What are we here to do on Earth? – twelve life lessons

What are we here to do on Earth? – twelve life lessons

As a soul, we consciously choose to come to earth. We do this because we want to learn certain things. Yet few people realize this. Our main aim is to lead as pleasant a life as possible, without much hassle. This attitude to life just might be a missed opportunity; because it is precisely in our problems that our lessons are often hidden!

Before going to Earth, we carefully study our new life. We look at which people and events can help us with the lesson we want to learn. Because we always have a free choice on earth, we can choose for ourselves which path we take. Also whether we want to take our lessons or not. In that respect, we have complete freedom.

Remember, though, that freedom goes hand in hand with responsibility. We used to work 60 to sometimes 100 lives on the same theme. Because if we don’t learn a lesson in this life, we simply incarnate again with the same lesson. Nowadays we evolve faster and it is possible to master your primary life lesson already in the first life. Sometimes we even combine life lessons; in that case, most energy goes out to the primary life lesson,

What does learning your lesson mean?

What this actually means is that when we deal with something that is negative in our lives, we know how to deal with it in a positive way. For example, suppose I was abused as a child; when I know how to use this experience positively in my life, for example by working with women in Stay Van Mijn Lijf Huizen, I have mastered this life lesson. Don’t judge others; we have no idea which lesson this person is working on.

What are we here to do on Earth? – twelve life lessons

Perhaps the beggar in the street is working one last time with his life lesson Acceptance and he is much more advanced than you are. It is especially important not to play a victim role, but the responsibility that comes with the free choice that we have to deal with here on earth. Above all, stay in your own personal power, no matter how heavy and intense your experiences as a human being here on earth have been. Know that your soul is and remains undamaged.

How can we recognize the lesson we are working on right now in this life?

Identifying your primary life lesson is sometimes difficult because it is often a blind spot for you. Although it is sometimes obvious to those around you, it is possible that you yourself have no idea. It is therefore important to look at your life from a distance and to discover where the common thread is. Life often repeats itself if lessons are not picked up. As a guideline, you can take that wherever you are strongly emotionally touched, it will most likely touch on your life lessonEmotion is the alarm signal here. I will list the twelve primary life lessons below.*

Twelve life lessons

What are we here to do on Earth? – twelve life lessons

You will probably experience some recognition with each lesson. This is probably because you have seen these lessons before in another lifetime.

Lesson 1: Acceptance – learning to accept yourself and learning to receive
Lesson 2: Adaptation – learning to deal with change
Lesson 3: Being – learning to experience that you are whole and complete as an individual
Lesson 4: Humanity – living in harmony with others
Lesson 5: Communication – communicating from your heart
Lesson 6: Creation – expressing your own power
Lesson 7: Boundary demarcation – expressing individuality through boundaries
Lesson 8: Integrity – living in harmony with yourself
Lesson 9: Love – love for yourself
Lesson 10: Trust – trust in yourself
Lesson 11: Truth – recognize and act on your own truth
Lesson 12: Grace – live in harmony with everything

If you recognize one of the above lessons in your current life, then get to work with it. Awareness is the first and often most difficult step. After that, it is important to always stay ‘awake’. If you take a moment to reflect on what touches you every time you are emotionally triggered and examine whether this is part of your life lesson, you will be able to take big steps in this direction.

Sometimes it can help to keep a journal, in which you write down everything about your life lesson. Above all, be very proud of yourself for managing your life in such a conscientious way. Later, when you transition and look back on your life, you will thank yourself infinitely.



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