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What about your own sense of freedom?

Sometimes I get messages whispered like ‘the breath of the mind ‘ as Mathilde Santing sings in her song ‘Inspiration’.

For me, whispered messages are precious pearls that I receive every now and then. Like this pearl:

“Be your own freedom,” said the voice inside. In every cell I felt its meaning. I wrote the sentence down at the time. This exhortation still haunts me on a regular basis. Often I no longer contain the meaning, the insight is gone. Like it’s blown away.

I’ve been feeling it again for a few weeks now and have decided to write about it before it blows away again. While writing I make more contact with it and perhaps I can also let you as a reader make contact with it.

Recently I was in Nepal from where I took back a melodious souvenir. The Nepalese song ‘Resham Firiri’ has been buzzing in and around me ever since. It means something like ‘my heart flutters like silk in the wind’. And that very well describes my heart feeling with ‘be your own freedom’. It is then as if my heart flutters like silk in the wind.

For me it feels like lightness in experiencing depth in life, without heaviness. It feels like being loose and reaching out, without clinging. It feels like moving with the tide of my heart, following the movements that spring from my heart.

It feels to me like being driven without stress. Not a holy must, but a holy may. This releases creative forces and what I do with them feels meaningful and meaningful.

‘Be your own freedom’ is not so much understandable, it can be felt in my heart and seen in how I do. I am then freedom, sometimes for a while, but I don’t lose that feeling afterwards and I keep striving for it. There are plenty of clues that can help you on your way to freedom if you want to see them.what-feels-freedom

‘Be your own freedom’ is how you choose to deal with your life circumstances. Do you remain a perpetual victim of circumstances, do you give the entire responsibility for your life to someone else or do you make yourself responsible for your happiness in life? You can ask yourself this question in your relationships, your work or your upbringing. It is a multiple choice question that has one choice of freedom.

Even more concrete and closer to home you can find clues like at this time of year.

During holidays when many people are busy with family, you can observe very well in yourself how your own feeling of freedom is. The suction of family patterns is strong, to what extent do you remain consciously present and do you choose how to deal with family patterns instead of reacting unconsciously or instinctively? That is only a spiritual exercise in freedom.

Can you rise above unconscious herd behavior? At a great height you have a view of family patterns and your own patterns. Make the choice what to do with it. Without resentment and with personal responsibility. Only at great heights do you have room to spread your wings.


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