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Violence in the world: what should we do about it?

Unsuspecting, I opened the newspaper on the train. Immediately my eye falls on a large photo on which 6 boys of about 9 years old have a machine gun at the ready. In front of them, kneeling, 6 grown men, hands tied in front of their stomachs. Their last moments in this life have arrived.

My stomach turns. I can hardly read the article below.
The six boys are ready to shoot with bravado. Have they seen this in movies? Do they think they are tough? How will they look back on their deeds later, if they are ever able to do so? I think of what Jesus said in those last moments, ‘Father forgive them, they know not what they do.’

The article states that a million children are currently being trained to kill. A million. A feeling of fear, powerlessness and despair overwhelms me. A million live time bombs. A million twisted kids who are trained to behead (they actually get a doll to take home to practice with), kill and blow themselves up as suicide terrorists. Again there is that vexing question, what can I do about this?Violence in the world

fear or love?

Suddenly I realize that in this situation I again have a choice between fear or love. The boys standing there have been brainwashed: they have been raised in hatred, no doubt with a lot of violence. If they had known and cherished love as children, they would not have been there.
In my mind I send them light and love. Immediately I feel calmer.

Love as an answer

Of course, we must condemn events as described above. Of course we have to see what we can do, what is within our power to deal with these terrible abuses. At the same time, we must realize that a connection to our own energy is created when we judge something in disgust. When we want to let it go, it haunts us because of that connection. Thus creating our own thoughts and feelings full of fear .

Let’s not put more fear, anger and pain into the world. In addition to all concrete actions that can possibly be taken, it is very important to send light and love in particular. May these children (and of course especially the victims!) be blessed with light and love, so that this kind of practice may stop.

MUSAHI DISTRICT, Afghanistan — An Afghan child in a Turkish military uniform sits at shura Jan. 24. (ISAF Joint Command photo by US Air Force Staff Sgt. Logan Tuttle)

Pay attention to where your attention goes!

It is important to realize how often we ingest heavy news items per day. Recent research shows that we consult our phones at least 200 times a day, often including the news. All this negative reporting does something to us; often it creates feelings of fear, powerlessness and sometimes even despair.

As important as it is to be aware of what’s happening in the world, we also need to make sure we don’t constantly expose ourselves to all the negative news stories. There are also plenty of beautiful things in the world, but somehow happening we rarely hear about them. Often we are careless about where we focus our attention; in a passive way we let the outside world determine what we read and see. What we focus on becomes bigger.So be selective!

inner violence

Another invitation posed by the violent event described above is to examine the extent to which we ourselves commit internal violence: when do we demand too much of ourselves, judge ruthlessly about our achievements and fill ourselves with an endless to-do list? When are we not loving and valuing ourselves enough? If we treat ourselves more lovingly, we create a more loving world around us.

Before we judge others, let us also look at ourselves. Apart from our own attitude towards ourselves, we often do not behave lovingly towards our immediate environment.
We take our stress out on our loved ones, on our children, or on a stranger in traffic who makes an awkward traffic mistake.Before we judge others for their cruelty, we may also look in the mirror of our own lives.

When we return Home later, we mainly look at all the times we were loving. Those are the most important achievements in our lives, not what career we have built or how many nice experiences you have had.

Have you treated yourself with respect? Have you loved and treated the people around you with love? Did you take care of that little crying girl you met on the street and lost her way and get her home? This is what life is about.

fits lives

In addition, it may also be useful to realize that in past lives we have undoubtedly also been on the perpetrated and victim side. Our sense of ethics and our indignation about this kind of abuse is present in us because we have already dealt with this in previous lives. We are therefore not better or more exalted than the other, but only work on another life lesson.


I would like to make an appeal: may every horrific event be followed by countless people who send light and love to the victims and to the perpetrators. Meditate, pray, bless, visualize or sing; do what feels right for you. Together we will ensure that the light will eventually conquer the dark. Are you in?


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