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Twin Flames as Holy 3 Unity

It seems that there is a lot going on between twin flames right now. That was the case about two years ago. In the coming year a lot will happen between these soul connections. But what if there turns out to be a third soul ? Twin souls as holy 3 unity.

Finally together?

If you are both not ready or if you are simply not meant to be together, you are not together. It’s that simple. Everything is going according to some ‘higher plan’. Everything is always exactly as it should be. You will not be able to fathom that higher plan from human feelings and thoughts. So do not sit and worry, be impatient and force that there must be a meeting. That will cause you to experience a lot of frustrations and you will not get any further.

Trust the bigger plan. That doesn’t mean you should sit still and wait… 😉


Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that ‘the other’ still has a lot to learn and that you are already ready for it. Because then it can take a long time before understanding what can be learned. That way you keep blocking the energy yourself. Basically it is about your personal growth, which ultimately creates the evolution of the soul.

Your twin flame is mainly there to help you remember that, and vice versa of course! You don’t need to be in a relationship for that. As long as you focus on “being in a relationship,” you feel frustrations. Precisely because the attraction to each other is so enormous.The confusion is that your attraction is not physical, but from your soul, and in that enormous feeling it is difficult to distinguish. It is your soul that wants to go through the processes….

Flow of life lessons

Stay open to it and receive the lessons with confidence that present themselves. Then the process continues to flow. In this whole process of life lessons and growing pains, a situation of attraction and repulsion arises.

Twin flames who went through a violent shedding process two years ago have probably learned a lot in the past two years separately. although…. apart from each other…. that’s just physical, of course. You are always connected in the energy.

It could just be that you will meet again next year; it ‘hangs in this year’s energy’ to once again take up the challenge of building a friendship, collaboration or love affair. But will it work this time? That depends on several factors!twin souls

Energetic Cords

Have you ever done the exercise to loosen energetic cords? You can also do that to ‘disconnect’ your twin flame. The cords that you then break are old, energy-guzzling cords that keep repeating the old processes. You probably don’t want to repeat old processes, so I highly recommend it. You don’t have to be afraid that you will become detached from your twin flame, or lose him or her.

On the contrary! On the contrary, you clean up old ballast in order to be able to enter into a process yourself and to meet each other later with a clean slate, or clean cords. As far as ‘the slate is clean’ of course. It all depends on what there is still to learn, discover and grow in life. Loosening energetic negative cordsin any case brings you closer to yourself and therefore automatically closer to your twin soul.

Eternal love?

In any case, get rid of the romanticized image that you have to come together with your twin soul and live happily in an eternal relationship. You are already together/connected. So that doesn’t have to happen anymore. Let go of the romanticized image; Just letting go of that alone will help you make the lessons feel a little less painful.

Otherwise you will get stuck in a kind of expectation pattern, which becomes incredibly frustrating as long as there is no ‘relationship’. The eternal love that exists between you is actually with yourself. Do you already love yourself? Then start with that! That’s lesson 1 and the basis for everything.

For years

You may have been married to your twin flame for a long time. “Long” is fifteen, twenty years or more. Twenty years ago we had never heard of the phenomenon of twin flames, but that doesn’t matter of course; you can still get together. If you have been married to your twin flame for so long, the beginning of your relationship has had certain characteristics:

You met through the twist of fate, or very special turn of life.
At first you didn’t like this type (or your partner didn’t like you).
You weren’t even very much in love, but it did feel safe and complete or vice versa.
Your partner was very much in love and very sure of his/her affair or vice versa.

Your relationship can be described as follows: you have a lot of ups and downs, attraction and repulsion. But you can’t really let go. Your relationship is in any case very instructive in terms of awareness. On all fronts.


The twin of your twin soul as a 3-unit

But what if there is another (part of) your twin soul of yours walking around on earth right now? Is that possible? Yes, that’s possible! Then you form a holy 3 unity together. Don’t romanticize it right now, because you don’t have to have a relationship with your ‘second’ twin flame at all. You can, but you really don’t have to.

You sometimes see 3 people living together in a polyamorous relationship . It could be a twin flame 3 unit. But doesn’t have to be. Through the third person, who is also a twin flame, the old karma comes to light which may still be healed between the two of you (your current relationship). Because of all the mirrors it can also cause a lot of rivalry and thus break many old patterns that have become entrenched.

When you are between two twin souls, you will recognize that those two people together have the qualities to feel complete with the three of you. One has this which is very much awakened in you and the other again that. If you had to choose between these two, you really can’t.

Because because of the choice you always have the feeling that you have to miss something that is also super important to you. You prefer to have intensive contact with both! Again, it doesn’t have to be a love affair! This often involves developing talents and/or awareness to work out collective karma.

Intense Life Lessons

I see a twin flame relationship as an intensive awareness and life lessons relationship. To heal your own soul and everything that goes with it, all your soul fragments. Precisely because so much feeling comes and flows from deep within, a lot of ‘old junk’ also comes to light through all the reflections of your twin soul. The things that were completely entrenched in your system by your upbringing, your ancestors’ emotional legacy, your soul lessons, and your mission to come to Earth at this time of the century are surfacing.

