Waking up doesn’t have to be nice

Waking up doesn't have to be nice

Awareness is not always a bed of roses. Don’t expect everything to go smoothly and smoothly. Bumps are included.

Your lower ego takes on a new shape and it hurts. It won’t change so it resists and gets confused.

The indicator: the more pain, despair, uncertainty and confusion, the better your process goes, the greater your growth. That’s part of it.

It is your mind that wants structure and overview and that wants to understand what is happening. You want to get rid of that and that causes unrest and despair. It’s your brain that doesn’t want to feel the pain and tries to avoid it. A survival mechanism.

Reality cannot be understood.

The process cuts through all the pain and trauma that is in your system. Relapses, persistent “old pieces” and complicated processes are precisely the intention. Do not resist them, but accept them.

The idea that you should be somewhere and that that includes certain feelings, thoughts and behaviors is an illusion of that same mind.

Quick fixes do not exist. Give yourself 3 years per process (at least), let go of the outcome and expect nothing. Then you look further. Then it can only work out. One day there is suddenly light at the end of the tunnel. That day could just be tomorrow. It is a life(s) long process

Don’t be so critical of yourself and let go of the image that you think you should conform to as an awakened person or that you think the outside world thinks you should conform to. Keeping big is a lower ego.

Waking up doesn't have to be nice

Acceptance and surrender make the time of your process a lot shorter. You give the process the chance to do its job

Just be yourself. Dare to be authentic, honest, open and vulnerable. Don’t pretend to be more beautiful than you are. Don’t try to play a saint. People see right through that.

Experiencing your own processes openly and openly. Then you inspire others and then you show others what it is really like.

Processes most instructive periods of your life.

And you know what’s so nice? When you’re at the end of a process again, it will be quiet for a while and then the party will just start again and again and again and again. Till the end. And then again in a new form.

The good news is that over the years you learn to deal with it better and that the processes are shorter and shorter and the space between them more pleasant. You will eventually experience more and more happiness, wisdom, and relaxation, even in turbulent periods.

“The only way out of suffering is to undergo it.”
The Dalai Lama



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