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Visualizations to renew yourself and your life at Easter.

At Easter you can renew yourself. Like a butterfly crawling out of its cocoon.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could let go of all the ballast in 10 minutes, improve your self-image, find peace, be stronger, become the best version of yourself? Life is a school. you develop. Eventually you will have grown so far that you are completely yourself and completely in balance. With visualization you can take big steps and get a lot further on your own path in one go. Easter is the ideal time for that.

Easter is the festival of renewal. Everything seemed dead but suddenly nature comes back to life. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes. Easter was already a festival before Christianity emerged. It was the celebration of the revival of nature, and thus the new birth of everything that grows and blooms. It is also the festival of the victory of light over darkness, because the days are longer than the nights again. So Easter is actually a kind of New Year of nature.

But not only nature renews itself, we also get new opportunities in a new year. Because we are part of nature. We too are now being affected by the energies of renewal. Maybe you noticed that because you needed a new dress, new haircut or new fresh colors in your home. But it’s not about those looks. We want a renewal in our self-image, our hobbies, our relationship and our job. That could be total change, or just a little refresh.

If Easter is the festival of ‘renewal’, you can use these days to symbolically ‘renew’ yourself and your life. It’s like peeling off your old skin and emerging as a new person. Like a Phoenix rising from its own ashes. Like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon as a new, more beautiful, better age child why

How do you do that? How do you give your own development such a powerful impulse? With visualization where you use mental power.

Without mental strength, a visualization is little more than a nice movie in your head.
When you read “Like a butterfly emerges from the cocoon”, you can already see that, right? Of course, that image alone doesn’t do anything. If you imagine yourself first building a cocoon around you, then transforming, and finally breaking the cocoon and coming out, something is already happening to you.

But if you connect your own intention with the visualization with spirit power, it works even more strongly. You can read more about visualization and mental strength on my website.

I give a few suggestions for visualizations below. Use your own mind power and connect it to your own purpose. Then it really becomes YOUR visualization and that works best.
The visualization therefore has the meaning that you give it yourself.

• Wasn’t everything going well last year? Then see yourself as a caterpillar. At Easter, visualize creating a cocoon around you. Feel how you transform. Take your time here. And then come out like a butterfly. Let your wings dry and then flutter happily through life. Are you not turning into a butterfly yet? Then check every day how far you are with it. Your transformation may need more time. But it’s going to happen!

• If you want to let go of your insecurity and stand strong in your own shoes: Your insecure self builds a cocoon, you transform, and you come out as a new, powerful, self-aware person. Or (symbolically) like an eagle. Or another animal that symbolizes strength and self-awareness for you. With the visualization you start that process. You imprint it in your subconscious. You can already see the result in front of you. you feel it.

• Do you want to let go of your problems and feel free? Live from your soul? Living in love and light? Then your worried old self will build you a cocoon and you will come out like a butterfly.

With your mind power you remain aware of your intention while visualizing. You make it intense and important.

You feel yourself changing. That you become what you want to be.
Visualizing with mind power ensures that something actually changes in your subconscious. And in your body. And in the world around you.

This is also the time to clean up waste from the past year. You want to do a lot of pruning in your garden, you want to tidy up and clean your house. And in the same way, you also want to prune anything that wastes your time and energy. You want to clear negative energy. At Easter, Easter fires are lit in the north and east of the Netherlands.

Pruning waste is thrown on a high mountain and burned. Brilliant to watch of course. But also a very nice symbol. Everything old and useless is burned, and the ashes make the soil fertile for new plants. Fire solves everything for good.firework

Make a list of things you want to get rid of. For example, your worries, your insecurity, your illness, your job, Facebook, your cigarettes…

• Make your own Easter fire! Visualize how you are cleaning up in your garden. All the waste goes on a big mountain. Then go through your house like a whirlwind and throw everything you no longer need out the window onto the mountain of pruning waste. Sit next to it, set the mountain on fire and watch the flames. Feel the warmth.

Hear the crackling of the fire. Then stop and think about everything else you want to say. You throw everything that doesn’t feel right on the fire. Hobbies, traits, habits, negative self-image, social obligations, friendships that only cost energy… Throw everything that no longer gives positive energy to the Easter fire!Keep watching the fire until it burns out. This way you make room for what you do want.

• Have you been through a lot in your life? See all traumas as an old coat you have on. Take that coat off and throw it into the fire. And then put on a nice new coat, a ‘jacket of joy’ for example.
• Are you tired or dissatisfied? Do you suffer from rut or anger? Feel exactly where that is in your body. Give it a color in your mind, take it out of your body and throw it into the Easter fire.
• Do you want to completely renew yourself? Then imagine yourself standing in the Easter fire, and feel yourself being purified by the fire, until you are completely fresh and new. Like a Phoenix!

With your power of mind you remain aware of the definitive letting go of that which you are now throwing into the fire. Make it intense and important. See how it burns and thus disappears from your consciousness. Think of it as a goodbye. definitively. This is the time. Feel it happening. And feel how liberating it is.

Other visualizations:

  • What you want to develop in yourself (self-confidence, patience, love for yourself) can be seen as an egg or seed that you plant in your heart. And feel it growing every day! In the end you will be completely full of it!
    • In your mind, bring some sunshine into your heart and feel what the light and warmth do to you. Let it be spring inside! Feel how new plans grow.

I wish you a special Easter, full of light and warmth. Make something beautiful of the new budding year. Make something beautiful of yourself.


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