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Two powerful ways to transform your emotions

In this article I want to share with you two ways you can transform and heal your emotions. These are two processes that I use almost every day. You can use them for major emotional healing processes, but also for everyday ‘I don’t feel so good’ or ‘that person has triggered something in me’ situations (where you look purely at your reaction and not at the action or reaction of the other ).

Emotion = e-motion = energy in motion

Emotion is also described in English as e-motion: energy in motion. If you can see sadness, anger, doubt and fear as an energy that is allowed to flow through you and then flow away, then you already remove part of the charge. When we feel resistance to the emotions that are there and don’t really want to feel them, they generally only get stronger and we feel worse.

I always recommend taking a few minutes for yourself as soon as possible to see what’s going on and consciously work with the emotion. Below are two different ways you can do that. These are by no means the only ways, but they are two processes that have proven their worth over and over again in my own life.

Step 1: Connecting with your body and grounds

First of all, it is important to connect well with your body and ground again. With uncomfortable emotions, many people tend to energetically shoot out of their bodies and/or raise their energy, so that they are no longer (completely) connected with their body and with the earth. This makes you more vulnerable and you have less access to your own strength, intuition and inner peace.

Therefore, as soon as you find a place for yourself, start taking a few deep breaths. Feel your breath flowing in and out of your body so that you reconnect with your body. See if you can feel your whole body. Move your attention from top to bottom or from bottom to top through your body, just feeling the different body parts one by one.

Then set your intention to connect your body with the core of the earth via an energetic grounding cord. You can visualize this (see it), you can try to feel it or you can just set the intention that that connection is there. Don’t worry about doing it ‘right’, because it’s all about the intention.

Then you can work with your emotions through your body or through your inner child.

Working with your emotions through your body

When you are well grounded again, tune in to the emotion and ask yourself: “where is this emotion (fear, anger, sadness) in my body?”. Then see what happens. Often you will immediately notice one spot that attracts attention in your body.

For example, you may feel tension, a contraction, or a “ball” in your body (literally, for example, a lump in your throat). What you feel and where you feel it can be different every time, depending on the situation you are working with.

Then consciously direct your breathing towards that spot. Imagine that that breath literally creates more space in that place in your body. Allow yourself to fully feel the emotion.

You may find that the feeling gets stronger as you tune in to it, and that’s okay. Emotions often come as waves: as soon as you give them space, they first become stronger for a while, after which they weaken and can disappear (transformed).love wave

Continue to consciously feel your breath as you let the emotion flow through you. Your breathing keeps you in the here and now and therefore ensures that the emotion can quickly transform without you getting ‘stuck’ in it.

After a few minutes or even a few seconds you will notice that the intensity of the emotion decreases. Keep breathing consciously until you feel calm again. And give yourself a compliment that you have cleared this for yourself internally.

Every time you do this you grow and you come more into your own wholeness and into your own power.

Working with emotions through your inner child

The other option I want to give you in this article is to work with your emotions through your inner child(ren). I assume that we all have vulnerable parts in ourselves, which are not yet fully connected with our inner strength and wisdom. They are old patterns, old habits, often created in the past.

You can envision these vulnerable parts of yourself as a little girl/boy who lives inside you, is a part of you. Seeing it this way often makes it easier to feel love and acceptance for that part of yourself and to look at it without judgment.

Below I describe how you can use this process to transform your emotions:
The first step here is also to connect with your body, to feel your whole body again and to ground it as well as possible.

Once you’ve done that, see if you can picture a little girl or boy feeling what you’re feeling right now. He/she represents the emotion in you, as it were. The child may be standing in front of you or it may be inside your body.

Sometimes you may get instant images and it’s like watching a movie. Other times it is mainly a focus on feeling and energy. Just see how it presents itself. The details aren’t that important, and the picture doesn’t necessarily have to be clear either. It’s about the intention.

The next step is to give that little girl or boy all the love you have inside of you. You can embrace them energetically, hold them, or send them love and compassion from your heart.

Soms is het fijn om te vragen wat hij/zij van jou nodig heeft, en te kijken/voelen/luisteren wat er in je opkomt. Vaak heeft dat wat er nodig is te maken met liefde, erkenning en/of gezien worden.

See if you can fully accept this part of yourself represented by the little girl or boy. It may be all there. It has had a good reason to develop this fear or emotion and there is nothing wrong with you or him/her.

In most cases, this complete acceptance and love ensures that the emotion can quickly transform. In this case too, this can go in a wave motion, in which you first feel the emotion become more intense, after which it weakens and disappears. Let it happen and once again use your breath to keep yourself in the here and now.naturally

Sometimes it can be nice to consciously hold the hand of your inner girl/boy. This ensures that you are simultaneously connected with this vulnerable part of yourself and with the larger, mature, wise, powerful part of yourself. It can and should be present at the same time.

The essence

If you apply these ‘techniques’ to yourself, it may look different with you or other things will arise. And that’s totally okay. As far as I’m concerned, the essence lies in 4 things:

1) full acceptance of that which is (and the recognition that there is a good reason why you feel what you feel);
2) send love/heart energy to what you feel;
3) using your breath to stay in the here and now;
4) allow everything that comes to happen and let the emotion flow through you so that it can transform.

Above all, keep following your own feeling and your own path and trust in it.


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