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What are New Age Children? a lecture by Herbert van Erkelens

What are New Age Children?

1 Introduction

What are New Age Children ? It is difficult to come up with a description that does not meet with resistance from parents or children. When a new age comes, all children are born for the new age. The term ‘New Age Children’, on the other hand, suggests that it refers to a special group of children. I personally believe that there are indeed children who have a more direct bond with the new age than other children.

We intend to make a transition to a higher dimension within the next ten years. A dimension is a level of consciousness. The third dimension is the dimension of duality and of linear time. In this dimension we feel cut off from higher dimensions, from God. Our society is a good example of a society that has become fixated on the third dimension.

Everything revolves around material things and collectively we endanger life on earth. We have no prospect of a life after death and we try frantically to get the most out of life. At the same time, we are doing our best to keep the Netherlands somewhat livable for as many groups in society as possible. But we lack a higher perspective. Jesus said the following about such societies in a message to Anne Givaudan and Daniel Meurois:

Your societies have lost their vitality by producing people who, though of a certain caliber, are incapable of comprehending their origin and destiny. They are robbed of their ability to see life other than centered around their own little inner functioning.

( ray of light from the sun , p. 171)

new age childrenHow should it be otherwise?

Love of life based on an individual sense of responsibility must without delay become the pivot on which education revolves […] If you have the will to give something of your heart to the world, your job is to listen to the heartbeat of life. You have to reproduce and reprocess that heart rhythm in the content and structure of a new education. (p. 171)

We have created a world without love, without a heartbeat, a world that is pieced together in meetings and political get-togethers with no awareness of the deeper human destiny. Through education and upbringing, children are confronted with this heartless world. Many children are no match for that world.

For this lecture I would like to refer to these children as new-age children. This includes the psychic children who see themselves as emissaries of love and have come to Earth to create a better world. These children need our special help. They are vulnerable because the new age has not yet arrived.

2. The Sixties

The fourth dimension is the dimension beyond time and space. In On the Divinity of Man it is said about this dimension: ‘Whoever functions at that level of consciousness can experience all places and all times at the same time. One feels young and old at the same time, at home and far away at the same time. One experiences the unity of everything. You don’t need anything.’ (Gaastra-Levin) Regarding the fifth dimension, Reint and Gabriela note: ‘This is the dimension of compassion, unconditional love and acceptance of everything as part of the Divine plan, as being a Divine game.’

The pop group The Byrds already talked about the fifth dimension in the 1960s. In May 1966 they recorded the song 5D (Fifth Dimension). In their view, 5D was about love:

‘I opened my heart to the whole universe and I found it was loving.

I saw the great blunder my teachers had made, scientific delirium madness.’

The song was based on a book titled 1-2-3-4, More, More, More, More . Composer Roger McGuinn later explained:

‘The fifth dimension is the threshold for scientific knowledge. There are people here who practice fifth-dimensional ways of living, and our scientists limit themselves to two- or three-dimensional levels. There is a conflict here. Much of the world is very materialistic and scientific. She overlooks the beauty of the universe.’

(Song notes by Johnny Rogan, 20-bit mastered Byrds release of 5D (Sony)).

The 1960s were a foretaste of the Age of Aquarius. Even then you had new age children. They had developed in secret without significant help from the outside world. They often felt that they were born on the wrong planet because they were misunderstood by their environment. In the sixties of the last century they were given the space to manifest themselves. Carolina Hehenkamp, ​​one of them, writes about it:

New beings entered the earth to usher in a new era. This generation was responsible for the demonstrations in the 1960s; she sawed the legs of many structures and took the lead in many areas. It was a powerful push to change things on Earth. The flower children, the hippies and other groups have sown the seeds for change. Whether it was new forms of living together, music, fashion or organic food, this generation was always ready to try new things. In the mid-1950s, many “surgeons and helpers” for humanity were born. Both groups (the forerunners and the healers/helpers) have achieved together that the vibrational level of the earth could rise to a higher level.

(Carolina Hehenkamp, ​​Indigo children as gifts and challenges , Panta Rhei, Katwijk, 2003, p. 182)

3. The Eternal Youth

The flower children and the hippies are a good example of young people who were no match for the adult world. They have therefore disappeared from the scene. They were powerless to change society or they destroyed themselves with drugs. Psychologically speaking, they suffered from a Puer aeternus complex.

