Twin souls: their unconditional love, healing effect and self-love

Twin souls: their unconditional love, healing effect and self-love

Perhaps you have come across someone with whom you felt such a strong spiritual connection and experienced such a deep love that it confused you. Perhaps you felt that your whole body and soul were responding to the energy of the other. Many intense emotions could come up and maybe you didn’t quite understand what was happening to you. In addition, this person was always on your mind.

Furthermore, you could experience a lot of synchronicity, see a lot of double numbers, or get signs about this person. Then it is quite possible that he or she is your twin flame. Because of this encounter, you may have entered a major transformation. The encounter with your twin soul can turn your entire life upside down: nothing can and will remain the same. Between twin souls, there is often unconditional love, and about this love and the role of the ego consciousness we like to share channeled information from Yeshua in this article.

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Unconditional love

Twin Flames feel unconditional love for each other and this love can be felt very strongly. Some of you are literally noticing changes at the heart area, in the heart chakra, as this unconditional love starts flowing between you and your twin flame. Your heart chakra opens and you can notice this through various sensations in your body. This deep love that you can feel for your twin flame can, for example: bring emotion, raise kundalini energy, give an ecstatic feeling, cause palpitations, and so on. A strong energy cord is created between the hearts of twin souls. This special energy cord has a healing effect.

Twin souls: their unconditional love, healing effect and self-love

Healing effect

The love energy that flows from soul to soul has strong healing power and can unleash a lot in you. It has the ability to bring out heavier energies (anger, sadness, fear and all associated feelings) and transform them into light and love.

Unprocessed emotions such as anger and sadness can be released from your cell memory. From your past, but also from past lives in which you have often experienced a lot together. There may have been good but also difficult circumstances. Especially the fear of losing each other and fear of commitment can play between you to an amplified degree. As a result, it can happen that twin souls repel each other and continue (temporarily) separately from each other. At such a moment, both can pay attention to their own (processing) process.

Even when you are going through a difficult period and there are many hurt feelings between you, the unconditional love for your twin flame can allow you to see the situation from a higher perspective. If you understand what process you or your twin flame is going through, you can have more understanding and patience for pain reactions and the process of the other. Twin souls help each other in their spiritual development.


Karmic process

When anger or other emotions come up, you can get the idea that you should always be forgiving towards your twin flame and always approach him or her from the unconditional love you feel for him or her. So you think that you shouldn’t get mad at him or her and shouldn’t be sad or anxious. But the intention is precisely to learn to set your limits and to stand up for yourself.

We are allowed to respond to these unprocessed feelings and emotions. This is part of the karmic process that you and your twin flame have built up in past lives and are now redeeming. Embrace these emotions, let them be, so that you can free yourself from these heavier energies and literally create more space to feel and hold higher forms of love.

Ego awareness

As soon as unprocessed emotions and feelings have released that play between twin souls, our ego-consciousness becomes active. The ego has everything to do with thinking and what comes from it. The ego-consciousness often acts out of fear: fear of not being accepted, of losing something or someone, of committing oneself, of losing control, of feeling emotions, of not having/not having enough money, status, or losing power, and so on.

Twin souls: their unconditional love, healing effect and self-love

Because of this fear, the ego consciousness creates its own truth in order not to have to feel these fears. For example, ego-consciousness creates thoughts and truths and identifies with certain ideas or persons. This awareness prompts action, creates your personality, seeks confirmation, condemns and judges events and persons, and so on. So the entire ego consciousness has its own created truth based on the experiences that the soul has had. This is therefore separate from the unconditional love (of the soul) that we can experience through our physical and emotional bodies.


This ego and our soul consciousness need each other in this dual world in which we live. The ego consciousness helps us grow, learn life lessons and also increase our self-love. And this self-love is just so important between twin souls. When there is self-love, you know how to set your boundaries and make healthy choices for your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

You know how to put yourself first without being self-centered and without harming the other. Your self-love is closely related to your intuition. When your intuition speaks to you and you respond to it, you give yourself the love you need. However, this can trigger many emotions in you or your twin flame. He or she can react strongly to this from his or her ego-awareness and thus from pain.

You can have compassion in this situation and see that the reaction of your twin flame has arisen from very deep pain. Despite your understanding of the emotions of your twin flame, you may continue to love yourself by listening to your intuition and acting. With your self-love, you also give yourself the space to heal unprocessed emotions. This is an important part of the reunion of twin souls.

Twin souls: their unconditional love, healing effect and self-love

When you heal the emotions of ego consciousness within yourself, you also help your twin flame. Your influence on each other is immense, as there is constant communication between your energies. You will see that when unprocessed emotions are healed, there can be a balance between you and your twin flame and you can be in harmony together on both a soul level and an earth level.

You can trust that unconditional love will always be there and that this love will heal you and connect you forever, in the most beautiful and powerful way.


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