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What are your soul qualities and how do you discover them?

Throughout your life you have been given all kinds of ideas about who you are, how you work and how you approach certain things, for example. With these ideas you have identified and reminded yourself of your codes of conduct. (“This is how I behave.”)

At the same time, this also allows you to explain your behavior to the other person in the same way. (“I did it that way because that’s just how I’m put together.”) These ideas about who you are and how you’re put together don’t necessarily have to do with your soul qualities.

I myself had all these ideas clearly listed for years. I could explain in great detail who I was, what I did and why I made certain choices . Until I was sick for 5 years, of which I really couldn’t do anything for the first two years. I had so many headaches for the first two years due to a neglected concussion and whiplash that even 5 minutes of walking was actually too much.


One of the gifts of this period was that I had to start exploring who I still was, now that all the things I used to do and identify with were falling away. It not only led to a concrete picture of who I am on a soul level and the soul qualities that go with it, but it also gave me the freedom to not have to be anything anymore. Some of my soul qualities that I discovered during that period are love, healing, leadership and purity.

I don’t have to do anything for all four. They were and will always be present in me, which does not mean that they are all equally visible or developed. I learned to let go of ‘being something’ or ‘becoming someone’. The liberation of letting go of your identity is great, because this immediately creates the space to unfold who you really are,

How do you do this?

Step 1 Letting go of your identity & discovering your soul qualities

Imagine that you are completely paralyzed and that your brain no longer works optimally. Everything you did before, you will no longer be able to do at all, certainly not at the same level as you have done before.

This performance is cruel, but leads to something very simple that is generally difficult to get to. Because who are you if you can’t contribute to or participate in the world in the traditional (3D dimension) way? Qualities such as hardworking, scientific or sporty automatically disappear. Who are you and what is your contribution if you can only ‘be’?

To discover your soul qualities you go back to the basics why you do your work or other actions. Where are your greatest fears and what are the elements in your life that are most important to you? You will notice that you can trace everything back to a number of themes. Is that, for example, health, truth, purity, knowledge, joy, love, forgiveness, equality, pioneering?


Step 2 Your unique piece

If you can’t do anything in the 3D form, it doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to the world. The love or light in you, your unique piece, has not been taken away. So what is that unique piece? For me, this meant, among other things, that I learned to enjoy even more consciously every breeze that brushed against my face, a leaf that floated down dancing, a certain incidence of light or a bird that moved in its own way.

Everything moved me and I learned to open my heart much further to all the beautiful things that have been given to us and are always present. As a result, in addition to physical pain, I experienced so much love and gratitude that I could share this love with others through a loving smile on my face.

By simply stepping into a higher energy yourself, which you do automatically when you act from your soul quality, you not only raise your own vibration. This vibration resonates through and will also touch others and invite them to open this (further) within themselves.

Soul qualities that you can think of are: loving, forgiving , creative, inquiring, leader, healer, teacher, decisive, visionary, clear, trailblazer, etc.

Please note that if you have a leadership position in the work area, for example, you are not necessarily a leader. Just like creating can be a soul quality of yours, without having a creative job. Your function does not have to determine your soul qualities.

Step 3 Your basic words

You will eventually end up with a relatively short list of your basic characteristics.

Often it is more difficult to identify with this list, because they seem to be such general concepts. But in this simplicity lies the great power, in which you get the space to be everything who you really are. These words serve as a foundation that you know you are indeed in your deepest core. They are a reminder of your true being.

This makes it easier for you to leave other less pithy qualities behind you. The less you cling to certain ideas about yourself, the more you can be. Your soul qualities are positive aids that support you in how you can approach certain situations most naturally and always from a positive quality.

Step 4 Mantra

You can use these basic words as a mantra throughout the day, so that the qualities in you that really matter are empowered and can manifest and unfold more in your life.

An example: You have resolved to make more contact with your soul quality creativity today. Like a mantra, let your creativity flow through you throughout the day. For example, before your breakfast or your morning ritual, now remind yourself that you are being creative. Maybe you suddenly choose to dance for a few minutes first or to make a completely different breakfast. You may find that by drawing small doodles in between, you work much more productively or creatively afterwards. Using a soul quality as a mantra does not mean turning your whole life around, but awakening small pieces of natural magic in you and sowing them like stardust over all elements of your life.

Living from your soul qualities

Almost automatically, however small it may be in the beginning, you will express your personal contribution to the world more and more clearly. But perhaps the greatest gift is that peace arises within yourself. The realization that you are enough already. That everything is already inside you and you don’t have to be or become anything. All you have to do is let these soul qualities flow through you more and dare to live from there.

How do you express your soul qualities in your life? Do you have an idea? Do you want to share it with me? Then put it below.


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