They lived carefree as if they had eternal youth. Their dilemma is beautifully portrayed in the musical Hair. Forty years ago in America you had the hippies who didn’t live on anything on the one hand and the boys who went to fight for their homeland in Vietnam on the other. In the musical it turns out that the hippie accidentally ends up as a soldier in Vietnam and is killed there. The boy who was trained to fight and was also willing to go remains behind in the hippie world.

The era of the Aquarius that is sung at the beginning of the musical has not yet arrived. First there must be an end to cynicism in politics, to the power games of politicians. But the American adventure in Iraq shows that politicians don’t change their worldview so easily.What are New Age Children

Marie-Louise von Franz has written an in-depth study of the Puer aeternus complex. According to her, the eternal youth is an image of God. We must be careful not to identify with such an image of God.

Peter Birkhäuser, a painter who was in her analysis, painted the eternal youth. This painting shows an animal with a thick, bristly, silver-grey coat. The animal, part horse, part wild boar, marches across the night sky, carrying on its back a dark four-armed young man. Carl Gustav Jung saw the painting in June 1960. It made a powerful impression on him. In November 1960 Jung wrote to Birkhäuser:

At the beginning of our Kalpa (cosmic age), Vishnu created the new world in the form of a beautiful girl lying on the waters. But the great serpent managed to pull the new creation down into the sea. Vishnu saved her by diving down in the form of a boar […] At the end of this cosmic age, Vishnu will turn into a white horse and create a new world. This refers to Pegasus ushering in the Age of Aquarius.

( C. G. Jung Letters, Volume 2, 1951-1961 , p. 607)

Vishnu is the creator god in Hindu mythology. The horse Pegasus is a constellation in the sky between Pisces and Aquarius. In Jung’s view, the constellation marks the transition from the Age of Pisces to that of Aquarius. With the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, Pegasus is no longer needed. Then the animal has brought the dark youth to the New Age. Von Franz writes in Light from the Darkness as commentary:

The new spirit of the coming Age of Aquarius rides a white beast (Pegasus), half horse, half boar. Where the youth stretches out his hands, new forms blossom. He was foretold in John’s Revelation as the boy taken up to heaven and is, as Jung explained in Answer to Job , a picture of the complete man.

Light from the Darkness: The Paintings of Peter Birkhäuser/Licht aus dem Dunkel. Die Malerei von Peter Birkhäuser , Birkhäuser Verlag, Basel/Boston/Stuttgart, 1980, p. 48.

4. Practical advice

In fact, the New Age already lives within us. The Eternal Youth is the deity of the Age of Aquarius. But you cannot be an eternal youth. If you don’t die early like pop artists Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, and Jim Morrison, you have to find a way to land on Earth. Von Franz recommends:

One who is captivated by the complex of the eternal youth must learn to do work that he does not like, rather than just doing work in which he is carried with great enthusiasm. Anyone can do the latter […] The work that is also therapy for him is that he has to drag himself out of bed on a rainy morning to go back to a boring job. (p. 43)

Many new age children are already following this advice. Their parents still expect them to go to college or something. But many scientific and vocational training courses are not up to their frequency. They take a job until they know what they want with their lives.

I haven’t really solved this problem myself yet. I have made several attempts to become rooted in society. But if you’re highly educated, it’s not that easy. At the universities there are cutbacks, in journalism many magazines go bankrupt.

Now I’m going to try it in secondary education. But the teacher shortage that existed in recent years has already disappeared. In short, where do you find that boring work that von Franz is talking about? Which brings me to the other side of the coin.

You also have people who have just adapted to the adult world and then suddenly lose their jobs. I found something about this in a message from Jesus to the artist Marianne Dubois. He finds the individual cases painful, but sees an opportunity for the world in the phenomenon of unemployment:

Unemployment can also transform the ideas we build about our role and identity […] If we are hit by unemployment and we don’t sink into depression, a new horizon opens up before us. Finally we have the time to get rid of stress, rediscover ourselves, discover our hidden being and the richness of the mind.

( Marianne Dubois, The Smile of God, p. 153 )

Jesus points out that our labor market depends far too much on consumption, an immense consumption that ruins the earth. Happiness does not lie in consumption and letting someone else perish. Happiness lies in sharing, in inner peace and in the discovery of yourself and others:

Let us nurture the genius that lives in each of us but which we strangle with our conformism and our fear […] The unemployed are in the best position to listen and to become the vanguard of an earth that is moving in the direction of cooperation and harmony. (p. 155)

The genius in ourselves is again that eternal youth, our inner child that is still connected to the big picture.