Because you feel so much, you are challenged to do something with it. You can imagine that when you are between two twin souls, the lessons come in extra intensive. Apparently that is necessary to be able to make a huge leap in the awareness of your soul. Apparently, as a unit of 3, all those hundreds or thousands of times that you were on Earth at once, you have built up many memories, not had the time, opportunity or awareness to ‘learn’ the lessons.

Or maybe it is the case that you have learned it, but now as a 3 unit you release an old collective rusted pattern, with which you simultaneously heal your soul group in the energy in that issue. Since this time is very suitable in terms of energy to get rid of old karma, everything comes at once. Always trust that you will always get what you can wear.

Voluntary choiceNew Age Twin Flames

Taking up your life lessons remains your own voluntary choice, but precisely because of the attraction of your twin soul you are drawn to those life lessons like a magnet. It is actually harder work not to take the lessons than to do it. You naturally go with the flow of energy. You set the pace yourself.

You are made up of the energy of your parents and therefore your ancestors. That means your soul energy resonates with that family line. And so that everyone in your family is a part of your soul. I call that a soul fragment. Together you form the energy of your soul. Hence, family issues can linger in a family for so long.

Generation long. To make it clear: your soul is made up of layers. It is a kind of matryoshka doll; the energy layers are lived by the different ancestors. Your children are also a part of your soul. That is why you immediately feel so much connection and recognition as soon as your children are born.

When you start resolving old family issues in this life, I can assure you that your ancestors are watching, helping and will be very grateful to you. Also your children, by the way, because they will no longer carry this energy with them and with that they can build up a different consciousness.

Anyway, I digress, I started this article with twin flame as a 3-unit.

We can’t really imagine how long there has been life on earth/in the universe. And how long the soul has evolved. I once saw it in a dream: what I saw was that we lived on Earth as a kind of being, neither human nor animal, but a ‘being’.


We had telepathic contact with each other. Very loving by the way. And everything and everyone was equal. At that time there were many types of aquatic creatures and also (aquatic) animals, such as dolphins, whales and orcas.

On land mainly birds. The creatures that lived on land split into two or three. With three parts: two female parts, and one male part or vice versa. It can be a freak of nature, it can also have a special meaning. I don’t have that awareness yet. That information will probably come to me!

What I do know is that everything in the world is made up of three: a positive, negative and neutral pole. That has nothing to do with good or bad, but with energy, balance and proportions.

Without three poles there can be no change, because the neutral pole always eventually takes over the shape of the strongest pole, causing the breakdown. When something is in energy balance, it stays the same. Precisely twin souls from a 3 unity have the tools to make that change. You do need awareness for that!

After that split, part evolved through water as water creatures, and another part evolved as star child in the universe through different phases on planets. So as soul fragments mainly separate from each other.

That split has been the split of your soul. The holy 3 unity. Everything in the universe is made up of 3. Perhaps two parts of your soul evolved as an aquatic animal and one part as stardust. Or vice versa. Or everything via water… That’s why we are all different and yet equal. You can recognize it in yourself where more interest or fear is going.

Already integrated

So it may be that two parts of your soul are already integrated into your ‘body’, and that the third makes you complete as a ‘twin soul’. That’s how most feel it, who have with his or her twin soul. But it can also be the case that no two parts are integrated in you and that you meet two people in this life, of whom you eventually find out that they are both your twin soul.

And then the three of you form a holy 3 unity, without there having to be a love relationship! It can also be a business super-cooperation, where the three of you create great inventions that help humanity further, or a father-mother-child relationship, or 3 sisters….So it is about the deep love feeling to help each other unconditionally in awareness and progress in this life and not so much about romance.

Collective Karma

What I have once felt is dissolving a collective karma: going through an intensive life lesson with your twin flame, involving a large group of people. For example, giving awareness training together that many participants attend.

The participants are released from the same kind of karma through that involvement and the frequency of the energy, because an awareness takes place. This can be experienced both positively and negatively, because a transformation process is initiated in a collective karma, but in the end it always has a ‘redemptive’ effect.

It is also possible that a kind of rivalry arises between twins who already have a love relationship and then the third suddenly joins. One then falls in love or feels very attracted, and the other shoots into stress and resistance. There is clearly still a life lesson to learn, to work out a karma!

Another possibility is that you have met your twin flame (without knowing it) and that he or she has passed away. That you have had enormous grief and therefore also entered an enormous learning process through this situation, which has ultimately brought you where you are now.

That you later discover that it is your twin soul and that you then meet another twin soul after twenty or thirty years. Which can! Even then you are a 3-unit with each other, but then one from the energy and two in a body. So in the matter.

There are so many variations you can think of. It is almost impossible to oversee the possibilities. The universe is very creative!

We don’t know how the agreements were made ‘in heaven’. We can only think as humans and that is quite limited by all our beliefs. We have forgotten what we wanted, wished and/or had to learn and it presents itself by itself. All you can do is continue to trust in the lessons of life. Keep seeing each other as enlightened souls. No matter how difficult twin souls can sometimes make it together.


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