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What are light workers?

Lightworkers are people who are preparing the earth for the new age. They bring the Light from within themselves through deep acquired knowledge gained in previous incarnations or through a clear and pure channel.

A great change is coming where the old will disappear and make way for a new dimension or the transition from the third to the fourth dimension. Hearts will be opened where the darkness hero back the Light.

It is a profound peace process in which old norms and values ​​​​will disappear and give way to a new era. This process will certainly not be without a struggle or without loss or pain. The new time pushes out old pain after which a new beginning can be made.

A lightworker should be very pure and work without ego interests. A lightworker is love and carries this love out without losing contact with the earth. He or she acts as the bridge between heaven and earth and in this way connects the old dimension with the new dimension.

Lightworkers are people who are actually on the front line and have to absorb the first blows before they send the message of renewal to the environment. Many networks of pure souls will unfold in the near future who will be reunited and greet each other again after a long time of isolation.

For them, a time of alienation from the environment, being an outcast, an odd one out, will come to an end and they will know that all that has been traveled to get this far has been good.

Through the lightwork on earth will illuminate the darkness that still veils our celestial body and people will prepare the earth for assimilation into a new dimension

A lot of preparatory work has been done in recent years and many hands make light work! Be alert in the coming time and see in the world around you how many great and far-reaching changes are forcing humanity to open its eyes.

These changes are desperately needed to raise the consciousness of people because only with a higher consciousness and therefore a higher vibration can the transition from the third to the fourth dimension be made.

Through the lightwork on earth, the darkness that still veils our celestial body will illuminate and the earth will be prepared for assimilation into a new dimension. A dimension in which one will be past the pain and misery, mind you, this applies to those who wish to go along with this renewal.

Those who dwell in old norms and values ​​​​will continue to experience the repetition of misery, pain and sorrow as they do not wish to forget the past. Only living in the now gives us the opportunity to take the step and accept the outstretched hand from the other side. An arduous but rewarding task awaits the lightworkers to pave the way for those willing to make it to the other side.

What is light work?

Lightwork is bringing Light to people by working on your inner Light so that it can be seen. This is done through self-activity through the heart and in an egoless way. This is a perpetual process where we constantly think, act and purify our systems without judging others, but still distinguishing what the Light really serves and what does not. We free ourselves from our emotional and mental field, whereby we dare to wield the two-sided sword, of balance and equilibrium.

Lightwork focuses on everything that has a Universal appearance, because this has a strengthening effect. All weak links will fall off by themselves if they are no longer fed by one of us. You cannot become a lightworker, you are! Courses, techniques and initiations are completely superfluous for the Lightwork, since every soul can only initiate itself, where life itself is the greatest school. Lightworkers never work in groups for they work only on the Self!

Lightworkers are currently preparing the Earth for a new era to come. They bring the Light from within themselves through deep acquired knowledge obtained in previous incarnations or through a clear and pure channel. By living this way we are not only Light for ourselves but also for others.


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