5. Emissaries of the Light

A separate group of New Age children are the clairvoyant children. They were already there in the 1960s. After all, they are timeless. But in the past, these children could hardly express themselves. They lived in a world that was not understood by their environment.

I myself know Thea Terlouw, medium and spiritual therapist from Zeeland. In The Cycle of Life and Death she writes a short piece about her own childhood as a particularly clairvoyant child, about all the problems that this entailed. She thinks about our time:

It is wonderful that today’s children, if they bring certain talents into their lives, can talk about it. I have enjoyed talking to children about their multidimensional perceptions. How they described their guides and how I could tell from their faces during the description that they were enjoying the memory. Stories of children talking telepathically to their guide ‘in their heads’, just like I always did and still do. What a wealth.

( The Cycle of Life and Death , p. 228)

Today there is a lot of literature about clairvoyant children. Thanks in part to peace troubadour James Twyman

James Twyman New Age Children
James Twyman

In 1994 Twyman set a dozen peace prayers from different religions to music. The following year, with this peace concert, he visited former war-torn Yugoslavia. There he came into contact with a spiritual group that lived in the tradition of the apostle John and has since dissolved.

They called themselves the Emissaries of the Light. Six men and six women meditated for world peace around a twelve-spoke wheel. Twyman accepted the one in the center of the wheel as his tutor. He called him Teacher. This one explained to Twyman:

Now that you’re here, your life will never be the same. You have accepted a most important mission, which is to proclaim the end of time. But the end of time will not come, as people think, in a breath. Time will end in light because it began in darkness. Time will end when humanity will accept eternity as its home. This is truly the most important moment in history.

( Emissary of the Light , p. 102)

On a later occasion, Teacher tried to make it clear to Twyman that he could step body and all through the Door to Eternity. Then he would end up in the fourth dimension where time does not exist. Then he actually tried to step through the Door.

He experienced an incredible peace and joy, but suddenly he moved backwards and he returned to the three-dimensional world of space and time. Teacher explained to him that he had been afraid of what might happen if he stepped outside of time:

Going through the Door is something that will happen on its own when you have completely let go of your fear. You will step out of time and experience eternity, and then you will step back as an Emissary of the Light. (p. 238)

6. Emissaries of Love

Seven years later, Tywman comes into contact with clairvoyant children. He travels to a monastery in Bulgaria where he meets four clairvoyant children. Those children believe that they have come to Earth to open our hearts. They can communicate telepathically with each other and consider themselves Emissaries of Love. One of the children is named Thomas by Twyman.

When Twyman returns to the United States, he receives messages telepathically from the then ten-year-old Thomas. He decides to spread these messages via the Internet. Several messages can be found in the epilogue of Young messengers. From this it can be concluded that the clairvoyant children themselves feel that they are here on Earth to assist humanity in a major shift in consciousness.

An important message from the children was distributed in February 2002 and consists of three parts: a vision, a prediction and the actual message. The vision looks like a dream. You enter a large church or cathedral that is completely empty. The cathedral seems extinct.

But then you hear a sound somewhere above you. A scaffolding runs up the stone wall. A complicated system of planks rests on this. A group of children stands on these shelves and works on the ceiling. They are busy making a beautiful painting. You feel the need to climb the scaffolding. When you reach the top, small children’s hands help you further. Now you can see the ceiling painting well, and you are very surprised:

You’ve never seen something so beautiful, something that attracts so much attention. What you see is a new world and yet it is not new at all. It is the world you have always dreamed of, a world of perfect peace. The Children gather around you and smile, because they see how much you like their work. Then the church, the scaffolding and everything else you see disappear, and you are absorbed in the beautiful image. And the whole world goes with you.

( Young Messengers , p. 168)

The subsequent prediction fits entirely into the New Age worldview. According to this worldview, dolphins and whales have a higher consciousness than humans. Dolphins operate on the frequency of love, while whales are said to be the archivists of life on Earth.

According to the clairvoyant children, whales and dolphins are sensitive to the consciousness net of love (the fifth dimension!) with which they are connected. As a result, these animals react to the way in which we position ourselves in relation to this consciousness net.

The net is activated and behaves like the mighty flow of a river. You can go against it or you can be carried away by it. That is why we have two options ahead of us. If we let ourselves be carried by the current, our consciousness will align with that of dolphins and whales.

If you hear reports of unusual occurrences in the ocean over the next two years, of whole schools of dolphins congregating in densely populated urban areas (in the ocean near major cities, that is) or whales doing such things, know that you chose love over fear. . But if your scientists are going to report that they are no longer congregating in the usual places and are retreating to inaccessible areas, far away from humans, know that the choice has turned out differently. (p. 170)

7. A Shift in Vibration

The third part of the whole message concerns a sacred place that is as real as anything we have ever experienced physically: ‘It is the place where the heart lives, where the heart can breathe and grow until it encompasses the entire universe.

