppress any protest.

Until that was no longer possible and the protests against the Vietnam War became so massive that a social shift on a large scale could no longer be prevented.

Ban the bomb

trump ban the bomb
demonstration in Hyde park 1985

I myself consciously experienced this time in my youth. I walked in protest marches (“ Ban the bomb”) against the atomic bomb and felt like half a hippie when I went on a two-year trip in the late 1960s, hitchhiking with primus and tent on my back. At the time, many felt it was inescapable that the bomb would fall today or tomorrow and that gave a strange sense of carelessness about the future: it probably wasn’t there anyway, so you had better do what you felt like at the time. .

Of course, that wasn’t the case for everyone. The vast majority of the population just dutifully did what they were supposed to do and walked neatly into line. But apparently a critical mass of young people from the post-war generation had emerged, which ultimately ensured that many of their ideals became reality: more individual and sexual freedom,more equality between the sexes and different walks of life and less respect for the ruling class. There was also interest in immaterial things as a response to thinking in terms of money and status. It was at that time not done to find money important.

Of course there was a counter-reaction to that enormous outburst of freedom, as always is the case. In the 1980s, when unemployment was rampant, it became a status symbol to have a good job with a good income, very different from before. Making money (again) became a life goal.

The Undertow

Actually, since the 1950s/60s, there has been an undercurrent of people who want to live differently, resist the prevailing norms and values ​​​​and that is getting stronger. Part of the strength of this movement, individual freedom and being averse to structures, is also its weakness, because they remain individuals who usually do not organize themselves and do not cooperate much.

Yet this more spiritual undercurrent is more powerful than you think and is increasingly affecting the mainstream, albeit slowly. But the fact that yoga and meditation, for example, have become fully established says something about the influence of this movement. The New Age children, who are coming to Earth in increasing numbers, will have a lot of influence on this process of change.(See also my previous article: The HSP Experiment and the New Earth. )

The shadow

Since the psychiatrist CG Jung Introducing the concept of Shadow in the first half of the last century as the side of our being that has remained unexposed because we find it unacceptable, we are increasingly aware of how important it is for our spiritual development to learn this shadow side to integrate ourselves. If we want to heal ourselves, it is vital that we face and accept that part of us that is maladjusted, so that we can be who we really are, without having to make anything of ourselves taboo.

For that we will have to bring that shadow into the light, look at it and recognize it. Only then can we integrate and transform it, so that we can appropriate the power and beauty that it also contains.But many spiritually inclined people have the greatest difficulty recognizing and accepting their shadow sides.

They only want to see the good in themselves and others and are shocked when they come into contact with the less beautiful sides of existence. But if we want peace on Earth, then at least we have to be at peace with ourselves, just as we are.

Could it be that Trump is going to play the role of Shadow, or “Evil”, for us and for society as a whole? He shows the dark sides of Western society, without apologies, open and exposed and greatly magnified, so that we can take a very good look at it. But no doubt it will also provoke a powerful counter-reaction and make the undertow stronger.

It can also have the effect that the establishment can no longer ignore the excesses and perverse sides of our open, democratic, capitalist society and realize that one thing belongs to the other, as long as we put our self-interest as the guiding principle. use principle.

The personal is political

In the meantime, we can (continue to) investigate which social changes can lead to a more balanced and fairer society. The discussion about basic income is a good example of this. Changes come from below; like moles, we increasingly undermine existing relationships.

When we increasingly start living from our heart, in connection with ourselves, the other and the earth, we will be able to bring about the necessary changes. “The personal is political” was said in the 1970s. That statement is more current than ever. Your consciousness process is essential for the emergence of the New Earth. In this way, we will eventually form a critical mass that can cause a tipping point.If your struggles make you despondent from time to time, it’s good to realize that.


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