What does autumn do to you energetically?

What does autumn do to you energetically?

Autumn is my favorite of all seasons. It’s getting colder again, rainy days, outside is a feast of beautiful autumn colors and of course sitting warm inside with a delicious cup of tea. But what does autumn mean to you spiritually? In this article, you can read more about what autumn means to you physically, mentally, and spiritually.

What does autumn mean to you spiritually?

Metal – represents the released energy of nature and of autumn, the release of matter. The ballast is shed before winter, we leave the old year behind and start a new year. In the fall, nature creates outward images every year, she discards all her bright colors. It gets dark, cold, and quiet. Plant and animal life is retreating. When you tune in to this cycle, you go ‘inside’. People also withdraw from ‘society’ and are more inward-looking. As the days slowly grow darker, it is time to rest and turn inward through silent contemplation and meditation. Autumn is about letting go of what we no longer need or hold back. As the tree drops its leaves,

What does autumn do to you energetically?

Time to harvest

Fall is the season for obtaining and refining lessons from the summer’s activities and experiences. Digestion is the basis for the growth of the new: for plants and plans so that each product is prepared to start a new cycle. This involves choices that we must make independently. Think and decide what you are really letting go of and what can provide new nourishment. We can say goodbye to various things: things, projects, relationships, ideas, and so on if they are no longer nutritious for the positive development of our being. The achievements we delivered and the lessons we learned changed us. Try to feel what it does to you ‘energetically’.

Eat more heated food

By adapting our lifestyle to the change of the seasons, we can harmonize our body with the world around us. Eating seasonal food from our own region or climate strengthens our sense of the natural cycles. Local power thus ensures that we ground and synchronize with the local wave. This brings us into harmony with our natural environment: physical, mental, and spiritual. If you walk in the fall, you will see the seeds ripen and the leaves fall. Nature dies and with that, she forms a new beginning in a seed.

What does autumn do to you energetically?

The seasons give us what we need, not only in impressions but also in edible products. When we include seeds (grains and nuts) in our diet, the body develops forces that are very similar to the forces that formed the seed. For example, they give us a basis for developing inner activity. In the fall we need more warming food; autumn vegetables and autumn fruit are suitable for this. In this way, we prepare for the coming cold months.


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