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What are we here to do on Earth? Life Lesson 8: Integrity

“It’s driving my wife crazy,” he said with a slanted, mischievous laugh. “She says she can never get to know me. Every time I say something, she gets the feeling it’s actually about something else.”

Martijn is a classic example of someone who works with the life lesson Integrity. He has no idea what he is doing, causing constant confusion in his contact with others.

What am I doing here on Earth? What is the meaning of my life? Do you know it? This article, which is part of a series of 12 articles and can be read separately, discusses Lesson 8 of Life Lesson Theory, based on the work of Steve Rother. Lesson 8 is about Integrity:

When behavior, feelings and words deviate

Our energy field consists of four vibrational lines. These energetic lines are about what we say, what we do, think and believe. You can compare it with different layers of clothing that you put on: one must be coordinated with the other, so that the color combination stands together. If we don’t say what we think and believe, someone else can sense it.

Sometimes I hear in my practice: ‘He says he loves me, but I don’t feel it.’ This may be an indication that this partner is working with the Integrity life lesson. Behaviour, feelings and words deviate from what is felt by the other.

When someone’s behavior is not experienced as consistent, you will find that you start to feel uncomfortable in the presence of the other. You will start to mistrust someone and will often have the idea that you are being cheated. So feelings of suspicion are not always about yourself! In this case, it’s about inconsistent vibrations, causing someone to send out different signals.

Living in harmony with yourself

The life lesson integrity is about living in harmony with yourself. For people like Martijn it is important that they first become quiet. If they turn their attention inward, they can quietly discover what they really believe and what they think about something. From there they will be much better able to tailor their communication to what they believe and think. And while this will not happen overnight, the personal vibrational lines will begin to merge into this newfound integrity.

Take uncertainty out of the dark side

The challenge for people with this life lesson is that they tend to be completely absorbed in the outside world. Because of this weak connection to themselves and to their higher Self, they are largely unaware of what is going on inside them. This makes them insecure on a (sometimes) unconscious level.

However, because people are not aware of this, this uncertainty ends up in the dark side. And just as it happens with every feeling that ends up in our shadow side, the uncertainty will also harden and become visible in reality in a strange form. Giving space to uncertainty, feeling it completely, makes it possible to let go of uncertainty.

The wise lesson of irritations

Feelings of irritation can help you track down unconscious feelings. Irritation is an alarm signal that you have landed in the projection. The other shows behavior that is in your shadow side. So examine what irritates you; take your attention away from the other person and see what it is about inside you .

Gaining more self-knowledge is also an important pillar for people with Integrity as a life lesson to focus on. Awareness and respect for what you feel deep down are essential in this. Keeping a diary for a while is definitely recommended.

Engaging in confrontations

The problem, however, is that some who work with this life lesson have difficulty with confrontation; that they would rather say what they think the other person wants to hear ‘to get rid of’ than show the back of their tongue. If every confrontation is embraced as an exercise in integrity, it will become easier and easier. In addition, this will allow the personal vibrational lines to align more and more, eventually learning this life lesson.

I wish you a joyful journey!


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