Turn off those dripping taps!

Turn off those dripping taps!
At this time of year, when it’s dark early, cold and bleak, our energy supply seems to be dwindling faster than usual. In spring and summer, our battery is usually better charged, thanks to the heat and light from the sun.

Energy supply

But our energy supply is not only running out sooner because the weather looks bleaker, but also because we – often unnoticed – are constantly suffering from leakages. Like a faucet that loses water by dripping, we lose precious strength by resisting what is. Sure, I’ll be the first to challenge you to change what in your life you can’t accept. But some situations and people are just the way they are.

Active or passive resistance to it is like pulling a dead horse: you will be exhausted and the return will be zero. What it does bring you is a lot of stress, anger, and frustration, which makes you even more fierce in your resistance and ends up in an ugly vicious circle. Talk about bothering yourself.

Turn off those dripping taps!

Negative energy

That is why I invite you to see for yourself whether you are such a dripping tap. Do you keep struggling with visits to your mother-in-law that you really don’t feel like, because she’s always so negative? Do you regularly say ‘yes’, when you really mean a wholehearted ‘no’? Would you prefer to have your loved one(s) undergo a total transformation so that you are satisfied with him/her/them?

Do you do things because you find them enjoyable or just out of a burning sense of guilt? In all of these examples, an affirmative answer is a sign that your faucet is leaking somewhere. And if you answered ‘yes’ to all questions, your bathtub will already overflow. A real water leak would cost you money, in this case, it will cost you your health in the long run.

So do you have someone close to you who never even bothers to answer your thoughtful emails/texts/letters (which I assume for the sake of convenience that you are not a scary stalker)? Don’t call, text, or – even worse – email again in anger, because 1. that will cause your blood pressure to rise through the ceiling; 2. it is meaningless; 3. it will cost you a mountain of negative energy as high as Mont Blanc.


Turn off those dripping taps!

Instead, you stop your self-flagellation by fixing the leak – you accept that your messages will never be answered – and then firmly turn off the tap by not expending a speck of your precious energy on informing or towards someone apparently there. not waiting. This way you get guaranteed results without cutting or breaking.

If you systematically go through your life in search of energy-guzzling moments/persons and resolutely turn off the tap wherever it drips, you will see that your stock of zest for life will increase in the long run. Because in this area you can, no, you even have to have a healthy portion of selfishness. After all, it is in everyone’s interest that you proudly remain upright and preferably also have positive energy left over to invest in yourself.

You are well worth it to love yourself. So do yourself a big favor and turn off those dripping faucets one by one.


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