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Waking up, the inner process.

It is nice to see how an inner process starts when it is triggered. It doesn’t really matter what that trigger is, but the fact that it is activated is the most important. All the while the soul has been waiting for the moment to come. The time to be seen and heard. In all visibility reveals itself to the human being in which the soul is present.

When the process starts

Even before the day we are born and become a human being on this earth, the soul has a plan. A plan that consists of lessons, insights and opportunities. Due to the sudden presence on this earth, the body and soul sometimes forget this plan. Yet the subconscious will consult this plan when it is necessary, it is up to man to hear this.

Free will

Man’s free will is always present and we decide for ourselves whether or not we do something. That intuitive voice is always present in us. The sixth sense is already there, we just don’t always hear it. Have you ever gone out and it starts to rain and you think “If only I had brought my umbrella with me”. Your intuition has told you, but you chose not to listen to it. And the good thing is, that’s okay too. Not listening to it is of course also allowed, you simply have your own free will.

wake up call

Until it happens! You get a huge wake up call in front of you. Maybe this is just another big event in your life, but now it’s different. This time it triggers you, it ignites something deep inside that makes your life not the way it was before.

Your subconscious is activated and you become aware of the situation you are in. The lessons are pushed forward and from today you decide to do it differently.

This is your start

You start to see people and situations differently, you think about everything that happened in the past. You discover new insights and step by step you are driven in your inner process. You meet new people who help you further on your path. Mistakes turn out not to have been mistakes, but lessons and opportunities. People who have hurt you in any way turn out to have been messengers. Messengers of the lessons your soul wants to learn. But you also turn out to be a messenger, you too have brought lessons to others.

Learn lessons

Old pains and unprocessed pieces are coming up and it’s time to process them. By looking at them and holding up a mirror, you learn the lessons that can be learned. By trial and error you reach a new level in your life. The lessons are endless and will always go on. By becoming aware of them, you will experience them differently and they will no longer be errors or unexpected events. They are steps in your inner process to become a more complete person.

open yourself up

A world opens up to you, a world you didn’t know existed. Through your awareness and the opportunity to see the lessons, you create for yourself a life that you love. You will do more and more what makes you feel good. Your sixth sense becomes your friend and you start to rely on it. The intuitive messages guide you and help you further in your process. Trust is the key word, trust in yourself. In your own inner source of power that was always there, but that had been forgotten.

To trust

Fortunately, everyone can find this inner source again. By trusting.

Is it that simple, yes I believe it is. Life isn’t meant to be hard, it doesn’t have to be hard. There is enough for everyone, including you and me too. Learn to hear that inner voice again and feel the confidence flowing through your body again. Your inner source of power is infinite and ready for you to tap into.


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