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Vega (the planet Vega)

In the Vega system are several planets whose civilizations have long understood each other through connection and musical expression. They projected some of this energy to Earth. Vega can make most people aware of the essence of mutual connectedness because everything has a common origin.

The music also comes from this place. The awareness of the fluctuations of one’s own soul also arises from this general interconnectedness of people among themselves. The energy of Vega is not only related to music but to fluctuations in the connection of souls and making connections on a deeper level .

Vega can bring people into harmony with this underlying principle. It is possible that they then become aware of which inspiring source music comes from. Some people who would love to work with music but whose skills are heavily blocked could benefit greatly from Vega because this star changes the context in which you work with music.

Vega can therefore, to some extent, be useful if an individual who apparently has no musical ear would like to improve his/her skills, learn to appreciate and get to know music. The correct application of musical phenomena will also increase. In a group, an interaction is required if the common goal is to bring out a certain essential characteristic or an awareness of a musical source.

Then Vega can inspire classical music groups in such a way that they have the opportunity to express the essence of the composer in his piece that they play. Vega is more easily committed to working alone. In a group, Vega must be used consciously with the highest spiritual laws.

The soul tone is an essential wave that has to do with one’s own soul family. This soul tone is also connected to the roots of this soul family and in the larger whole to humanity.

During the Atlantean civilization there was a time when people tried to tune into their own soul tone when a group of people meditated on Vega and then made an astral journey in the Vega system. If one wants to determine one’s own soul tone, it is best to meditate on Vega. With Vega it becomes easier to make music with this tone or its related variation.

music notes

Vega can achieve a better attunement to the soul tone, the goal as well as the movement of one’s own soul and in some individuals also strengthen the connection with one’s own soul. This could arise through an attunement to the universal language, a kind of interdimensional understanding.

The language of music can connect the ideas of the 3rd dimension , the connectedness of the 4th dimension, the time shift of the 5th dimension and the ability to create of the 6th dimension. People who work longer with Vega find that the multi-dimensional facets of their own BEING make them more sensitive and find it easier to communicate with other people.

That universal language is different from the everyday language of people. The universal language rests on the one hand on expressive basic ideas, on the principle of universal connection as well as on a consciousness that transcends intercultural, intergalactic, interstellar and interdimensional boundaries.

People who want to tune in to the universal Spirit can do this in many ways. One possibility is the musical expression. Many people feel connected when they listen to music or make music together. Vega promotes this and helps people to recognize their origin a little better.

Anyone who uses Vega to achieve that feeling of Oneness will feel drawn to the music all by themselves. When you tune in to the universal Source you can feel connected to All, become aware of other beings and be in a common form of consciousness with them. That requires knowing and agreeing to have a common experience.

Humans are interconnected at the soul level, that is, at the level of an ethereal and self-interwoven entity called the lifestream of humanity. By its nature, this collective soul transcends the ordinary limitations of time and space. In prehistoric times, this energy from which humanity had to develop appeared for the first time here on Earth.

It was a spark of light, a piece of this divine material that said little more than “I AM”. This energy was able to interact with the energy of other races, other thought forms and the Earth itself that helped it to take shape. Over time, these forms split and many individuals known as human beings emerged.

Each of these individual beings still stands with this beam of light,with a consciousness and an understanding in connection infinitely greater than any individual form. From there it is not about agreeing but therefore: to know that one was once ONE and it will be again.


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