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Twin Flames – find your true spiritual partner

What are twin flames?

A twin soul is 1 split soul divided into two bodies. The two halves are male and female. Twin Flames have lived together a lot in past lives. Everyone on earth has a twin soul.

There are people who have married their twin souls, and that is completely beautiful of course! But it is not necessary and it is not at all necessary to enter into a relationship with your twin soul. There are twin souls who meet and start working together and in the meantime even have an existing relationship with someone else. No problem at all.

Yet there are also people who get their twin soul as a partner especially in this life. They may have been in a relationship beforehand and even married and then at a later date have a new partner who is their twin flame. Twin Flames are there to learn from and complement each other. And there are also people who immediately get their twin flame as a partner.

Twin Flames does not mean that they are both exactly the same. Everyone has their own self and character. Twin Flames think alike and feel each other very well. Together they have 1 thing that the other must complement. Twin souls complement each other. What the other does not have, he/she has and vice versa.

Let me take an example. One half is assertive and empowered and the other half is spiritual. The intention is now that they both transfer this to each other. (the addition to each other) So what one lacks, the other supplements. This way you get the perfect perfection and that is exactly the intention with Twin Flames. You become one together again!

Your twin flame is not just there. When they are both reincarnated here on Earth, they are split. They both gain a lot of experiences during their lives. And only when the time is right can they meet. When they are both ready, they can meet. Never go looking for your twin flame because this is pointless. You may not meet your twin flame until the time is right. If you look for it you will never find it.

As I said, twin flames have lived together a lot in past lives. And not just as a partner! They’ve been everything to each other. Brothers, sisters, Grandpa’s, Grandma’s, Father’s, Mother’s etc. They got to know each other in those lives and after they both died God split them into twin souls.

find your true spiritual partner

The (soul) relationships concern all kinds of relationships between two people, but especially between partners. To gain more understanding, first some definitions.


Relationship ; a bond between two people.

Twin Flame ; two souls (people) who originate from 1 split soul and thus already knew each other during many incarnations. They complement each other and help each other in each other’s development process.

soul mates ; these are people who come from different souls. They have the same lesson to learn on earth and so they are together for some time. Once they “don’t need each other anymore,” this relationship can fall apart.


There are various theories about the origin of mankind, about soul mates/twin souls and about the resulting relationship forms.

These theories can be found in sources of well-known philosophers (Plato) and traditions/movements (early Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Gnosis, Islam, Sufism, Summit Lighthouse). Well-known ‘seers’ (Joseph Rulof, Jacob Lorber and Emanuel Swedenborg) also have their views on soul relationships. By the way, this is what science says about Soulmates

It is striking that a ‘red thread’ is recognizable in this diversity of theories and visions, the greatest common denominator. You see this common thread again and again in books and internet sites about soul relationships.

This ‘red thread’ is as follows

  • There is a primordial source, a divine source, from which all souls spring and to which they someday return.
  • For some reason souls are split in two, in two complementary parts.
  • Those split souls go through growth, awareness processes during many incarnations.
  • The earth appears to be an ideal learning place for this.
  • Each half of the split soul follows its own trajectory, depending on its karma.
  • The desire for union with the separated half is the (unconscious) impulse to becoming aware, because the recognition of the soul partner can only take place when both halves have developed sufficiently.
  • That recognition or fusion is a violent event, irreversible and forever.
  • Afterwards both souls help each other with their further development and with the redemption of karma. This is happening at an accelerated pace due to the joining of forces.
  • As soon as there are no more tasks to perform on earth, the souls no longer have to incarnate and they eventually return to the primal source.twin souls


There are two striking differences about that recognition, or merging with the other half. The question then is who the other half is. Is this indeed a soul mate in human form, whom you meet and with whom that fierce recognition takes place? Or, is it the moment when in each individual the animus (male part) and the anima (female part) have completely come into balance with each other. The moment when you are at peace with yourself in everything and you have nothing more to learn on earth? Opinions on this are divided.

What is interesting is that the theories mentioned are very old and very diverse in nature. Yet there is that ‘red thread’. Is this perhaps an indication of its truth? Or are these theories beautiful stories or legends that can encourage humanity to become aware and grow?

Origin of twin souls

There was once a state (before our existence on Earth) in which all souls were united in a kind of primal source. This primordial source is a state of bliss, which is also described as nirvana, the Light, primordial energy, God, etc. In this state the souls were hermaphroditic/androgynous (=both male and female), so complete. In this phase there was only energy, not matter.

Once soul groups separated from this primal source. The cause is either unclear or not defined. It has to do with not living to the divine core and thereby getting further and further away from it; Removal of the source.

This removal went hand in hand with densification of the primordial energy into matter. Thus a need arose for these souls for a place to dwell (the earth) and a body for housing. And this is where the creation story of the earth comes into play: the souls were given the earth as a residence and the opportunity to learn lessons here, to grow in (self) consciousness so that a return to the primal source is eventually possible again.

The divorce

Around the creation of the earth, the splitting of the souls into a male and female part also took place. According to some as punishment because of the removal of the primal source. According to others as an opportunity for growth. The blissful state of nirvana is gone, and the souls retain a longing for this state. The male and female parts go on to live their own lives over many lifetimes, each building up their own karma.

The separation of the other half also creates the (unconscious) desire for reunion/unification. Subconsciously there is the knowing that the other half, the complement, exists.