Now listen to this word, and open your heart to the world that lies within its reach.” The word is ‘Pretend!’, in Dutch ‘Wend voor!’ According to the clairvoyant children, we as humanity have chosen to pretend what is not true. The other possibility is to pretend what is true:

Choose again. Pretend to be enlightened. Pretend God loves you. Pretend you are perfect just the way you are. Take a deep breath and PRETEND IT’S TRUE. Then everything will become clear […] The net is finished. Pretend you’re there, and you’re there. It is nothing more than a shift in vibration. We are waiting for you, as there is still much to reveal. The journey has only just begun. And we move forward together. From here we are just a breath away from Heaven. Now open your eyes. And remember who you are. (p. 173)

The messages of the clairvoyant children always revolve around a crucial choice that we now have to make. It is not a casual matter. According to Thomas, the transition to a higher state of consciousness cannot be stopped.

We cannot live forever in a world that does not correspond to our highest truth. The choice is only whether we will walk a difficult or a peaceful path of change:

The work the Children are doing now should make the change peaceful, but the result will be the same no matter what. Therefore you should not be afraid, but be careful. (p. 202)

The clairvoyant children are called the Children of Oz in Young Messengers . But nowadays there is also talk of indigo children . In Raising Psychic Children , Thomas addresses the question of how to raise such children as a parent. In doing so, he notes that the beautiful name ‘indigo child’ does not make sense to him:

Even the word Child no longer applies. We look like children and behave as you would expect us to. But that’s not who we are. The same goes for you. You seem to be the one and you act a certain way. But that doesn’t define who you are. You are still a child, and your mind exists within ours. We are all just like you are. (p. 13)

According to Thomas, there is no essential difference between a parent and a child. But one is the parent and the other is the child. The child needs the parent’s help:

You have to make a decision now. Your decision has an effect beyond the relationship you enjoy now. It is a choice you will make with the whole world. The whole universe is involved. That’s why we work so closely with you. It’s more important than you can imagine. When your child grows up and you see the fruits of this work, you will understand. The children have come to save the world. That’s no exaggeration. But they need your help now. Choose love and the rest will be revealed by itself. (p. 58)New age children family

8. Educate

Not all parents understand their child. It is also difficult for some autistic children to find out what is going on inside them. We also have to learn to accept that children of our time are constructed differently . The funny thing about this is that ten-year-old Thomas himself does not want to make a problem out of parenting. He states:

The only way you can help your children is to realize that they are OK just the way they are. Then you may be willing to give yourself the same gift. Then you would realize that you are OK just the way you are.

You don’t have to change anything. That will lead you to freedom. You don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. That will lead you to enlightenment. When you allow your mind to be filled with light, you give your child permission to do the same.

Many parents and educators will frown at this. Or, on the contrary, they breathe a sigh of relief when they read: ‘Don’t focus on what you have to do, but rather on what has already been done. That is the key to raising any child, including yourself.’

In fact, most of Thomas’s messages are about how a parent can educate themselves . His statements are sometimes reminiscent of the Sermon on the Mount in the Gospel of Matthew. If there is any question of didactics in Thomas, then it has a strong mystical slant:

Here’s the most important thing I can teach you. There’s a child living inside you right now that has everything to be happy. You don’t need anything that isn’t already there. This is the key to your salvation. When you realize this, your children will realize the same. That’s why I keep telling you not to worry about your kids. You don’t have to worry about anything.

This is certainly remarkable advice for parents wondering what to become of their children. There is really nothing they need to worry about. The deeper reason is that Thomas knows we are making a leap in consciousness. In the book Indigo Children edited by Lee Carroll and Jan Tober, spiritual therapist Doreen Virtue states:

The indigo children have incarnated in our time for a very holy reason: to usher in a new society based on honesty, cooperation and love. By the time they are adults, our world will look completely different from today. There will no longer be violence and competition.

If that’s the case, then we don’t really need to worry about our kids. They will not have to deal with that loveless, achievement-oriented society from the third dimension. We live in a time of spiritual awakening. And that’s the difference from before. Or as Thomas puts it:

When the sun rises it will be easy for you to open your eyes. You tried to wake up while it was still dark outside. Most people then fall back asleep. But now everything will be different. The sun shines.


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