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Understanding Indigo Violence

Violence should be every parent’s worst nightmare. Hearing about a shooting at your children’s school and finding your child injured, or even more tragically, killed at the hand of another child is something we as parents don’t want to go through. But if we want to be the best possible parents for our children, we can’t put this thing aside and hope for a non-violent future .

Nancy Ann Tappe (the first to discover and write about the arrival of the Indigos), when interviewed by Jan TOBER in the book THE INDIGO CHILDREN (1999): who killed their schoolmates or parents – were Indigos”. In the twenty-first century, we cannot state in our minds that “this violence is not in my consciousness, so it does not exist and it does nothing to me”.the violence is here and it continues…

The term Indigo Child refers to a new group of metaphysical children who have arrived on our planet over the past 25 years or so. The name, Indigo Kind, was coined by TAPPE in her book: “Understanding your life through Color” (1982) and refers to the color in the aura of these children.

I first heard about Indigo children from Barbra DILLENGER, Msc.D. in 1987 at a transpersonal appointment, when my children were recognized as Indigos (a daughter born in 1975, a stepson born in 1978 and a daughter born in 1987). Indigo children are here now at this time to change the general thinking, which will help us move forward to the next level of enlightenment.

Indigo children are intelligent, creative and cannot be manipulated with guilt tactics (because they don’t feel guilty like previous generations). Indigos know very well who they are and a strong will to let you know what they want. They refuse authority and start with their first authoritarian figures, their parents and they extend this outwards to the whole system.

Eg standing in a line has to be helpful and explained otherwise they won’t do it. They will line up for a ride at Disneyland because they know why they are doing it and what the benefit is to them. Answering an Indigo question with “just because you have to” is like waving a red flag for an angry bull. Indigo children want honest answers to their questions.

These kids are shaking up the system because they instinctively know that the system is outdated and they are here to help change it. This can be frustrating because there are still rules that we all have to live by in this society.

Shaking up the system doesn’t always work for them; in the end they get into trouble. They must learn to work from within the system to make the changes they came for. They cannot completely neglect the system and the rules even if they want to.

Indigos tend to be loners and they can seem anti-social until they find other Indigos or Lightworkers to belong to. If they don’t find other Indigos, they can turn inward and feel misunderstood. School can be socially difficult for them; like the experiences the Lightworkers had in school.

Fortunately for the Indigo children born in the 80’s, many came during this time and have the opportunity to bond with each other. The earlier Indigo children (born before 1980) had a more difficult time opening the energy and setting the path for the wave of children to come.

The Indigo vibration feels different from those other beings who have recently arrived on the planet. I don’t believe Indigo children instinctively and probably unconsciously feel the difference in the Indigo’s vibration.

Different can be threatening to certain people and this is why Indigo children are teased and intimidated by other non Indigo children. Parents need to be aware and involved in what is going on in their children’s lives in order to provide guidance and assistance.

It is not important to identify and recognize these children as special and/or different. Indigo children already have a difficult time adjusting without having to add a special and different name tag into their lives. Labeling a child as an Indigo/non-Indigo with different treatment for the two groups would result in more anger and prejudice. (this could result in something like the black-and-white race struggle that the United States has already had to deal with).

Indigo kids won’t be the ones with purple dyed hair or elaborate body piercings and tattoos. They already know that they are different, that they are outsiders, and they have no need to look different.

Indigo children are not just here to empower themselves , but to show us the importance of empowering all children, starting at birth. It is important to realize that the Indigo children want all children to be treated as if they were special; to treat each child as if he or she were an Indigo child, to treat each child with respect, to give their choices and to explain. But, at the same time, we must know that they are still children.

I have learned from my own experience with my Indigo children and their friends that they are real children who have real business to deal with. From my perspective as a parent/grandparent these children are challenging, not just warm and fuzzy spiritual beings. 

While the esoteric intuitive information that Indigo children are Spiritual Masters, beings full of wisdom, who are here to teach us new ways of being, is correct, not all Indigo children are filled with unconditional love, tolerance and non-judgment. Parents must teach their children spiritual truths and guide them.