Chances of meeting your twin flameis not big. Firstly, both souls must then be in embodiment simultaneously and secondly, both must have reached an equivalent level of self-development. They must each be able to stand on their own two feet emotionally/spiritually.

If these conditions are met, they can meet and also recognize each other. That recognition takes place at the soul level and that is an intense moment. It is often described in terms of love at first sight. In any case, an impressive event for both. After that recognition, the souls are reunited and can never be separated again. They still each remain different individuals, but on a soul level a fusion has taken place. This unity is also felt by them when they are miles apart.

Twin flames can also encounter each other without that merging taking place. Then one or both of them is not yet ready with regard to the degree of development. Depending on how the split took place, such a relationship can proceed harmoniously (they are then, as it were, equal to each other), or with violent confrontations.

Then they are each other’s complement; one has those qualities that the other lacks. They complement each other perfectly. It is then up to them whether they can resolve this harmoniously, or whether conflicts arise.

Despite the fact that the chance of a meeting is small, it is now (Aquarius era) more common than before. The relationship does not always have to be a love affair. It also occurs in siblings, parents-children and other variants. The twin flame can in any case be recognized by a strong bond with someone and/or strong similarities. Love-hate relationships also occur.

Whether someone is your twin flame, only you know yourself, according to the literature. Go by your intuition, which indicates that you know for sure. It seems that twin flames in the recognition phase never doubt that.

Twin Flames and Soul Mates

In addition to twin souls, there are also soul mates. Those are souls from the same soul group. When you come across it, there is also a strong attraction. The removal of the primal source has taken place in steps. First groups of souls separated, which split further and further (soul mates), until twin souls remained that were eventually split as well.

Group souls often incarnate at the same time in order to help each other on earth. There are also several of them, while there is only 1 twin soul.

Passage from the book Twin Flames: Find Your True Spiritual Partner

The concept of “twin flame” shows the true nature of love and probably also the purpose of a soul living on Earth.

The soul longs for unity and wants to return to the true “home”. The way back begins when the soul becomes an individual, living a life in a state of separation.
God is like one big consciousness, it was divided into smaller pieces (groups of group souls), and these groups were also divided again and in the end you arrive at the soul (the connection of the 2 twin souls). This soul was also eventually split in two. This created the male and female sex. Before this final split, this being (the combined twin souls) was sexless.

After this split, the 2 twin souls were separated from each other. But within them they carry the memories of the other. This means that they still have some kind of connection with each other. These memories will make it possible for the 2 souls to find each other again. This will be possible when they are both ready to start the way back. This is when they have reached the point where they are furthest from God (ie the highest point of individuality). After this, they will return to reunion again.

We reach this peak when we are completely ourselves and no longer need someone else to give us the feeling of “we are worth it”. When we reach the ultimate loneliness and the ultimate independence and have experienced and lived through this. Only then are we ready to meet our twin flame.

The two twin souls walk a different path in life. They experience different things, different but complementary. When they meet, the other is always different, new and interesting. They give what we ourselves lack in our lives.

Meeting a twin flame is quite different from falling in love. When we fall in love, you lose yourself in the other. We lose our identity and entrust it completely to that other person, because we think that the other person can take better care of ourselves than we can ourselves.
But with twin flames we recognize ourselves in the other. It’s like a mirror that shows us who we really are. We do not lose ourselves in the other, but find ourselves.

The way back (to God) is long and painful. There is no shortcut. But we grow through pain. But in the end we know it was worth the pain. Then we have long forgotten the pain.

Loneliness is based on a sense of separation. When 2 people end a relationship, they sometimes move on to the next one, because they are afraid of loneliness. But loneliness can be a great teacher. We can only find our true self when we are alone. In solitude we can listen to the voice of our inner higher self.

What we do affects our twin flame. Like with yin and yang. The man and the woman must be in balance, the feminine power and masculine power in the man and in the woman must be in balance.

All relationships and even marriages are lessons in love. Experiencing these (especially the mistakes we make in relationships) teaches us.

An example: a woman tries to be more like a man (to express masculine qualities). The masculine power within her will rise, or even take over her feminine power. But in the end, her job is to balance the two forces. To express both masculine and feminine qualities.
The same applies to the man.

So the way back begins with the reunion with the twin soul. Then with the different souls of the same group soul, on the way back to God.

We don’t find our twin flame by looking everywhere for it. But by looking within ourselves. And grow as a result. We will find barriers on our way to our twin flame. They can come from within (problems in our personality that we have to overcome) or problems from outside (the twin flame is married and has children).

The personality has a dark side, just like the society in which we live. Before we can deal with the bad (in the world in and ourselves) we must learn to recognize this and see how we give this bad power (through our thoughts, our feelings or our behavior). If we discover this, we can deal with the bad (if we want to). But many people do not dare to look at their shortcomings. They prefer to ignore it, but then the shortcomings remain. We can’t deal with what we don’t see (or don’t want to see).

They know each other and can meet each other in the night in their dreams. And when their consciousness has grown enough, they can meet in the astral world.
Twin Flames love each other as they love themselves.

During a meditation practice thirty-five years ago, Patricia Joudry, author of this book , suddenly had a kind of vision. Patricia: ‘I suddenly saw in a complete picture what the idea of ​​twin souls means: the splitting of the soul into a male and a female half. two belonging halves, the long road they have to go together to reunite and the all-encompassing cosmic plan.’ She understood that we have such a strong desire to replenish what we lack because we were once one. When we have found our ‘other half’ again, we will have eternal happiness.


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