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What can you contribute to a new balance in the world?

Times are changing

It is clear that we are in a major transformation with our planet. It cannot be otherwise if you look at the enormous growing pains that we are currently dealing with.

After all, most transformations are accompanied by growing pains. Just think of the teething of children, which is preceded by nights of crying and pain. Or the moment you learn to walk or cycle for the first time. That goes by trial and error . And perhaps the many crises in the world are also the beginning of a new era in which love will eventually win over fear.

Reality = too bizarre to be true

When you look around you these days and follow the news, it seems like we have all ended up in a season finale of ‘ Game of Thrones ‘. As if reality has been replaced by fiction. As if all registers are being pulled out. One crisis follows another and brings with it an enormous wave of fear, sadness, anger and even aggression.

Our foundations are being rattled a lot. Think of themes such as: life-death, freedom, connection, the right to be different/yourself, respect and even the truth. Because what is still true today? Even reality suddenly turns out to be too bizarre to be true.

Opposites magnified to be seen, acknowledged and released

To find out what is actually going on, I went looking for answers. I looked for them in the mainstream, alternative and social media. But all I found there were contradictions. Discussions are mixed up and sometimes it is almost impossible to follow what it is essentially about.

So I decided to go in and look further there. Extra stimulated in this by the Online Soulsessions that I have provided in recent weeks. In preparation for each session, I tuned in to what is going on on our planet, in the personal lives of others, in myself. What struck me was that there were a striking number of similarities. That we are also more connected in this crisis than we may realize….

For example , I saw the battle between the fundamental emotions of fear and love . You see it in everything. In the battle between the fear of getting sick/death versus the desire for connection and freedom. Between the pain of rejection/discrimination versus the desire for appreciation/being yourself. etc. It seems as if opposites are now magnified extra in order to be seen, recognized and eventually let go. As if our planet is a carpet that is beaten vigorously, releasing the old dust so that it can continue fresh and cleaned up later.

Towards a new balance in the balance between light and dark

Although the balance seems far to seek when you are in the midst of chaos, everything in the universe is perfectly balanced and at the same time constantly in motion. And currently we are moving towards a new balance in the balance between light and dark. Between love and fear…

Whenever I tuned in to what’s going on, the yin yang symbol appeared. The symbol in which light and dark dance around each other and encourage us to grow. We need a certain amount of friction/darkness to keep the fire/light flaring up.

  • If we were always in the light, the paradise, where everything is possible and everything is fantastic, there is no need to change or grow. The black dot in the white part of the yin yang symbol represents the friction needed to set growth in motion.
  • When we move into the dark part of the yin yang symbol (as many are now experiencing), we can feel that everything is stuck, there is no room to breathe, to be. But at the same time, there is always a bright spot somewhere that urges us to get moving again. That can be a desire, a memory, something that touches your heart in such a way that you are stimulated.

All life is meant to grow. One time from the friction in the light and the other time from the light in the darkness.

Both in your personal life and in your thoughts about the situation in the world, you can get caught up in the white part (not wanting to change or being convinced that you don’t have to do anything for this) or in the black part (being convinced that you can’t change anything). You will (temporarily) lose the overview.

Peace begins within you…

The light has increased sharply in recent years. The frequencies of both the Earth and the human collective are rising rapidly. Since there is always a balance: also between light and dark, the dark will increase proportionally…

This realization scared me at first. So it implied that the dark will become more and more powerful as the light increases. How, then, can a new, acceptable balance be created between light and dark? And what could I myself contribute to a better world? After all, I am only a small part of the whole… And exactly there was the answer!

Precisely because I am part of the whole, I have an essential contribution to make in restoring the balance. Because what if the task of a ‘lightworker’ has nothing to do with one-sided embracing the light within yourself? But more with embracing all that is: both light and dark?

Spiritual growth is often confused with embracing just the light within yourself by focusing on positive thoughts and feelings. There is a risk that negative emotions such as anger, fear and disappointment are suppressed. Emotions you’d rather not feel, let alone express, because you might end up in conflict with others. But suppressing negative emotions can cause you to conflict with yourself and then feel powerless, frustrated, guilty, or bad.

Denying ‘ negative emotions ‘ is also equivalent to denying your own inner fire, your power. By embracing the dark side of yourself, taking it seriously and looking it in the eye without judgment, the power, desire and fire behind these emotions can be released and start working for you instead of against you.

By embracing your own dark sides, you not only ensure that you are more powerful in your shoes, but you also prevent the dark from having to manifest itself more and more in the outside world.

Peace begins within you. By connecting with your heart you can embrace both the light and dark within yourself. Lovingly and without judgment… And with that you contribute to a new balance between dark and light.

Take care of the world and be kind to yourself.


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