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Watching With Children’s Eyes

Fortunately, more and more people are waking up from the dream state they have been in for a long time. Still, if you look around you like that, there’s another big club that’s on autopilot. Sometimes they look like zombies. Chill, tight and very slow moving.

They are afraid to look at you when you extend your smile to them. The fear or anger can be read on the faces. They don’t know anymore. Or perhaps better said, they don’t want to know how it could be done differently. The role they have taken is often worthy of an Oscar. But I don’t bow to them.

These people think it’s best that way. Why change? She actually likes the old life. Everyday the same. Nice and familiar. They want to be left alone. On the one hand, I can’t blame them. It’s all so easy…..

But I would prefer to grab them and shake them awake. For there are also other beings who often depend on these lost souls: Children. And then it can get crafty. Very cunning.

I once looked up the word ‘adult’: ‘Someone who has stopped growing, is fully grown’. Funny that it doesn’t say whether that’s physical or mental. Or both. Fill it in yourself I’d say. This mature person is filled with beliefs and patterns of his immediate environment. Mainly family.

Sometimes rammed in. Literally and figuratively. They are formed. They have come to accept certain things as ‘the truth’. And what do you do when you think something is the truth? Then you will announce that to others. sermon. Punch them in. Logical, because you think this is the best for you AND for others. There is no alternative. Why should there be an alternative if you already know it’s the ‘best’?

child-walksThen the children come in. Children of today are not easily fooled anymore. At least not a lot of kids. Because they become more and more sensitive, they know very quickly whether things are ‘right’. Some play the game cleverly with Sinterklaas. Bring on those presents!

But when things get serious, they show rebellious behavior. They don’t believe you. And because they start to believe you less and less and question the status quo, the struggle ensues. With parents, teachers and grandparents. And, for example, such an annoying lifeguard who gives you af*cker because you spontaneously did a bomb. As if he was never young.

Fortunately, there are still a lot of hip adults. By the way, let’s call the adults ‘bigger children’ from now on. That’s more pleasant in the mouth. These bigger, hip kids are participating in the biggest possible shift that has taken place in this world so far.

How do we get even more people to see the world from a child’s perspective again? Simple, look back to your childhood. The reason why some of us linger unnecessarily long in certain moods is because something in our childhood made it difficult for them to let it go. (That was the longest and most “mature” sentence.)

Here’s what you can do. And if you don’t do it for yourself, do it for the children of this world. Grab a pen and paper. Grab a photo from the past. Or think of a situation when you were a child. Look at yourself. See yourself struggling. Angry, sad or anxious. observe. Then step into that moment. As an experienced and powerful being.

Grab the child. hug it. Give it Love. to trust. safety. See the child shine. Then look at the situation as a ‘third you’. Imagine you are surrounded by a very large, white, yellow and golden sun. You shine together in it. Everything is good.

Then calmly return to the now. Take a few slow breaths. Pull up the corners of your mouth. You decide what happens. From now on you will see more and more from the eyes of a child. Playful, agile, sometimes cheeky. You are no longer influenced by others. Leave a hard burp. Toddler in your nose. Go make a call.

It really doesn’t help the world if you keep acting small, angry or fearful. You are a child of the cosmos. Act accordingly and contribute to a different, better society. That is possible. Think, act and live like a child again!

About Michel

Michel van den BergAfter 17 years of service and management positions at large commercial companies, Michel ends up in a burnout in 2009. After a period of rest and self-reflection, he realizes that stress, fear, unrest and pain have been created by himself. From that moment on, his life changes enormously. In 2010 he ends up in childcare.

Working with children turns out to be his great passion. The children immediately accept him and take him into their hearts. Michel can finally be himself. Without putting on masks or playing roles. He learns again what real play is and thus gets back into the ‘flow’. Michel is now ‘KinderYogi’. He sees every moment from the eyes of a child. Open, curious and playful.


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