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What are chakras? An exploration of the main energy centers within the aura

In part 1 of this article we discussed in broad terms what an aura is, what aural readings are and what the main energy centers within the aura mean: the chakras. The first two chakras, located in the tailbone and abdomen, were highlighted in particular. In this second half of the article, we continue our exploration of the remaining chakras.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

Climbing further up the spine, to which all chakras are connected, we arrive at the third chakra, also called the solar plexus.

The third chakra is located at the level of your stomach/diaphragm. It is your source of life energy and creativity and it is the seat of the will. The energy of the third chakra enables you to realize thoughts, desires and wishes in material reality through action.

The life force emanating from the third chakra is in itself neutral, that is, neither good nor bad. This creative energy can be inspired by the desires or ideals of the higher self (the heart), or it can be purely about personal power and ambition (the ego).

The extent to which someone is active in life, feels enthusiastic and involved in his (daily) activities, says a lot about the functioning of the third chakra. Someone who feels passive and lethargic for a longer period of time, probably has (temporarily) the contact lost with his/her creative source.

That in itself is not a bad thing. In the feeling of passivity or emptiness, the soul expresses its desire for other, more fulfilling activities. The soul speaks through the feeling. There is only a problem if this language of the soul is ignored for a long time.

In someone who is active and enthusiastic in life, the energy in the third chakra flows well. However, there is a snag here. A person can lead a very active and busy life, while still lacking true creativity, ie creativity that is an expression of the soul. For example, that person’s activities may be imposed from external motives: wanting to meet social norms or expectations of partner, family and friends.

If this is the case, there will always be a feeling of dissatisfaction in that person at some level. If he/she does not pay attention to this, psychological or physical complaints can eventually occur. In such a case, the third chakra is functioning, but in a distorted way.

With an optimally functioning third chakra, the creative impulses of the soul flow effortlessly to earthly reality: someone is able to realize his deepest dreams and desires and therefore feels essentially fulfilled.

chakra out of balance

The heart chakra

The fourth chakra is located at the level of your heart, in the center of your chest. It is the source of higher feelings such as friendship, love and forgiveness.

The heart transcends the boundaries of the ego and allows one to enter into relationships that are not based on mere self-interest. Somewhere in the heart lives the memory of the original unity of things and the more strongly the heart chakra is developed, the more there is the desire for equality and brotherhood, and the more present the capacity for understanding and tolerance.

The heart also acts as a bridge between the upper and lower chakras; it connects the spiritual/rational field (fifth, sixth, seventh chakra) with the instinctual/emotional field (first, second, third chakra) through feeling.

I distinguish here between feeling and emotion; feelings are, in my definition, milder and more steadfast than emotions, which usually flare up and then disappear. Emotions often get in the way of a balanced assessment of a situation, while feelings allow you to put both your emotions and your rational considerations into perspective.

In this way, the heart can create unity in your soul. This does require the ability to listen to the language of your feelings – the voice of the heart – and that is no small thing, because this language is often subtle in nature and is easily overheard. by either your mind or your emotions.

The Throat Chakra

In the center of your throat is the fifth chakra, center of speech, self-expression and communication. By communication I mean the ability to express (put into the world) what touches you internally through language and through your voice.

People who have difficulty expressing their emotions, wishes or needs often have a blockage in the throat center. Expressing what concerns or touches you means that you become visible in the outside world, and this can evoke a lot of fear. That fear can lead to the accumulation of feelings and a less good flow in the throat chakra.Awareness

This can also be the case with people who are apparently very assertive; when that assertiveness is a kind of defensive armor, then the underlying feelings are often not expressed or the actual needs or wishes of such a person remain unspoken. Language and/or speech disorders and throat disorders can indicate a disturbance of the energy balance in the fifth chakra .

The fifth chakra is also the center that allows you to delicately express what you think, want or feel. Someone with a well-developed fifth chakra can name their feelings and thoughts in a nuanced way, even if this is only for themselves. This ‘naming’ can take place in language, but it can also be through more artistic expressions, such as painting, making music or a other artistic expression.

In this way, the fifth chakra is also a center of creativity, in the sense that it houses the ability to give – refined – material form to what lives inside you.

The Third Eye

The sixth chakra, also called the “third eye,” is located between your eyebrows in the center of your head. In this center is the capacity for creative thinking, imagination and ‘clear seeing’ (in the sense of extrasensory perception). The third eye offers you the possibility of ‘thinking with your intuition’.

By this I mean: thinking that does not act purely in logical reasoning, but that makes associative leaps and connections, the meaning of which comes through feeling and imagination rather than through the ratio can be understood. An artist, for example, makes a lot of appeal to the third eye.

A phenomenon that almost everyone knows is when you have the feeling that someone is looking at you, while you cannot see that person. If you suddenly look back, this turns out to be true. These kinds of hunches come from the sixth chakra. A person with a highly developed third eye often picks up much more information from the environment than can be comprehended with the ordinary senses.

Such a person can easily sense or absorb the moods and thoughts of others. Often such a person responds to the unspoken thoughts or needs of another; he is very good at reading between the lines in social interactions. Such an ability is not always a blessing. Often, someone is not well aware of this ability. And then it is quite difficult to distinguish which feelings are yours now.

The Crown Chakra

The seventh chakra is located on the crown and is also called the ‘crown chakra’. This chakra controls your connection to the cosmos, the realm of the extraterrestrial or otherworldly. It is also your connection line with Home: the light spheres from which you originally came.

Your crown chakra allows you to make contact with the deeper meaning of events or encounters. It can give you insight into the soul path you are walking. That way, the pain and suffering you encounter on your path (in yourself or another) can become more tolerable. After all, understanding is the key to acceptance.

You can also receive information from guides or helpers via the crown chakra, who can guide you in certain processes or with certain decisions. Of course you have to be very careful with such information. Does it really come from a guide/helper, or is it one of the many voices in your head, often representing unconscious wishes or judgments?

Information from guides or helpers can be recognized by the joyful and calming feeling that accompanies it. When these guides whisper something to you, it is always a message of warmth and light, an encouragement or a suggestion, and never a commandment or a judgment. As soon as an oppressive sense of duty or compulsion is involved, the contact is not pure.

The aura as a bridge to the soul

old soul with butterfly

When you experience in yourself an interest in auras and aura readings , there is often a deeper desire for more contact with the inner reality that lies behind the observable.

Auras and chakras tell you about the perception of people, how energy flows or blocks, and how we are all connected to the reality of our soul. With this short introduction about auras and aura readings, I hope to create a feeling of wonder and curiosity. to have awakened.

Behind the world of the physical hides a rich, inner reality, which we can intuitively glimpse by relying on our feelings, our creative impulses and our inner surrender to something greater than ourselves.

Everyone has an aura , which forms a bridge to the soul of that person.

Whether or not you see auras, being open to this dimension gives you a sense of the infinite wealth and value of each individual.


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