What could be the cause if you can’t get in touch with your guide?


‘Your book on guides was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me! I have taken it to the basement along with all my other spiritual books and want nothing more to do with it. I have long been interested in spirituality and have visited mediums who have told me that I have a lot of aptitude in this direction.

I was promised mountains of gold, but I’ve never noticed it! I don’t feel anything and certainly have no contact with guides, no matter what I try. Meditating is not possible because of physical problems. It would all come my way automatically, but now I’m 20 years later and I’ve had it with all the books, courses and mediums, I’m done with it.’

That’s roughly what the e-mail read from someone who recently took the trouble to contact me after reading my book Featherlight . Writing life and work with spirit guides . Of course, this person is not the only one who has experienced something like this, maybe it also applies to you.

It is very frustrating when you read about beautiful experiences or hear from others who do have contact with their guide, or who discover psychic abilities in themselves and experience all kinds of things during meditations. All the more so if it was suggested that this would happen to you too if only you would open up to it.

In my article How to get a more conscious contact with your guide? I told you how you can promote contact. In this article, I’ll try to list some of the possible causes that could get in the way of contacting your guide.

Blockade with conscious contact

It may be that it is not the intention for you that you consciously have contact with your guide. In that case, your guide can block the contact himself. Perhaps you tend to become too dependent on a guide and have to learn to stand on your own two feet, without relying on an authority to tell you what to do. That’s definitely not what a guide would do, by the way, but if you’re sensitive to authority and put your guides on a pedestal where they don’t belong, that can sometimes be the reason they support and help you, but without you getting there. are aware of.

When someone is so completely there for you and can basically answer all your questions, the temptation is very strong to turn to him/her for every question, instead of making your own decisions. That is a pitfall for anyone who has conscious contact with his/her guide, but usually you learn that you just have to live your own life and learn from your own mistakes. A good teacher or supervisor will never take everything off your hands, but will only support you in your own development and learning process.

Your guide knows your soul and life plan

A good example of how this works is the dream of a client who had questions about contact with his guide. He had dreamed about a pop festival where he stood among the audience, looking at the stage.

A striking, tall man stands next to him. He’s afraid he might stand in front of him so he can’t see the stage, but the man doesn’t intend to. He says he will stand behind him and keep an eye on everything. Because he is so tall, he can easily oversee everything.

The character in the dream symbolizes his guide. The role of a guide is to be behind you. He knows your soul plan and oversees your life as you cannot yourself and can guide you from there, by guiding you in a subtle way. This usually happens by giving you a certain feeling, or by sending someone or something on your path if that is necessary for your development. By listening to your inner voice and following your heart, you work optimally with your guide, even if you do not experience contact on a conscious level.

Expectation pattern

A certain pattern of expectations can also get in the way. You have a certain image of what the contact should look like and it doesn’t live up to that. You may also be trying too hard. You want contact so badly that you become cramped, so that you relax too little. It is a matter of receiving and opening up, you cannot do that by willpower.

I myself sometimes think that I got in touch with my guide, precisely because I wasn’t involved in it at all and also didn’t believe in the least that I had an aptitude for the spiritual. Because of my open-mindedness and lack of expectations, I was perhaps more open than if I had tried really hard to get in touch. It happened to me and I was totally surprised that it happened to me of all people. I was also quite critical and suspicious, I didn’t just accept anything. I was not raised religiously and so had not learned to fear and/or admire higher powers. I’m actually quite down to earth and down to earth.

Mental problems and addiction susceptibility

Another reason why the conscious contact may be blocked is that you are too unstable to maintain contact with ‘above’. You may have psychological problems, a predisposition to psychosis, you use heavy medication or you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, so that your aura does not protect you sufficiently against malicious entities that may pose as your guide. Many psychiatric patients hear voices giving commands that are destructive in nature. Your guides cannot always protect you sufficiently against this and will discourage you from opening up to other dimensions.

Bad experiences in past lives

You may have had bad experiences in past lives with choosing the spiritual path and contacting other dimensions. There were plenty of eras when you had to fear for your life if you got involved in that. But many have also gained experience with manipulation and abuse of power in this area, both as victims and as perpetrators. Dependence, suggestibility, black magic or satanic rituals may have left such a negative impression that there is unconsciously a brake on contact with the ‘higher’, in whatever form. You are attracted to it, and you certainly have psychic abilities, but something in you is unconsciously blocking the contact. This can even lead to physical complaints.

If you recognize something in this, you might consider investigating through reincarnation therapy what your experiences are that prevent you from contacting your spiritual side. But it is also possible that in this life you have to develop other sides of your being before you are ready. A certain degree of self-confidence and independence, being firmly grounded, love and compassion for yourself and others are important to be able to maintain contact with your guide in a mature way. That will certainly enrich your life, but know that your guide is there for you, whether you experience it consciously or not.


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