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Twin Flame Healing and Reconnection

Your soul contracts have to do with healing and closure, letting go of past life karma through forgiveness. If you commit to an experience that aims to bring healing, it will be with someone with whom you have a strong soul connection.

At the moment this is being experienced with twin flame relationships, souls with whom you once incarnated and from whom you were separated in the beginning of time, and with whom you have tried in many lifetimes to reunite.

At one point you both took different paths and now you have made the choice to either reconnect to be together or take a different path further. You have been ordered to reunite at this time, but what each of you decides determines whether you stay together or whether there will be a final separation.

Each soul chooses the path for its path to the Light. Some take the short cut, others take a much longer one. With your twin flame, your soul desire may be to bring healing and reconnect, but you may be able to make a different choice.

In each lifetime you prepare for reunification and eventual healing, but one of them takes a different path. So he promises to try again later, in a later life. Their healing journey is unfinished and requires more lives, more experiences and more opportunities to accept healing and reconnection.

Perhaps you remember your lifetimes where you have been presented with this opportunity to reconnect on a soul level. Your emotional memory again evokes the pain and disappointment and the hope that things will be different in the next life.

You take every opportunity to be together because you hope for the emotional fulfillment you seek on a human level, and also for a reconnection you seek on a soul level.

While you believe that your twin flame is the only one that can bring this kind of healing, you are on a new vibration and can invite a new twin flame to share your journey with you, then let go of the other so that it can take its own path. follow.

You have had many lives with your twin flames, and each of them had opportunities to reunite. In each of these journeys, you promise each other to complete the cycle, but that doesn’t mean you will reunite and move forward together.

When you lift your vibration you are on a new path to the Light and to being whole. Your twin flame may join you, but it may not. You can find all emotional and spiritual wholeness within yourself, creating new soul contracts with a twin flame that matches your vibration.

Give yourself the gift of healing and closure, allow others to complete their healing journey themselves and allow yourself to find the joy and fulfillment you desire with someone who truly and deeply wants to take this journey with you .


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