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What are devas? elementals, elves, nymphs etc.

There are many names, categories: elementals, elves, nymphs, sylphens, gnomes, gnomes, stone beings, metal beings, the crystal beings, giants, brownies, goblins, salamanders…etc..Small, the smallest atom, has a tone and a consciousness, to the highest levels, The Elohim, The Lords/Ladies of creation, Planetary, Galactic Universal… up to “before the throne of God”.

You can see them as a shape but also as an energy form. Every consciousness has a holographic pattern, it adapts to the needs of the observer, but also has its own original form.

Angels and devas are no different. Although it seems to depend on the dimension they are in. Like we humans, initially have a human form and an energy field only becomes visible/palpable for the clairvoyant/feeling.

Why are Devas so important to humans?

The starting point I take is a threefold division from the Jewish Mysticism, the Tree of Life .

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There is a three-way division: The spheres of form are on the left, the spheres of spirit are on the right, and the ascending spheres of man are in the middle.

The Kabbalah indicates a form or method for mastering the various aspects in creation and in the human mind. But most mystical currents indicate a path to walk, this one is just one example.

It can be translated into: the Deva realm, the Human realm and the Angelic realm. In the end, everything comes together in the source.

Man must absorb and balance the two kingdoms, then he becomes the enlightened man: the Adam/Eve Kadmon.

The Angelic realm inspires man to higher thoughts and wisdom, The Deva realm puts all thoughts of man into form. So it is man, with his consciousness, who shapes creation (whether he does so in wisdom or not).

In fact, the tripartite division takes place entirely in the consciousness of man, because in the end everything is one again. It does help, however, to first look at things separately in order to be able to investigate them in this way.

In my opinion, the invention of time (by man) was done to allow cause and effect to take place AFTER each other, in order to separate them and be able to experience them separately. The same will undoubtedly have been done with the various dimensions.

(Note: Actually we don’t measure linear time: but the time to travel a distance between 2 points in a cycle: the earth revolves around itself or around the sun and comes back to the same point, 1 day, 1 year is 1 cycle. That we have 24 hours in a day is a religious choice, not a physicist).

The Deva realm is now stepping forward as it wants to reunite with Humanity.


At the time of Lemuria the veil was still thin, humanity still one, life still strongly linked to nature and the feminine principle dominant.

The male principle started to develop in the Atlantis period. The connection with nature became less. Knowledge rose, technological experiments were frequently done.

Crystal technology, electromagnetic energy sources and even quantum physics were developed. Technology was ahead of wisdom, leading to many miscreations. And misuse of resources. Creatures were also abused, animals and people, many animals from the fable world sense from this period (centaurs, griffins and the like).

The devas were also abused indirectly as they had to manifest these miscreations and even directly. Often for personal purposes. Much damage was done to the original blueprint of creation, to the point where it was no longer allowed and all misused energy was projected back. This was the fall of Atlantis (Many books have been written about it).

The empire collapsed, but more importantly, humanity fell drastically back into its consciousness. The separation, the veil, is therefore complete. The confusion too. Thus began man’s quest again, slowly, through many, long dark episodes. Learning now, without the great faculties of old, man learned to gain wisdom through trial and error.

Karmic laws ensured that the damage could not increase further and served as a solid steering mechanism to teach man the ability to distinguish between good and evil or better: between harmonic loving creations and disharmonic creations.

Now, and the new time.

Now we are back to the point where karmic laws can again transition to the laws of Love and Grace. The Laws of Grace can become more effective as one has worked out a certain amount of karma and to what extent one can live in grace with the world. Forgiveness is so important in this: yourself and others.

Where love and wisdom predominate, laws are no longer so necessary, as the heart does what is the highest good for the whole (unconditional love, Christ consciousness). Instead of must and duty, it becomes allowed and acting out of love and joy.

The masculine and feminine principle are on their way to a new balance, transcending duality, they are no longer opposites but complementary.

The veil is thinning and the connection with other realms in other dimensions stronger. As a result, the three realms will gradually merge again.

The Angelic Realm has been fairly well known to mankind for some time now. The Deva realm a little less but now comes forward because it wants to reunite with Humanity.

Humanity is becoming more and more powerful, it is starting to shake off the old patterns, its consciousness is increasing as it takes back control of its own destiny. It is therefore becoming increasingly important that we create harmonious creations.

Restoring the original blueprint goes hand in hand with the harmony within ourselves. How harmonious we ourselves are: the more harmonious our creations.

This leads us back to the Source and thus to the new golden age where peace, love, beauty and bliss predominate.

With the earth on the rise, those who were involved in the creation of the earth can also take another step further in their evolution. Everything is connected to everything. In this Universe, everyone moves a little upwards again.

