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Twin Flames: Unconditional 5D Love

Twin Flames is an unconditional 5D love. There are many questions about why you can or cannot be together with your twin flame. As long as you are still deep in the 3D frequency, it is also quite difficult and even an unclear understanding. Really being together comes naturally when you are in the 5D….. or further.

The dormant part of the 4D is the awakening process, your awareness, your growth into your own self. It is difficult and frustrating, because you want it so much, feel good or dream of it, which is why a lot of duality is experienced. That’s because you already feel 4D or 5D frequencies, but you’re still thinking in 3D….complicated!


3D, you learned that. We are all born in the 3D world. A trajectory of awareness, life lessons and the frequency change that is going on on earth, makes you more awake than, for example, 2 years ago. Meeting your twin or realizing who your twin is shows that you are ready for the next level of frequency boosting.

Being ready for it and actually wanting to or doing something about it are two separate stories! Of course you always have the choice. It is your own life. Realize and accept that your twin has that choice too! And that is sometimes difficult.

Learning together

The romantic image of learning and developing together is nice, but not necessary. You do develop on a spiritual level. Otherwise it would mean that people who don’t meet their twin could never get into a 4D or 5D frequency.

That is of course not the case. When you get stuck in that image, that you think you can only grow together, you are selling yourself short. It actually helps if you keep walking your own path, keep increasing your own frequency. Allowing your twin to grow with it, that happens automatically, you don’t have to do anything. twins

And in time, as soon as you can both step into your power, have discovered your inner powers, have come to know yourself completely, can love yourself unconditionally, can love freely, you can come together. merging.

That’s why there are so many twin flames not ‘together”. Together, viewed from the terrestrial 3D glasses. That’s why it just doesn’t work yet. That is why twin souls have their own earthly, so current relationship or are alone.

Personal development

When you look at the phenomenon of the twin flame from the perspective of learning, growing, personal development and transformation, it is a wonderful gift that you may receive that you meet your twin at all. Because who else can you learn more from than from yourself? From your mirror self of course! Apparently it is your way of personal growth to experience it this way.

Other people experience growth differently. There’s nothing better or worse about it. It is special and intense. Because that feeling comes in so deeply! That is why many of us have probably met the twin, but do not yet have the frequency to (dare to) recognize it.

Often it has been preceded by an explosion of consciousness change, or a long process of personal growth. This is also called waking up. And it is precisely because of this increase in your frequency that you get to work on yourself on a different level. The consciousness shift just continues throughout your life. If not on a spiritual level, then it is on a career or relationship basis!


The pain, that is your growth. The lessons that you learn mirrored from each other are the life lessons to grow to the 5D … and beyond. The beautiful mirror piece is easy and nice! That’s what makes you happy and where attraction is easy. The beautiful mirror piece is where you recognize yourself in each other, feel attracted and your heart makes leaps that you have never felt before.

It is actually very difficult to see yourself and each other in the difficult mirror piece, and to make a connection with that. That’s where the growing pains are. Therein lies the growth towards the 5D transformation. That’s what you deny. Because trouble, well, you don’t want to feel that!


Only when you are both ready, see the way to the transformation of the 5D, are you able to love in an unconditional way. Only then can you first choose for yourself and then for each other, go for each other. Only when you can accept the complete mirror can you really be together. The easy things and the difficult things together. The complete picture. A half mirror gives a distorted image!

Being together

In Earthly terms you think of ‘being together’, that you are, for example, in a room so that you can touch each other, or have a romantic love relationship. That’s a 3D thought. That is romantically conceived, beautiful, sweet and nice, but a twin soul is 5D and more. Much more! Twin Flame is a connection in light.

Twin Flame is a connection in energy. This is of course also possible as a love relationship, but also as a ‘just’ connection in Energy. Both are equally fulfilling, loving and powerful. Can you imagine that? How beautiful that is!

Love yourself

Your soul, 5D, is a different frequency than your body, but is incarnated in a 3D body. That is where all the confusion arises in your feeling. Your body does not necessarily have to be in direct connection with your twin soul, that is a nice idea, but that is an earthly thought. Your soul, on the other hand, is connected.

You can always feel a twin flame, even if you are 100 km, 1000, or 10,000 km away from each other. You feel your twin flame with your soul, the frequency of the 5D energy.

Go beyond that sadness, that earthly sadness, that you want to be connected to each other in an earthly way, with that you do yourself short. That’s how you block the energy. Connect with your own heart and soul. Because through that way you come into the 5D energy! Love yourself completely. From there you can easily make the connection with your twin flame.

Gift to give

In your heart, in that you are always together. At that point, that connection is already there. It’s just there. The frustration and the sadness and the opposition, those are the life lessons you need to grow as a soul and as a person. To become complete and whole as a person. With the aim that you can merge as a twin soul as a complete soul. You are already united, only you do not feel it with your earthly body!! So the ‘heavenly’ energy 5D, there the connection is always there. The earthly 3D energy is different.


blue night transformationYour twin flame has come into your life to activate your own inner faculties. Because only as soon as you have access to your own inner strength, you can let the energy flow and you have the wisdom and freedom to develop as a human being. That is the gift that your twin soul has to give you. That is also the gift you have to give to your twin soul. As long as you can continue to see what gift you have to give each other, you will continue to be surprised and you can both grow.


So do not make the mistake of thinking that you are united as a human being. That is possible, but it is not a fact. As long as you are in that fallacy, continue to cherish that wish and focus only on that, you will experience frustration, sadness, etc. as a counteract.

love yourself

The amount of what you want to love from your twin flame is necessary to love yourself. So if you love yourself from that love that you feel for your twin, connect with your heart, then you make a soul leap / growth. Only once you are there, that you really love yourself 100%, and your twins also have that love for themselves, do you go through a 5D transformation.

Based on love

Image: hugA twin soul relationship is based on love, growth, freedom, inner wealth, strength and it is the most beautiful form of love. Realize that the love you want to give your twin soul, you must learn to give yourself through your twin soul, that is the mirror.

And wow, what a love that really is!!! How beautiful is that? Loving yourself with all your heart that you accept everything from yourself. Also what you really don’t like!! Everything about your earthly body. What your soul still has to learn, what can all be solved in your DNA and your genes, there is so much unconscious that you can still grow.


So it sounds like it’s impossible that you could ever have a fusion with your twin, but it isn’t. The way is that love for yourself. It’s up to you how long it takes you to do that, accepting yourself 1000%. It’s a mirror, what does that mirror say? That mirror says; look at all the beautiful things, what a beautiful person you are! But also, look at all the ugly things. Accept it, heal it and grow in love! That is it. Beautiful and beautiful.


How do you recognize your twin? That’s a feeling. Indescribable really! As soon as you meet someone who unleashes something in you that you always knew you had in you, but couldn’t reach it until now, and becomes incredibly motivated to be yourself.

Having a feeling that you have found yourself again, well, then it can sometimes be your twin flame. And that feeling is not just a feeling, that feeling is deep inside you. It touches all your heart.

Even without conscious contact with your twin soul you can grow to the 5D. Love yourself and connect with your heart. The rest will follow naturally.


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