What can we learn from our mother?

What can we learn from our mother?
What can we learn from our mother? Today we live in a performance society. We are more focused on performance. We are busy with beautiful messages on social media. We try to keep many balls in the air at the same time.

My mother

A statement from a neighbor of my mothers regularly pops into my head: “Your mother could just sit on the couch with a book one day.” She says this with big eyes and a look of ‘that’s not possible. I have to laugh about it. Wonderful, my mother.

Can you?

What can we learn from our mother?

Nowadays we are so busy with all sorts of things. We don’t have time to plop down in the garden. We don’t allow ourselves time for a good book during the day, because there is still a lot on the to-do list. When we sit down, we become restless. We come up with a new job or we grab our phone.

The neighbor continues: “When I came in in the morning, she immediately dropped the vacuum cleaner hose on the floor and was immediately ready for a nice conversation while enjoying a cup of coffee.” Now we are often running and flying. Let’s go on. We have to do everything ourselves.

How nice would it be if…

It would be nice if we could take some more time for each other. Or just take some time for yourself. Because how bad is it if that one job doesn’t get done today? I also remember a statement from my grandmother: “Why go cleaning when you can also be in the garden!?”

Without feeling guilty

I think the great thing about this is that she doesn’t feel guilty at all about the lack of work. Because how often do you think at the end of the day: I didn’t finish this, I didn’t do that well, ohhhh, couldn’t I have reacted differently to that? If we have worked a lot, we feel guilty towards the children. Did we lounge, the weather is not good?

What can we learn from our mother?

In short: in the evening we review all the shortcomings of the day.

We want to do everything perfectly. So eager to keep all the balls in the air. But now consider the next question: what do you think is the most important thing in life? And if you are also a mother: what do you want to teach your children? And maybe you can also learn from your mother on certain points. Or your grandmother. Let me know.

In any case, I say: thank you, mom!


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