There are 12 constellations that contributed to the creation of the Earth and our entire solar system. They are still here to help us. However, we are them too. Many of us have lived lives on other planets before incarnating on Earth. Been co-creators who wished to experience their own creation. So you and I (and maybe the neighbors). If we could see each other in that light, the world might look very different.

Not quite there yet.

However, we are not all there yet. We are often still hurt, fearful and therefore not yet fully in our love power. Besides karma you also have personal or group traumas. These traumas are negative experiences from the past and hinder your conscious manifestation power. However, they promote your growth and life wisdom if you want to watch and transform them. Perhaps the whole wisdom of life lies precisely in this.

Knowing what your vulnerability is and lovingly embracing it now usually resolves the trauma. Where you live through and feel something, actions, even crimes, become wisdom of life and therefore qualities. No more guilt. We are big and small at the same time and accepting them leads to transcending them, letting go of the attachment to drama. This brings us back into harmony again.

Only when humanity is in harmony will the planet be.

unicorn Garibaldi
The unicorn named Garibaldi was with us during this trip.

Back to the Deva Empire

How do you get in touch with the devas again ? Actually it’s very simple, open your heart and let this world come to you, play dance and create with them! Like children do full of fantasy.

Still, for many people, something gets in the way. Let’s look at what might be in the way.

Guilt, for example. We have often come to condemn our past deeds that were not always in the highest light, resulting in a sense of shame.

Guilt makes us stop doing something, we avoid it, often don’t want to look at it anymore, don’t dare to do it and this entails a defensive attitude or a general passivity (I can’t help this anymore.. ) . Society before us, the Christian church has done it successfully for 2000 years (mea culpa = I am guilty). So we are guilty and therefore unworthy etc…

We can now get rid of that by DOING to look at it and strangely enough it is often much less bad than we initially thought. By working on it and appropriating it, you lighten it, the heaviness goes off, and it can gradually disappear.

That’s where Innocence comes in (it’s crazy that we only have a negative word for that: no guilt).

Children are innocent, so are devas. The energy of guilt is very heavy for them and like fear (guilt is a form of fear) unbearable for them.

If we want to allow the Devas in ourselves again, we have to activate our inner child.

If we want to activate our inner child, we can do that when we are in a state of innocence.

For the inner child everything is possible, everything is possible, magic exists, even quite simply. A world opens up here.

Help from various beings

What helps is connecting us with the right energy. In 2002 we started with a group to reactivate the Unicorn energy. A mythical beast you will say, but this animal represents innocence and wisdom (according to the medieval sagas he lays his noble head in the womb of the virgin).

The unicorn named Garibaldi was with us during this trip.

The virgin by the way also stands for innocence and purity, (ie spiritual purity, the pure heart, it has nothing to do with sex): the gate to magic. The unicorn and Mary Magdalene also have a lot to do with each other. Mary Magdalene represented this energy when she was on Earth. This is probably why other apostles were afraid of her: she understood Life herself.

She says: no guilt, no shame, go beyond that!

Child and Devas
Children are innocent, so are devas.

Then there is another entrance through the 12 Divine Rays. The 7 th ray of Transformation, Magic and helps you transform and dare to believe in the magic of life again. The 9th ray , the ray of Joy helps you get into the right energy. (see footnote),

By calling on this energy, you come into contact with the energy of innocence again.

Garibaldi’s golden horn can touch you and cause a wondrous transformation. Call upon him and he will come.


7th Ray.Violet

Servants/Seekers: Freedom, Redemption/Purification

Ceremonial Order, Rituals, Magic, Diplomacy, Tact, The Violet Flame, Physicality and Grounding of the Spirit, Order and Discipline. Master St Germain

9 the radius . blue green

Joy, Attraction of the Lightbody.

Start the Meeting.

Meeting: without having to, wanting to get to know each other, wanting to see, feel, experience each other.

As mentioned, it starts with opening your heart and daring to allow (scary?) of what could possibly happen.

It’s close to you, actually incredibly intimate, joyful, intensely tender and moving, but also physically very direct, sometimes overwhelming. All emotions will come up on their own.

Meeting Deva’s is mainly feeling. Accept the emotional body of yourself completely again.

In contact with Angels it is often much more mental. Then we are in the ideas/inspiration world and usually less emotional. Easier for many people. Many people are so mental that they can barely reach their emotions. They hide them, themselves with them, and then pretend it’s not there. The hospitals show us where that leads. Healthcare is benefiting from it.

So it is a entering into, the encounter with the Devas and the elementals, not something to be taken lightly, and indeed it is. Light, love, joy. They also ask for respect, for them, and for yourself, in the end everything is one again.

It is also a coming home, a celebration of recognition. Literally: we once knew this but lost it again. The Deva realm extends from the tiniest cell to the entire Universe, to feel it can be confusing but… Once you have the courage to open the box, you can’t go back.


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