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Upgrades and downloads: new consciousness descends in


Although the world is in deep crisis, it can be a fruitful time spiritually. Because: the more dark, the more light. People move through their transformation process differently than ten years ago. Power systems get upgrades and downloads. New consciousness descends. Age-old illusions dissolve. Other realities seem closer. Do you dare to move with the forces in the cosmos?

You don’t necessarily discover that there is an upgrade in consciousness when you look around you, but mainly intuitively, inside. I notice it in my sensitivity and clarity. Over the past two years, in my own process and that of clients, I have observed different things than before: I am more direct, faster, apply new healing techniques, attune to different types of fields, and advice is emerging that I can use . would undoubtedly have found myself very vague a few years ago.

The energetic world speaks to me more clearly. It makes me curious about what will be possible in that regard in the near future.

Upgrades and downloads in consciousness

What did I do before that upgrade? Not so much. In any case, I have been less involved in my transformation process than in the fifteen years before. The ‘searching for’ the answer has given way to the ‘rising’ of it almost automatically. It is as if my personality has lost its ascendancy, and my soul is in charge. My inner focus has shifted from ‘that which is injured and needs to be repaired’, to ‘wholeness, and the love that I am’. The haste is over, the process is unfolding anyway.

An explanation for this effortlessness may be that the light frequency increases. This means that the speed and travel of light waves increases, allowing them to penetrate more deeply into matter and allow you to move faster and with greater ease through the more dense layers (the lower frequencies) of your energy field. It matches my experience: activations , upgrades and downloads give your energy field a greater refinement and lightness, but without having to work so hard.

The most intense process I’ve been through lately was corona – I’ve had it twice in a year and a half – but even that I experienced as an upgrade. The virus seems to hit you at your weakest spot, so you can free yourself from it on a deep level. Aspects of who I was were ripped out of my system because of it. Now I am lighter than before and I resonate less with the heavy energies around me. And that is a blessing in this day and age.

Energy vs Psychology

At a collective level, the same things happen: consciousness becomes more energetic and less materialistic. Look at the increase in highly sensitive and holistically oriented children and people interested in energy. The numbers are increasing exponentially. Ten years ago I didn’t talk to anyone about it, nowadays some GPs even refer to readers or homeopaths and there is an overwhelming spiritual offer.

You can also see it in forms of therapy. Traditional talk therapy is slowly but surely becoming part of the old paradigm and the psychological layer of consciousness is losing traction: pain, beliefs, the sense of lack; they seem less important. As well as the judgment on it, and the ‘content’: where that pain comes from, or why it happened to you.

It is becoming more and more normal to see your injuries as the material you have taken with you: you can study on them, free yourself from them, discover yourself, and see your own light. Your history does not detract from who you are, on the contrary: your strength lies in it.

Traumas have not become unimportant, but the soul, energy, consciousness and healing are given more weight. We transform through vibrations. You learn to let go of the heavy, or transmute into strength. You learn to download and embody the high ones (such as love, pleasure and gratitude), trusting that at some point they will join in on their own. Endless therapies give way to shorter trajectories.

Multidimensionality is growing

The question ‘what do you believe in?’ is, of course, currently being tested. Do you believe in injury and limitation? That could easily be done if you look at the state of the world. Or do you believe in love and potential? Despite everything I do, and yes, even that is more effortless than before.

In this new consciousness you notice that old illusions dissolve and that the feeling of multidimensionality increases. A matrix that we have believed for centuries, and which we have also maintained with our own consciousness, is beginning to become more transparent, less real and dominant. We draw our energy from it. This brings other solutions closer. Light, love and connection are the starting point, instead of power and possession.

In parallel, group consciousness increases, and the sense of separateness decreases. Like-minded people are easier to find. The connection with other fields of consciousness becomes stronger. Aliens, Earth Beings, Collective and Planetary Fields; they are participating more and more. They used to be there just as well, of course, but with our wider consciousness we are now starting to make contact with them.

And in the midst of all this, time also changes. In the old days you learned step by step and you moved chronologically from A, to B, to C. In the new time there is an acceleration, you live in several dimensions at the same time: your personality, past lives, collective and galactic fields suddenly all come together. together in you, in this one moment. And yes, sometimes that is overwhelming, but all you have to do is be there. Turn within, and behold and feel that multitude of experiences. You are it all. The things that we had to take for life from gurus, and which were not for mere mortals, are suddenly tangible and available here and now.Upgrades and Downloads

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