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Visualization: Loosening Negative Cords

This visualization allows you to loosen negative cords. You can let go of ethereal ties with people who no longer have a function .
Two persons with aura and interaction of Chakras. loosen negative cords
Example of two persons with aura and mutual interaction of etheric cords/bands. Via etheric cords from the solar plexus, the energy of others is “scattered horizontally”

Ground yourself, put your aura in the light and put roses around you as protection or use your own way.
Then put the aura of the other person whose ties you want to release into the light and see which chakras the cords are connected to.
Now let gold light flow through the cords and in the middle loosen the cord between you and the other, bringing the other’s part to the other and your own side of the cord to yourself. Do this with all the cords you see/feel.

Sometimes negative cords are tough and difficult to loosen, you can ask for the sword of (archangel) Michael. (Anyway, you can ask angels to help you with that. Angel Indriel or Archangel Michael are specialists)

You can do this visualization “loosening negative cords” whenever your situation allows, alone or together with the other person in question.


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