In this series, I will provide healing tools, spiritual practices, and practical steps that have been useful to my own Indigo children. These tools aren’t just for Indigo kids; they are for all the children of this planet; from kindergarten to teens. I believe that we are all here on a spiritual mission to perfect our souls for God, and that we are all here to learn from each other.

When I heard about the school shootings, I knew it was Indigo kids who pulled the trigger. The Columbine High School shelling was so terrible it caught everyone’s attention.

Then my oldest daughter said, “Because they (Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold) were Indigos, they wanted to do that and they did. Without remorse or guilt, they just went ahead and shot all these people because they wanted to and because they felt they had to.”

Indigo children don’t feel guilty for keeping them in line and because they refuse authority, they don’t believe they have to follow the rules. In order to balance guilt-free in the Indigo children, they must be taught spiritual and moral principles. Indigos must be taught the law of the universe, especially the law of cause and effect.

Since they have no guilt feelings, they must learn to understand that negative energy that is put out comes back to them multiplied, just as positive energy comes back multiplied. They are accountable to God and they are responsible for their actions.

I hear people commenting that school shooting didn’t happen when we were kids. The worst thing that could have happened at school when we were growing up was fistfights, nosebleeds and bullying. We would never have thought of bringing a gun to school and shooting at other kids, it wasn’t right. The reason we didn’t have this kind of violence that we see today is because the Indigos weren’t here on the planet then.

Everyday writers in America like Jonathan KELLERMAN equate the Indigo school shooters with the psychopaths, the dark entities who are bullies, swindlers, stalkers, victim seekers, serial killers and those who kill for thrills. I don’t believe these Indigo kids who took guns to school to hurt other kids are psychopaths.

They have been bullied and teased and have a revenge taker attitude, they seek justice for the injuries caused to them. They don’t kill for the thrill of killing. These children know that changes need to be made in the school system and they choose violence to emphasize their point of view, to wake us up. Some of these metaphysical Indigo children do not hesitate to use violence to bring about change, and bring us enlightenment.

They are like a sword that cuts through the truth, but a sword cuts and wounds and makes you bleed. Historically speaking, change has come through violence. Today it is violence and violent acts that grab our attention and make us realize that there may be a problem. Therefore, this is the method some Indigos use to bring enlightenment from a soul level.

Indigo violence is here and it will continue, at least among the current generation of Indigo children. We see with the current Indigo violence how the school system needs to be changed and how important it is to tackle the issues of bullying and intimidation in school.

As the Indigo children mature, their agendas will be removed from the school system and transferred to other systems, such as our social, political and judicial system. Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, is an Indigo.

In the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, he sought justice, revenge against the federal government for the 70 members, (including 18 children), of the Branch Davidson sect who died in a fire after a 51-day stand- off with federal officials. officers in Waco, Texas

.Had it not been for Waco, there would have been no Oklahoma City. McVeigh is the oldest Indigo I know. My oldest daughter said “Timothy McVeigh must have had a harder time than her because the energy was so new and there were even fewer Indigos when he was growing up”.

Lou Michel, author of American Terrorist (the book that explored the Oklahoma City bombing and the life of Timothy McVeigh) said, “We hope lawmakers, educators and psychologists read this book because there is a thread running between Timothy McVeigh and the enraged young men , the furious white young men who go to high and low schools and shoot them.

We hope someone, anywhere in America, puts the equations together and takes some of that aggression away.” We will see more of this violence as the Indigo children grow up. We now have to work with the newly arrived Indigos to teach them that change can also be done in a non-violent way.

In the words of my 25-year-old Indigo daughter: “Until now, we have avoided the catastrophe that predicted Earth changes by raising our awareness and involvement. Indigo children will no longer have to use violence to get our attention when our awareness and involvement is heightened enough.”

Next month we will look at the spiritual lessons hidden in the school shelling. The tragedies have happened and the price is too high to allow anger to keep us from learning this Indigo violence. Is there a spiritual motive behind the horror of the shelling


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