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What am I doing all this for?


Almost everyone asks themselves this question at some point in life. You do what you always do. You have a fine life in itself. Yet you have the feeling that you are not really living life to the fullest. You feel more like you’re being lived or running after the facts. And you wonder what all this actually means.

But questions of meaning can also arise from violent events, such as a loved one who dies or an accident or illness. These kinds of violent events turn your life upside down for a while and that makes you wonder what the meaning of life actually is.

What is the meaning of life?

Everyone has a different view of the meaning of life. The fact is that no one can answer that question with certainty. We don’t know, so all the answers given to this question concern a vision of that person. My vision is that life is meant to be lived, learned, enjoyed and experienced.

It has no greater goal, but the goal is that you get the most out of your life, use your own potential. Picking up the lessons you have to learn. And tries to leave the earth a bit more beautiful than you found it. That to me is the meaning of life.

What is your WHY?

What many people get stuck in is that they don’t know exactly what their personal values ​​are. What makes them get out of bed every morning. What meaning they want to give to life. What they do it for. And if you don’t know that, then you’re going to live by “the laws”, by the norms of society, then you’re going to do what you think is expected of you.

Then you will do “what is appropriate”. Your mission then actually becomes to be the perfect student and do well in the eyes of the outside world. But if you want to do it right for everyone, then you remain insecure. Then you suffer from a lot of stress, because everyone expects something different from you. You never know exactly where you stand and whether you are doing it right.

You live from the outside in.

The outside world, the norms of society, the opinions and expectations of the people around you then become guiding for how you live your life. You are constantly adapting. And so you live in the service of the outside world.

From the outside in. But that won’t make you happy. In fact, burnout is lurking. And most people unknowingly wait for the time to come before making a change. Burnout is a very good exercise for meaning. But one I don’t wish on anyone. I speak from experience unfortunately .

Burnout as an exercise for meaning.

If you are burned out, can no longer get out of bed, can no longer work, can no longer take care of your children, can no longer handle your hobbies and social contacts, can only lie under the covers and cry… In other words, if all meaningful activities disappear from your life, who are you then?

That is the ultimate lesson in the field of meaning. Being thrown back to basics and discovering from there what makes life worth living for you. Which gives you the strength to climb out of this deep valley again.

The key, stop running and start living.

Most people find out at that point that it’s not about everything that goes on in the outside world. But that it is about your desire, your need and your inner motivation. Your Why.

Only when you start to put that at number 1, if you start living from the inside out, follow your inner compass, you will notice that there is peace. That the uncertainty decreases and you become happier. Knowing what your Why is, what you do it for, is the basis for shaping your life.

This may sound big and a bit vague, but start small and practical by asking yourself during the day. Do I actually want this? What do I want then? What do I actually need? And that can be about the simplest things, for example an appointment where it is simply assumed that you will be there.

Are you actually interested in that? That tradition that you have had for years, does it still suit you? Or those sandwiches that you habitually eat every day, aren’t you secretly craving something else? In this way you gradually come closer to your own needs and you gradually discover what is important to you.

So it is not very useful to be very much concerned with the question “what is the meaning of life”. It is much more important to think about what makes life meaningful for YOU. What do you think is important? What makes you get out of bed every morning? Put those values ​​at the center of your life and start living your life from there.

From your own WHY, your own desire and your own need. There’s your pot of gold. For example, think about making more time for the most important people in your life. Make more time for your hobby or passion. Or maybe find a job where your WHY gets more space. Better indicate your own limits, communicate more clearly about your wishes and needs. It is not about the final destination, there is no goal to achieve.

It’s about the journey, and how to enjoy it to the fullest. We’re only here for a little while,

Do you recognize this quest? How did you discover your WHY? Or are you still looking?


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