What are the disadvantages of studying?


After all these years of toiling on things that didn’t interest you at all, you can focus on something you really enjoy. Hopefully, as a university student after 4 years and as a university graduate after 3 years, you will have completed your bachelor’s degree, so that you can further specify yourself with a master within a certain field.

What you should remember before you start studying is that studying is not always fun either. There will always be courses that do not interest you or whose subject does not suit you. You will have to beat yourself through that. However, there are even more drawbacks to studying.


Recent studies show that students experience a lot of stress. That in itself is not illogical, but you have to be able to deal with it. Because in addition to all the impressions and new things that you get in student life apart from your study, your study itself is also stressful. You feel like an academic year is always over in no time.

This is mainly due to the fact that you have to absorb an incredible amount of information in a year. It’s just unbelievably busy. You hardly have time to do nothing for a few days. Deadlines for essays, exams, midterms, projects and other assignments are the order of the day every week. In addition, especially at higher vocational education, you often also have to work in a group.

In that case, you are dependent on others, which can be very frustrating at times. One is a real control freak, who cannot outsource work and wants to do everything himself. The other is very lazy, doesn’t do anything and doesn’t show up. Sometimes it’s to get discouraged.

But the stress can be even greater. For example, if you fail exams, you are in many cases entitled to a resit. The disadvantage of this is that these resits often take place in the next examination period. That will be in the same period as the exams of the next block.

So you have to study even harder to get everything. Putting too much pressure on yourself in such situations can be quite stressful. Even if you notice that a study is not for you, you no longer like it or it turns out to be too ambitious, it is not conducive to your stress level. And all these stress factors are still outside the rest of student life.

You probably also have a part-time job, you may participate in a sport or you are part of a student association. You will understand that student life in this way can be quite stressful.

student debt

Another disadvantage of studying is the student debt that you build up. For a number of years now, the student grant or ‘stufi’, as students call it, is no longer a gift and everything has to be repaid. Your student grant is therefore actually entirely a loan.

In principle, only your student OV is still a gift, provided you obtain a diploma within 10 years (for example, your bachelor’s degree). So it is actually a performance grant. It must be said, however, that the money borrowed during a study can be borrowed at a very pleasant interest rate. This interest is almost 0%. On the other hand, depending on the amount of the debt and your future salary, your student debt is something that you will spend years to pay off.

Now you may be wondering whether it is absolutely necessary to borrow during your studies. After all, it is not mandatory. So why would you do it then? The problem is that student life is relatively expensive. You have to pay your rent, pay for your own groceries, want to go to a party now and then, have to pay for textbooks and your own tuition.

Of course, in many cases the parents contribute to part of those costs, but the monthly costs are still quite high. Especially if you also consider that a student has to study and therefore does not have time to take a permanent 9 to 5 job.

Living at home as a student

Considering the high student debt, you might think: then you just stay with your parents during your student days? In recent years it has been seen that more and more students are choosing to actually continue living with their parents during their studies. This has been the case especially since the introduction of the loan system.

As a student, staying with your parents will not make you happy either. In addition, you will miss out on a large part of your development, you will not become independent and you will not get to know nearly as many people as if you did move into rooms. You must always conform to the life of your parents.

It is then difficult to come home at 5 in the morning screaming after a party. After all, your parents have to go back to work the next day.

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