What are we doing on Earth? Life Lesson 3: Being

What are we doing on Earth? Life Lesson 3: Being
If we start from the Life Lesson Theory, we take as a starting point that we are on earth to learn certain life characteristics: for example, thinking of (self) love, learning to accept, daring to trust, etc. The earth is a hard school, so we can learn quickly. Just watch a child warn you that the candle’s flame is hot. Even if you warn a hundred times, the child only really and quickly learns it when it burns his finger.

What am I doing here on Earth? What is the meaning of my life? Do you know it? In this article, which is part of a series of 12 articles, lesson 3 from the life lesson theory* is discussed. Lesson 3 is about Being. Missed the previous lesson? View lesson 2 about adaptation here. 

Want to fill the void

In the Being life lesson, we are invited to learn that we are whole: we need nothing outside of ourselves, no love, no fulfillment or comfort. People who work with this life lesson in this life often experience a void that they are constantly looking to fill. Some do this by eating (too much) drinking, taking drugs, working or being constantly busy with all kinds of activities. Others try to fill this void by improving themselves. They are constantly reading, studying or moving from one workshop to another. They feel ‘not good enough and are desperate for that training, course or study that will assure them that they are ‘good enough’‘.


What are we doing on Earth? Life Lesson 3: Being

Whatever form is chosen to cover the sense of non-wholeness and emptiness, it can easily turn into an addiction or an obsession. Because the outside world is looking for stuffing and not going in, there will be increasing neediness which quickly leads to obsessive behavior. After all, we think we need more and more when we notice that – despite all our efforts – we still don’t feel whole. Not every addict works with the primary life lesson Being, but addictive behavior is often promoted by this life lesson.

Lean relations

The life lesson of Being can also manifest itself on a relational level. This can be recognized in relationships in which both partners believe they need the other to be whole. They lean on each other and they feel they really need each other. Often many partners find it difficult to be alone because then the feeling of emptiness and not being whole is again in its entirety for them.

Since everything in life is constantly changing, it is virtually impossible for both lovers to grow at the same rate. It will therefore be only a matter of time before these kinds of learning relationships will fall apart. When one notices that the other is taking a little more distance, because of a promotion at work, a new hobby, or because of the arrival of a child, the fragile balance is lost. The harder one of the partners tries to keep the other close, the faster the thrust and push dynamics to kick in. If action is not taken in time and an awareness process is initiated, this can mean the end of the relationship

Weight problems

What are we doing on Earth? Life Lesson 3: Being

Some people who work on the life lesson are experiencing problems with their weight. In some cases, it is mainly about healing negative life experiences by means of, for example, regression therapy. Because the experience is returned to through deep relaxation, it can be healed. The weight will automatically return to its natural state.

Other people will find that even when they have healed their traumatic experiences, they still struggle with their weight. Even if they stop eating, they still gain weight. In that case, it is about working on learning to see yourself completely differently. It is important yourself as wholeand fully experience it. See your body for what it is: it is the material shell through which the soul can gain experiences.

Thank your body for this. While she may not be in the shape you would like, she supports your journey on Earth day in and day out. Bless your body and start loving it. Just by looking with respect at all the processes that take place within you, you do that. Did you know, for example, that the heart of a fetus without external or internal stimulus starts beating ‘normally’ after about six weeks? The heart cells are not even completed yet. Our body is a miracle and should be embraced as such.

If you love your body, you will notice that your weight will become less and less important. And you guessed it what happens: as it becomes less important, your body will finally be free to adapt and find a natural balance.

Letting go of painful events

What are we doing on Earth? Life Lesson 3: Being

When you recognize yourself in the Being Life Lesson, it is first of all important to heal certain negative experiences from the past. Feel what there is to feel in the event: this nourishes your soul. Moreover, you have not experienced the painful event for anything: you can do something with it. That realization alone allows you to let it go.

In addition, it is important to completely allow feelings of emptiness and not being whole. Feel where you experience this in your body. Go there and fill this void with your attention. You’ll be amazed at how simple this is and wonder why you ran so fast from it. Find that sacred place within yourself and go there regularly with your attention.

I wish you a joyful journey!


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