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vegan. Characteristics of those who have Vega as their Planetary origin.


Those who have Vega as their Planetary Origin are self-sufficient, independent, proud and strong-willed. There is an extraordinarily soft energy with a powerful performance. Vegans are skilled in a wide variety of areas, they can be ‘information guzzlers’ in their own areas of interest. Vegans have many talents and abilities, are quite creative and often have the ability to combine creative expression with intellectual expression.

They can be artists, designers, inventors, architects or are more creative in the current time with the help of technological developments. Their way of working with technology differs from others because it is based more on “feeling” than on an intellectual understanding. Vegans are good project starters but less good finishers. This is a challenge for Vegans that helps them learn self-discipline and willpower.

They can also surround themselves with people who encourage and support them to complete their projects and ideas. Vegans are travelers looking for variety, challenges and understanding the many questions they feel inside.

They can get bored easily. Vegans like to analysis, question and doubt about everything they don’t understand, what they don’t understand or simply what feels ‘not right’.

Although they are quite willing to learn, change and grow, on an inner level, Vegans need to understand what is happening – before they allow themselves to change anything. The understanding of Vegans is not practical or logical in nature. .

It is more an inner comprehension consisting of ‘a feeling’ that can lead to a ‘knowing’, rather than a technical insight. Most Vegans have a strong sense of responsibility for bringing up and care. They find satisfaction in working with children, with the sick or with people in need of care and support. At times when they feel over-responsible for others, it may be necessary to remind others of their own responsibility, and to be responsible themselves.

Vegans will attract people through their understanding energy and in many situations will be approached by people who wish to share their personal problems. It should be noted that few of Vega themselves share their personal affairs with others unless a relationship of trust is established.

Vegans have healing abilities and are related to stones and crystals. Many Vegans work in an environment where they care for others; in (medical and mental) health care, as a teacher or in fields that offer space for creative expression. Vegans have a strong need to be alone every now and then, for privacy and freedom.

It is important that they gain appreciation for what they do for others.

The people who have a personal relationship with a Vegan will sometimes want more attention than they get and sometimes feel neglected.

This is due to the many interests and areas of interest of Vegans. They may feel so involved in caring for others that they neglect personal needs and personal relationships.

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