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What do you want to share? Pain or joy?

I regularly come across them on the internet. Petitions and fundraisers initiated by horrific stories and horrific images. Well-intentioned actions to make people aware and to make them sign against all kinds of pain and misery. But the way these actions are framed means that they sometimes do more harm than good.

One morning I found out that I couldn’t take it anymore. Every day, as soon as I turned on my computer, started with five or six online petitions in my inbox with stories of misery, pain, violence and injustice. Plus accompanying photos. And as the day went on, more and more were added.

I realized it really lowered my frequency to start the day like this. I had to do things consciously every time to get my mood back in the plus and increase my frequency.

Sometimes it was so bad that I had to remove or release energetic attachments of energy, collective emotion or even entire stray entities attached to the photos and send them to the Light before I could go about my day and just be my happy, creative self !

Realize what you share

If you indiscriminately share shocking stories and photos of violence against people and animals, you inadvertently increase the pain and misery instead of making a positive contribution to the healing of the world. Anyone who sees these photos and is empathetic or highly sensitive will experience pain, shock, sadness, fear and/or anger upon seeing them. If people are exposed to horror or doom stories very often, they can lose heart and become blasé or apathetic.

Highly sensitive or mediumistic people can even, without realizing it, take over energies, entities and collective emotions such as fear, despair and anger associated with the photos and stories.

The ‘oh, look what bad effect’

It is very human to want to share with others the suffering we see in the world and that affects us because it relieves us, and because we want to feel that we can do something about it. However, the way we do this largely determines whether we contribute to the suffering in the world, or contribute to the solution.

The boundlessness of the high-tech world

Part of the problem is that we live in a high-tech world where everything enters our private world unfiltered through TVs, smartphones, tablets and PCs. The amount of information (and therefore also misery) that you can bring into your world is endless. There is no filter on the internet. We will therefore have to make a conscious choice about what we will and will not let in.


You have a choice in what you allow into your world

If you are sensitive to the suffering of others and to the energies that can come in through words, images and videos, it is very important to start making conscious choices about what you do and do not want in your world.

I can remember when I lived at home with my parents, my father insisted that the news be on at six o’clock in the evening, even when we were eating. I can recall the powerlessness that I felt over the images of war and other misery that literally hit my plate and that I couldn’t shut out, as if it were yesterday.

Now I can make my own choices, but the range of low-frequency images has only increased. When I turn on the PC, it seems that the world is almost all doom and gloom.
Until I shake it off, go outside and pet a dog, enjoy the sun on my face, a nice chat with a neighbor. What a different world! And then I am again able to create something positive, beautiful, crazy or funny.

You choose your own frequency

If you want to live consciously, it is important to realize that you yourself, consciously or unconsciously, choose the frequency at which you want to function. You can let yourself live by the frequencies that come at you: in the world, through the media, through other people. But you can also consciously choose to determine your own frequency.

You do this by making conscious choices: choosing again and again what you want to tune in to: high- or low-frequency people, thoughts, conversations, programs, music, books, etc.
If you allow yourself to be constantly bombarded by depressing images and horror stories, your frequency will drop accordingly. Then suffering becomes your reality.
But if you choose stories of hope, love and healing, your frequency rises, and you live in a completely different world.

“Everything changes when you start emitting your own frequency instead of absorbing the frequencies around you, when you put the stamp of your own intention on the universe instead of letting existence define you.”


But how can we raise awareness of what is wrong in the world?

Of course we should not close our eyes to what is going on in this world about injustice and pain. But if we focus on it, it won’t help anyone. What matters is how we share this information.

painActually, the solution is very simple. If you want to contribute something positive to the consciousness of humanity, turn the horror stories 180 degrees and start sharing stories of healing and love.

Tell the story of Steffy, the dog who was rescued and has now found a wonderful family. And then tell them that money is needed to help stray dogs.
Show photos of children in war zones finally getting an education, and why it’s important.
Share videos of rescues that restore faith in the power of selfless love.

Create or share positively worded actions and stories of healing and love.

Go tell the story you do want to hear.

And if there are stories of injustice happening that need to be told, do it in a way that protects empaths: don’t start with a shocking photo or sentence, lead it so that readers can protect themselves instead of being shocked and especially talk about possible solutions.

Rather, the world needs people who are joyful, empowered, and choose the reality they want to see so that they can manifest it.

Which reality do you choose?


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